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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Raindrops - "Holiday Window Shopping"---

Last Tuesday Afternoon, the rain came:

                  macro ANGEL FACE Rose in our Rose garden & Bee!


  • Lately, the past few years, I just can't get over the eclectic, ingenious styles of NUTCRACKERS. They've come a long way from the traditional Tin Soldiers to be sure. The photo on the bottom right is of Wizard of Oz characters...[left to right the scarecrow, the tin man, Dorothy, and the cowardly lion; a set of nutcrackers]. Everything is so tempting. Good thing my wallet is bare. Walk this way...inside Macy's --- up the escalator to the third floor to "Christmas Town"....

  • This commercial, tho only 1/2 minute long, of the Hallmark recordable books; a soldier, a father, a long way from home. It brought tears to my eyes. Have the speaker volume up...

  • Have a cat? Crochet? Want to make something special for you furbaby then, for the holidays? I found this new crochet pattern --Cat Paws Christmas Stocking. Oh, and by the way, the pattern is free to download and save. For those that have dogs in the family...not to leave them out in the cold; here's a Dog Paws stocking pattern. LINK HERE

  • Heart Exam today!


    1. That commercial touches my heart.

    2. Oh wie schön, alles schon festlich.

      GLG Marianne ♥

    3. Marianne...Vielen, vielen dank!!!

    4. Those nutcrackers are pretty cool! I love that ad too.

    5. Beautiful rose picture - tears in my eyes at the Hallmark commercial. Beautiful trees at Macy's. Lovely header - you changed your mind!

      Have a great week!

    6. Anni, I'm always amazed at what "new and creative" things they come up with for the Holidays. And, sometimes some of the "weirdest" things become the hot item of the season. Great commericial--anytime an ad can bring tears to your eyes, it's a "winner". Have a great week. Mickie :)

    7. We did a recordable book last year for our grandsons ~ Hopefully they will always keep it as a treaured part of their life... These things are GREAT!

    8. A lovely rose shot Anni!

    9. Hard to believe it's that time already. What lovely photos! So bright and cheery!! It's all white and snowy here. Happy Thanksgiving!!

    10. LOVE those raindrops!!

    11. We had the same about the rain -I posted my rained on flower today for MYM! Have a happy one:)

    12. That commercial really hits home...Love your new blog design for the holidays!

    13. The commercial reminds me of the book that I used to read when I was small. It brings a smile to me thinking of that book and the commercial reminds me of that, made me teary eyed here. ^_^ Happy Thanksgiving!

      Yellow & Blue

    14. Girl you are ready for Christmas aren't you? Love your header and post today!

      Happy Thanksgiving too.


    15. Anni, loved your Monday Morsels. What great Christmas decorations. I have never been to Macy's, but would love to go one day. I'd like to see NYC all lit up for Christmas.

      Hope your heart exam goes well. Mine is coming up in December.

      Absolutely LOVED the commercial.

      If you have a chance, drop over to the Writing Nook and meet Brandon and Jordan's new puppy.


    16. My Christmas decorated blog will go up Friday and there will be music, lots of music. Love the look.

    17. Beautiful shots..

      Visiting for MYM! Hope you can visit mine too:)

    18. Fabulous details of the rose petals and bee.

      Happy MM

    19. Have seen some beautiful images and video.

    20. Oh the Rose shot is gorgeous. I have that rose in my garden and it's lovely. How great you had a bee on it after a rain.
      Loved your Christmas decoration photos. The Wizard of Oz Nutcrackers are cool.

    21. I love the things you post! It has been a while since I came over. But I am praying for your son. It is always good to have a word with the "Big Guy"! Best of luck to him. These young folks deserve a good life and better world to live in. Sometime I get sad thinking aobut how times are changing for the worse! All your photos are beautiful.