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Quiet Week

The drought continues [but we did get some significant amount of rainfall on Tuesday; not enough to break the 18 inches deficit tho. This week, there has even been a 'drought' of activities around here. What's new? "Nuttin' Honey"!!



This past week, it's been rather quiet around here. So, this summary is just more or less a 'chat'....

  • Actually, on Tuesday, it was really nice to just sit and watch the rain come down and listen to the thunder clapping in the distance.

  • Nothing much happening. Which is good. Just the usual, meals, laundry; stuff like that. We did go to the beach one day this week. Suffice it to say, the first part of this week was muggy and downright uncomfortably hot for November. But then, the rain and a cold front moved in for a couple of days...that was nice.

  • Making a list of things to do before Thanksgiving. Golly, seems that that holiday is coming up on us, around here, way too quickly this year.

  • Talked with Erik on Tuesday. He informed me that he received confirmation that all the required personal references needed to be accepted to Rice University were sent in by the five that are obligatory. I'm still probably more anxious than he is about this. He seems to be willing to acquiesce to the fact that his dream may not become a reality...good for him. Me? I'd be sorely disappointed if the university turns down his application. Erik's a bigger man than I would be. I asked him when he'd find out one way or another ---he said: "Probably sometime in February".

  • Irene is graduating this next month with her Bachelor's Degree in Religious Counseling. And she and the boys are keeping extremely busy with BACA [Bikers Against Child Abuse]. Her job is very rewarding at the Safe House as a counselor, and soon she's to be its full-time manager.

  • I did make a couple of reservations for the holiday weekend. I can check that off my 'to do' list!!

  • Since there's nuttin' much newsworthy this week, I thought I'd answer some questions left in my comments for the recent week: "Gosh, do you have flower weather there all winter???" Yes, we seldom get freezing temps during the winter. And a lot of our flowers thrive. Have you had heart problems? Again, yes. Had heart laser surgery [heart ablation] three/four years ago. I believe it was 2008. I always shopped at the H E B in Houston. I especially loved the brown bags at the cash registers. Do they still have those? I've only seen these around the holidays. And they're NOT at every store here in town. They do have brown bags we fill ourselves also....for the C C Food Bank. The Erik in the bottom photo is your son mentioned on the sidebar? That's our son, Erik...yes, but the Veteran's/Marines Birthday post I shared a photo of Erik...Erik was 19 back then...he's now nearly 40. :o) Where did you find those Deluxe Junior Mints? Last year it was our local grocery store...but this year, I found them at our Target Super Store [department store/grocery store combined]

  • Mowed, edged back yard lawn. Also pulled weeds back there. Amazing how GREEN weeds remain, and grow, when everything else is parched.

  • I spent one morning this week designing my Christmas Holiday template for my blog. Tried several different designs, and settled on the one that is more fitting to our area of the country which, I guess, would be considered "seaworthy". LOL I'll have to make sure I tweak the layout in order that the blog text doesn't interfere with the right-side image. It's been a long time since I've worked on CSS and HTML; but, it'll come back to me. Probably a good thing to change the layout once in a while so I won't forget how to do it. And I'll probably just move the 'sidebar' that blogger has clear to the bottom. I'll begin working on this tomorrow since I'll be busy getting last minute preparations done for our short weekend trip.

  • After the rain, I went out and took a lot of photos of water droplets on my roses. Tomorrow, I have planned on posting one...my Angel Face Rose with an unexpected guest on a petal!!


    1. sometimes weeks of quiet aren't so bad. love the first photo of the tree in the parking lot!! have a great weekend...

    2. Don't we wish that everyone could see our children's potential? Will continue to pray that Erik will soon be Rice bound. Hey, I love weeds, my lawn looks great from the street, only upon close examination can you tell all those little leaves are some kind of weed. To me, they are a new variety of grass.

    3. Thanks for the info on your health and the mints. I'm off to Target today, and will look for them. Love your shadow pictures! Do you remember the show "The Shadow"? Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The SHADOW knows!"

