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RARE Green Breasted Mango
Central American Hummingbird in Texas!.

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There is a bit of color amongst us ... again!

Our yard is finally coming back from such a dry, dry summer. I think it's more or less the cooler nights and more normal temperatures during the day that is bringing them back to life, definitely not any significant rainfall....

This rose is outside the windows off the master bedroom. The photo was taken a couple of days ago with the morning sunlight bright. The scent of this rose is like a sachet pillow...light and that of a wild rose.


  • This week, I found a fun interactive site. I thought I'd share it with you.
      The world's population totals 7 billion - many different claims have come across the 'net/news. While there is no actual, concrete way to know who can claim the distinction of being the planet's lucky number 7 billionth human inhabitant because of 3rd world countries and less uninhabited areas without records, the looming landmark has sparked a slew of interesting searches--and at least on compelling website...
    The interactive site comes courtesy of BBC News. Enter your age, and you'll see how many people were living on Earth when you were born (approximately). You'll also get to see how many people in history have lived on Earth at the time of your birth. You can then break the data down by country and gender.

    Both numbers have been calculated using UN Population Division figures. The first is an estimate of how many people were alive on your date of birth. It is one possible value based on global population figures and estimates of growth rates over time. Data before 1950 is less accurate than figures after that date. The second number includes calculations based on the methodology of scholar Carl Haub, who estimated how many people had been alive since 50,000 B.C. His calculation has been amended by the UN to include additional points in time.

    Tell me what number you are:



    1. Beautiful rose!!! Have a grand day, Annie!

    2. Love that rose!
      That was a fun site. I'm number 3,060,974,830!

    3. Site crashed when I entered my d-day. Wonder what that means?

    4. Great photo and informative post ~thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) linked with MYM

    5. Pretty in pink Anni!

    6. Where summers are hot and dry, fall can be like a second spring.

    7. What a pretty pink rose....
      Holey Moley I was # 2,496,439,646th
      and 75,951,564,532 to have lived
      That was fun!!
      Hugs C

    8. Well, I did a bit of ranting today on my Macro post. I just had to put in my two cents. So glad you have color left. Ours is gone...vamoos...nada....zero! All plants are frozen and gone to the happy hunting ground for pretty flowers. This macro brings back nice picture memories of the summer past. Ah, it won’t be too long before we have spring again and they will all be back...I hope. Such a pretty shot. genie

    9. Oh, you're just a youngster, Anni.
      I'm from the era of less accurate numbers, but I'm going to give it a try, because I'm a curious sort of person. Hmm, that doesn't sound quite right, does it? Curious kind of person? Nope, just curious person, I guess.

    10. Okay, it says the average life expectancy in Canada is 80 years. I'd better start taking care of myself, or I'll be very unhealthy by the time I die.
      As for my numbers: When I was born, I was the: 2,446,454,588th person alive on Earth and the 75,359,508,812th person to have lived since history began.
      There weren't that many people born between my birth and yours, Anni, only 52 million.
      I'm sitting here thinking about the perfume of that lovely rose of yours, and glad the frost has melted off my car.

    11. What a beautiful pink. Glad to hear that you are getting some moisture and much better temps to make your yard come back. We are to get rain/snow the next couple of days. BLAH!!:)
      Will have to try that site.

    12. So lovely and that is just for you! Happy Monday!


    13. Lovely Rose. Mine are sadly through blooming for the year.

    14. What a cool site, here are my numbers:

      When you were born, you were the: 2,891,171,168th person alive on Earth 76,409,556,183rd person to have lived since history began.

      I wish Blogger had a scratch and sniff option so that I could smell those roses! lol xoxo

    15. Beautiful light and color in this photo.

      Happy MM


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