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....and smooches to the jolly ol' elf!!! The "irony" of it all --

PHOTO CREDIT: Salt & Pepper shakers, the parasite plant - mistletoe taken along a park pathway here in town [Oso Bay], leeching off another tree, (did you know that it wouldn't survive without a 'parent' plant to mooch off of for life support?)

Christmas toys all over the place
Little Johnny wears a funny smile on his face
Johnny has a secret
And the secret he must share
He wants to tell somebody
So he tells his teddy bear

I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus

Underneath the mistletoe last night.

She didn't see me creep
down the stairs to have a peep;
She thought that I was tucked
up in my bedroom fast asleep.

Then, I saw Mommy tickle Santa Claus
Underneath his beard so snowy white;

Oh, what a laugh it would have been
If Daddy had only seen
Mommy kissing Santa Claus last night

- - -

It's time for my Trashy Thursday - -Being from the state of Colorado [well, mainly I consider myself a long time resident - over 40 years living northwest of Denver], this news clipping held my interest. And of course, the "FUN" part is reading the comments from the online citizens. They can be a hoot. Here is the article in part, and then following the comments left behind---

In the News:
    Every civil servant wants to experience his or her legacy firsthand--but not the way that onetime Arapahoe Sheriff Patrick J. Sullivan Jr. has. Sullivan, a nationally renowned law enforcement leader, was arrested on drug charges and is now being detained in the Denver area jail that bears his name. Sullivan, who in 2001 was named the National Sheriff Association's "Sheriff of the Year," was arrested on suspicion of trafficking methamphetamine. Local news station CBS4 began an investigation of Sullivan last month on a tip that he had agreed to meet a male informant, providing drugs in exchange for sex. He was subsequently arrested by the South Metro Drug Task Force and is currently being held on a $250,000 bond. And in an incredible twist of fate, Sullivan now cooling his heels at The Patrick J. Sullivan Jr. Detention Facility, named in his honor.


  • Bob posted: 'Now he's gotta chance to be "Inmate of the Year" '

  • Bartus posted: 'I guess we now know why he was tough on drugs, during his time in office... he was eliminating the competition!'

  • CapnCrunch posted: 'Irony of the Year'

  • Salad Head posted: 'He'll be fine - Some of his friends are waiting for him in there!'

  • Jim2 posted: 'WOW a crooked cop , who would have seen that coming.'

  • Diego posted: 'Drugs for sex? 68 year old? only drugs that comes to mind is Viagra !!'

  • EatSketios posted: 'A cop in jail with the criminals he put there...Priceless.'

  • - - -

    Last one I'm sharing made me laugh out loud, literally---

    Lee, from Salt Lake City posted: ' "Sheriff of the Rear" '

    Read More


    1. You always know how to make me giggle, thanks.

    2. What wonderful photos for this song Anni. All of your decorations are so cute, especially the salt & pepper shakers.

      I think it is quite ironic that he is being held in the detention center named for him. I'm betting he got a really nice "welcome" when he arrived.

    3. Anonymous12/15/2011

      Sind die Weihnachtsmänner knuffig und süüüüß.

      Herzlichst ♥ Marianne

    4. I always enjoy your songs and pictures. :)
      What a story! It's quite something that he is at the jail named for him. What a way to wreck your life!

    5. LOL...I saw that piece on our news. We lived just outside of Arapahoe county in Denver for 5 years. So we got a good laugh out of it! Makes you wonder in this day n age...is anyone honest anymore?????

    6. It just goes to show......Karma is a B..TCH! L0L


    7. I don't know what to say here, except that, sad as it is, you did make me smile with those comments.

    8. Cute beginning here. That's real Mistletoe, hu? :-)

      But what a Trash Story. Yikes. Talk about Karma Biting Him In The Ass!!!! -smirk-

      "It is good to be children sometimes,
      And never better than at Christmas."

      ~~Charles Dickens

    9. I heard that on our News Station and I thought it was so funny. I guess even the law is not above the law!!LOL
      Now that I said that I would like to tell you I love how you put together things for a song. I guess once again I'll tell you how talented you R.

    10. Anni what a great post and accompanying pictures. I love your kissing Clauses and a kitty under the tree.
      Trash Talk was quite interesting. Some folks seem to think they are above the law!! We have some of those here too.
      Hugs C

    11. I lived in Colorado for a while, and those folks are one step removed from the outlaws of the old west. But I should talk, I'm originally from Wyoming--home of some of the west's notorious bad guys.

    12. That is one nice looking Bear, I bet he can keep a secret. The kissing Clauses are so sweet. And, the "Trashy" story....That is Funny Stuff!! As always, I enjoyed visiting your little corner of the world.

    13. Oh my goodness, what a story, I had not heard this! The comments are funnier than the article! I'm glad they finally found out about him! You have a really cute Santa collection!

    14. I've always loved that song, I remember the first time I heard it, I would giggle and giggle at the thought of my mom kissing Santa Claus!

      Oh my, that article of the Sheriff being arrested for drug trafficking and now being held in the prison named after him...that is priceless indeed!! The comments were hilarious and so spot on! hehe xoxo

    15. That first picture of the teddy bear is so cute!


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