    4. The tree in the top photo, well, the shadow tree, seems to be quite at home in the parking space. Might it be practicing for the day it magically turns into a vehicle? Hey, you never know!


      I have a little shadow that always follows me;
      My shadow is my best friend, as anyone can see.

      No matter where my feet go, my shadow’s always there—
      Except, of course, at midnight with darkness everywhere!

      © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

      Sunflower Shadows

    5. Love your shadow shots as always! Always fun to read your summary for the week as well. My youngest son just turned 40 on Wednesday and my oldest son turned 42! Hmmmm how did they get so old??? Must make me ancient!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend -- what's left of it!


    6. Parking lots can be so bland, merely shoppers in motion a parked vehicles. This one has interesting details and shadows that make the shopping rush at least bearable - the tropical tree is lovely, nothing like this (outside) in New England...in the dead of our winter, could you kindly send some of your heat and humidity up North??

    7. Love your shadow shots, the weather always seems to be mild where you live.
      Here's hoping our Summer arrives real soon, Spring seems to be lasting forever.

    8. You are invited to a Birthday Party at my blog, From the Heart at htttp://fromtheheartae.blogspot.com for our special friend, Denise (shortybear) on Sunday, November 20th, hosted by AliceE and Peggy at Amazing Grace. There is a place to click on to go to Denise's blog and wish her a Happy Birthday. If you would leave a comment on my blog letting me know you are participating, I would appreciate it. I know this will please Denise and hopefully lift her spirits.

    9. LOVE those shadow photos!! Have a fabulous Thanksgiving week!

    10. We are still experiencing summer like weather in Texas. Not sure if we are even going to have a winter. Enjoyed reading the activity of your life.

    11. Lovely photos. The trees are great. I think Palm Trees always make me smile, I guess because they are not seen around here. They remind me of trips to the beach and vacationing.
      As for the quiet week, I love those. It has been crazy in our office this week. We have had alot to deal with. Lots of deadlines and last minute changes. I hate the last minute changes. I am looking forward to only working a few days this week.

    12. Hi Anni, as always I enjoyed reading and catching up on your week. Love all of your photos. I wondered if you made your own backgrounds ... they are beautiful and far nicer than the free ones that I get (though I do appreciate those very much). You are so talented and do so many things.

      I totally agree with you about Black Friday and Black Friday Eve. I don't enjoy shopping much anyway, and I go to bed at 9:00.

      Have a great week,

      Kathy M.

    13. Love your Christmas templet for the blog. You are so darn talented. How do you have time to do all that you do. You are one amazing gal. If all of your shadow shots were from the same parking lot, you really did hit the jackpot. They are great. Have a nice week, my friend. genie

    14. I love that tree shadow in the top photo!! It looks so perfect! :)

    15. Great shadow shots!
      What a beautiful Christmas templet you have made for your blog, love it!
      Have a great Sunday.

    16. Hello Annie girl !
      I am trying to catch up to my commenter's and it takes me forever ;-)
      Your blog designs are always so pretty !
      Your shadows were really well defined and scream "LOOK AT ME !!" LOL
      You are so busy all the time , even when you say it has been quiet .. it makes me tired just reading all that you get up to !
      Best of luck to your son with his applications .. mine is still waiting for his visa/green card to be able to live with his wife in S. Carolina .. but DDL is coming for Xmas and we are all excited !
      Great shadows girl : )

    17. I love the new header - you're so talented. I've missed everything this week, so need to go back and see where you're going for the week-end.

      I'd proud for you of both your kids. I know exactly what Erik is going through, because I did the admission process for grad students for so many years. Amazingly tough process.

      Where is Irene getting her degree? What does she plan to do with this degree? Good for her!

      Glad you got some rain, wish you'd get more. How did the iris do this year? Or is it coming out in the winter?

      I'm having dinner at my house again this year - only 14 this time.

      Love the shadow pictures.

      Have a blessed week!

    18. I love the tree shadow! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

    19. Great shadow shots. Glad you got some rain. We have some coming in on Tuesday, it is hot here-will be about 80 today and tommorow.

