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Yard Shadows & Sunday Summary

The yard photos I took just this week while out doing some gardening work...finally, flowers are coming back to 'life' and the lawn is getting green again; after such a dry summer!! All images have mouse over captions---


  • Oh boy, I finished the Voodoo Queen by R. Tallant. Excellent. I highly recommend reading it if you like historical fiction. And if you noticed on my sidebar's 'Book I'm Into', I began reading this week, Of Bees and Mist. Now, this genre isn't something I normally find of interest. But, I must say, this has captured my fancy so far. I've read about 20 chapters, and I'm finding myself not wanting to put it down; trying to find out just what is going to happen next. It's about ghosts, apparitions, family secrets, a 16 year old girl marrying into another suspicious-acting family...very good. One more thing...the hardback dust jacket is something quite unusual also, it has hidden objects in the cover's graphic. I didn't realize that until I read what someone wrote about the cover - I've seen the book a few times before I bought it...] If you want to take a look at the front side to see if you can find some hidden items ---check it out here

  • Now that the computer room/library has had the hurricane shutters removed, windows scrubbed, and shutters replaced, I moved the yard's bird feeder nearer the window. I can sit at the computer, look out the window, and watch the feathered friends' feeding frenzy. [our cats think it's a peachy idea too!]

  • This past week, I found myself making a Thanksgiving weekend itinerary

  • I called in to make my annual appointment for heart monitoring with my electrophyisologist [click here if you don't know what it is]. For the 21st. And 7:30 a.m. Whoa. Early, but I'll be the first patient in on that day [I like being the first - no waiting time]. I also need to get an appointment for blood work and an annual exam with my PCP.

  • Bud and I went to see "Puss n Boots"...ehhhh, so so. Not really as good as the previews show, even tho it has been the #1 movie for the last couple of weeks. Cute, but really I found myself asking - what's Humpty Dumpty got to do with "Boots"? Still, how can you go wrong with Antonio Banderas? Sweet. Actually, I fell 'in love' with Puss in the later Shrek movies...

  • I asked Bud to rearrange things in the garage so I could once again make room for my long-stored Gazelle [gym equipment]. After he made room for it out there, I set it up and cleaned off the dirt and grime, and began building up a routine I have long neglected. I started out doing 15 minute work-outs and am extending the time by 5 minutes every other day. Up until I get to a one hour work out. It's been about a year and half or so since it's been up and ready, so I am once again ready myself. In the past, when I used it quite often, it works your entire arm muscles, your leg muscles -toning and shaping. And it's good for your cardio exercising.

  • The two of us have been window shopping at the malls. Tho we never been big on seasonal 'shopping sprees' for the holidays, I love looking at the stores' holiday scenes to get decorating ideas for myself. And love walking around looking for santas for my collection. hehehehe


    1. what beautiful colours in the garden...

    2. Of Bees and Mist, I have not heard of, but it looks really good and has great reviews! Gosh, do you have flower weather there all winter??? Your flowers are coming back and grass getting green, it sounds like spring! Have you had heart problems?

    3. First of all, I'm holding good thoughts for Erik! I'm excited for him and hope for the very best! Secondly, I love your wonderful, colorful shadow shots for the day! I've made a note of the books you've mentioned and they're on the list for my next trip to the library! Hope your your weekend is off to a great start!


    4. Lucky you, having flowers in November. The rose is exquisite and I've always loved bougainvillea. Nice shadows!
      I really have to start exercising, but I think I'll start out with 5 minutes and work my way up to 15 one minute a day. I'm so out of shape, taking a load of laundry out of the washing machine and putting it into the dryer wears me out. (This is because I've been sick a lot lately, not because I'm lazy.)

      Kay, Alberta, Canada
      An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

    5. It is refreshing to see the life return to the yard. My plants are starting to wake up. Soon some things will start to bloom. I can hardly wait.

    6. Sounds like you accomplished a lot this week...

    7. Wow, am I ever behind! I am so amazed that your flowers are coming back at this late date in the year. So glad it's cooled off for you. I'm in Maine right now, catching up on my reading while K&A watch a football game. I am going to try to get a post written - am having so much trouble getting my words from my "mouth" to my "paper" -

      I have to get back to work on my body when I get back - I have a broken toe, so it's hard to do the work-out I'm used to. But I have to figure out a way to keep going.

      Talk to you later!

    8. Wow, love those flowers - while we up here have had our first little snowfall today! Enjoyed your jokes yesterday!! Keep up the good work on your work-outs!

    9. Such lovely pictures.

    10. The flowers are lovely, and we are happy that a bit of moisture is all they need to look as nice as they do. At least for you in the Gulf region, you will have a more temperate winter than us. And hopefully as much color and shadows, too!

    11. Beautiful pictures of the flowers Anni
      Our mall and the stores are in full Christmas mode...I'm just waiting for them to start playing Christmas music..probably after the Christmas Parade.
      I love the window seat pictures on Friday...
      Hugs Madi and Mom

    12. I love your Chinese lanterns!!!

    13. Good for you, for starting your fitness routine right before the fattening holidays AND for taking care of your health.

    14. Your garden looks so pretty. I love the photos with the beautiful rose and the lovely shadows. specially the second shot, very nice.
      Your test are quite early in the morning, but at least you won't have to worry about them being behind schedule. Hope all goes well for you.
      I have seen several clips for Puss and Boots and thought it would probably be a cute movie to see. My hubby doesn't like going to movies, so I don't get to see them in the theatre often.
      Hope you enjoy the rest of your week end...

    15. Beautiful photos today, but now I'm off to check out the books you mentioned. I love Historical Fiction and I also want to see the cover of the one you're currently reading.

    16. Anonymous11/13/2011

      Sounds like a good week.
      I too need to get back into my exersize program. I always feel so much better.. so why is it hard for me to keep it up?!

    17. Such beautiful shadow shots Anni!

      Please come and see the artistic shadows from the leaves that I captured, have a blessed Sunday!

    18. Anonymous11/13/2011

      A lovrly collection of sunny garden shots!!

    19. Sorry to be so late checking in-busy weekend again! That is your Sunday ? Eeks! I am exhausted!
      What a sunny and happy series of shots!


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