    20. Loved you parking lot shots
      great how the ordinary can turn extraordinary!

    21. what a great place to take shadow shots...love the first tree.....thank you for visiting over at my blog, have a wonderful week

    22. Hi there "Hootin' Anni" and thank you for popping by my blog, from "Dear Sweet Pea's" blog. Comments rock! We get to meet new blogging friends, because of them! :-)

      You are still suffering from drought in your neck of the woods! Gracious, I didn't realize that there were still places of drought. Wishing you lots and lots of lovely RAIN.

      Oh pics of shadows! I love pics of shadows.

      OH wow! You can design/make your own Header! How amazing is that?!? Pretty amazing to me, because I'm not *techy* that way, at all. Plus, I am on (and LUV, btw) a Mac, and lots of Net Programs for doing special things for our blogs... Well, they work for Pc's but not on my Mac.

      But I have figured out how to make my own Background. Well, *sort of.* I can use a pic of mine, for Background, so I *claim* to make my own. -grin-

      So happy to meet you, and I'll be back, for surel

      Gentle hugs,
      "Wishing for you an abundance of blessings...
      Happy Thanksgiving"

    23. I love that first shot Anni!

      Sun Catcher Shadows , happy Thanksgiving!

    24. nice newsy post- you do keep busy- we have all your rain-but today is glorious and sunny albeit in the 40's!
      No real leisure time for me as we're are readying our house to put on the market Dec 1st-whew-I've been going through drawers,closets etc for a year and have lightened our load considerably. Have a great Thanksgiving!

    25. Good Morning Sweet Annie...
      Oh what a gorgeous share my sweet friend. I love these gorgeous shadow shots. (My family laughs at me, as I always have my camera in my purse now.) We get our best shots accidentally and in the most unusual places. I feel as though I have taken a drive right along with you.

      No cooking again for me this Thanksgiving. DH and I are going out once again. It is so much nicer, no clean up and no stress in preparing. After our lunch, we are going to visit DD and her family for desert. We are thankful to spend a little quiet time before the craziness of Christmas. I can't believe that it has already popped up again. Where has the year gone?

      I just had to pop over and wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for you my beautiful friend. You have touched my life in so many wonderful ways. I go to the ocean at least once a day, as I glance at my precious sand dollars. I can smell the sea air and feel the beautiful breezes on my face along with a little mist. Thank you sweet friend for allowing me to smile each day.

      Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry

    26. I'm so happy you've gotten at least some rain. every little bit helps. we've had our share here this week too, but we aren't experiencing a drought! I'm wondering what you do with the sod when you edge the lawn - if that's what you mean by edging. If I edge it means I have to load it up somehow and haul it to our waste station, which is a lot of trouble. that's why I avoid doing it in the first place! when I lived in the country it was so easy - just throw everything over the fence or in the ditch! your shadow shots are fun - I especially like the first one. happy week to you Anni! and have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

    27. Anonymous11/20/2011

      A nice mix of shadows!

    28. I love the first photo. Looks like you took the picture from above, nice shot

    29. Fantastic shadow shots and my favourite is the first one.

    30. Great shadow shots....they are just superior. And, your new header/banner/whatever you are supposed ti call it turned our GREAT! I love it. Hope all is well out there. It is surely is cold here in VA genie

    31. very nice shadows. The first is my favorite. :)

    32. I love those brown bags in the grocery store and I have seen them at some places where we shop! My Sweets has had some heart problems. My middle brother too. I am praying for Erik! What a wonderful opportunity that would be for him! I am teary eyed as I was watching a story about a local family in Parker, CO. A soldier paralyzed, had been married a mere 6 weeks. Came home, wanted a family, were told the odds were against them! Had triples. Lost one boy and the girl and other boy survived! Someone built them a home with all the extras for Matt the dad due to his injuries. I love their story. They never lost hope and always trusted the Lord. Thanksgiving is a nice time to reflect on all the blessings we have. But we should be thankful each day. I am thankful that I know you here. Take care of your heart. Come over to my e mail phmailybusienss1@aim.com. I have a little something I want to send you and need an address! Hugs Anne

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