Pier Shadows

Shadows of the pier [Bob Hall Pier] on
South Padre Island.
Incoming waves
underneath it all
[looking down from atop the pier]...


  • Well, it took me a couple of days to get everything Halloween torn down and packed away for another year. Thankfully [pun], I only have very few Thanksgiving decorations that have been put up on the dining room table, the dining room hutch and the fireplace mantel. A few ceramic turkeys and an American Indian brave and his wife [notice I did not type Native American...we born in America ARE natives, but not necessarily of any Indian Tribe...right?] LOL I always purchase some small votive candles that are scented with pumpkin spice. I so love having that fragrance drifting through the air indoors. Makes me feel 'like I'm home'!!!

  • Last week, we had a whole morning without power - the city crews have no idea what caused it either. But, it was my day to do laundry, and it didn't get done. This week, I played catch up and did seven loads of dirtiness. That was a lot considering it's just the two of us.

  • Tuesday, I had to take my cellphone to have it 'overhauled'. A few weeks back there was an update, and ever since the update was installed on the phone, my SD card went haywire. My photos in the phone's gallery were not loading. It took 'em about two hours to figure out what was wrong...and I haven't had time to check out if it was really repaired or not....but I did get to go to one of my favorite delis for lunch while waiting for the phone to be checked out. Jason's Deli! I love their Sgt. Pepper sandwiches. And their crusty bread is 'to die for' delicious. Bud and I usually share a sandwich. Yes, they're that big! I read somewhere that the protein alone, the nutritional daily value, is like 135%. I bet there is over a good quarter pound of the most tender shaved beef in it...along with provolone cheese and red, green, and yellow bell peppers. Plus grilled onions and a mayonnaise sauce that I just can't duplicate at home. Oh, and not to mention all the frozen soft serve yogurt you want. Jason's by far is one of Texas's gold mines. Here is their menu....drool all you want and enjoy the luscious viewing photos of their fares.

  • This past week I took my pdf file disk into Office Depot for printing my genealogy book!! I'm pleased with the outcome. Thought I share these few photos of the product. To protect my privacy I blocked out all surnames and such. Promise, this is the last time I'll post about it as I'm sure my readers are bored with the whole thing by now....

    Front and Back Cover Design
    Passenger Ship Poster [In German]
    Pastel Yellow - laminated
    Title: Inherited Lineage
    Back Cover Quote: "A Family Tree will wither and die if no one tends the roots..."

    Left: Old Family Tintype Photos
    Right: My great great [maternal] Grandfather

    Irene and Erik when young children

    Left: Baby Shoes [moccasins] and baby spoons
    Right: A Five Generation Family Reunion Newspaper Clipping [paternal great grandfather]

    Left: Bud as a child with his grandmother
    Right: Ancestral File
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    1. Your book came out just beautifully, you can really see all the work that went into it! And I love the quote that you put on the back! I like your colorful ceramic turkeys! And the Jason's menu is just making me DROOL!!! I wish we had a place like that here. We have a McAlister's, but that is not near as cool as Jason's! Love that second photo with the pier shadow!

    2. I was without power for 5 days last week. I went to the laundry mat once. For me it wasn't the laundry piling up but the coldest. The house was around 45 in the morning! Glad your power came back on so quickly.

    3. I'm sure not sick of hearing about your book - I'm so impressed! I've done a little of this and I know how much work goes into it. It looks wonderful, I love that quote and it is a treasure!

    4. The water under the pier looks downright cold and uninviting. Perhaps my imagination is getting the better of me!


      Shadow, will you always be
      Here where I can always see
      What you do and how you play?
      Or will you just slip away?

      © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

      Shadowy Mystery

    5. You've certainly had a busy week. I am finally getting a chance to post Halloween pics. I live in the past out here waiting for bandwidth to get images on line. ;)

      Your genealogy book looks fantastic! How wonderful to have all of the information together and the pictures are priceless.

    6. Moving water under a pier. I remember that feeling from childhood in Chicago. But you have nice shadows too!

      What a great work you have done in your book.

    7. Anni girl that genealogy book is amazing !
      I wish I could do that .. but I was able to find out from a distant relative that my fathers family from Scotland was actually here in the late 1700's and stayed in the Nova Scotia (translates to New Scotland) for literally centuries .. I had no idea .. during that phase of my intense ? interest I had the coat of arms done (which was hard to find a tiny subclan for Glencross) also of my husband's family from Ireland .. our son is a double Celt : ) LOL
      Love the pictures of the water crashing against the pier with the shadow shots !
      I think the term "indigenous" might fit the North American Indian populations.
      Joy : )

    8. That book looks wonderful, but most impressively, it's so THICK!! Wow. Well done!
      And I absolutely love your watery shadows! Great captures all!

    9. Great, great shadow shots! Very unusual. I like the look of the ancestor book - I have got to the part of deciding how to arrange, in what way, the many photos that go back to the 1700s!

    10. visiting your lovely blog :)

    11. I have my Thanksgiving deco out also. Really looking forward to a nice home cooked meal and sitting down with family! Your geaneolgy book turned out great...what a nice keepsake to pass down to generations.

    12. Thank you for the nice comment and visit at my blog!

      Cool shadows!

      Sincerely from
      Jan Halvard, Norway
      Welcome to visit ¡Buenos dias Bolivia!,
      my blog since I was volunteering for MAN-B in Bolivia....

    13. I have been a very bad blogging friend this past week - I have visited few and written nothing. Your shadow pictures are wonderful. You do a great job of finding those every week.

      I'm so glad you got your book finished - did you make a lot of copies for everyone? That had to be a bit costly!

      Our water heater went out yesterday, so we're spending a couple of days unable to shower or wash hair, etc. I can wash dishes in the dishwasher, but they are done with cold water, so not so good. The guy will come tomorrow morning, and clean out our savings account!

      I hope I can get some words out onto the computer screen sometime this week. I seem to be dry!

    14. nice pics. i like the first ones :)

    15. We especially liked the picture of the shadow of the pier in the water. That is terrific.
      Your book looks terrific. The pictures look like the ones of my grandparents etc.
      That beef sandwich sound so darn good. How could you do that to us. Yummy.
      Hope you have a fabulous week.

    16. Great shadows in the water!

    17. Your pier shadows are very good. I really like the second one. The water looks cold, but that could just be my imagination.

    18. Wonderful pictures from the pier. The water's edge is just a great spot for pictures. I especially like the shadow of the pier in the water. It reminds me of the baby blankets with the silk edges. I guess you could say it is a blanket shadow on the water.
      As for your book, I think it turned out very well. You must be extremely proud of it. As you should be, I am sure that you have many, many hours of work in it and it has to give you a sense of pride and accomplishment.
      I like your Thanksgiving decorations. I bet those candles smell heavenly!!
      I hope your phone is working like it should be. We have grown so dependant upon our phones that it sends our world into total chaos when the do not work. My husband didn't have a cell phone when I met him. I bought one for him while we we dating. He couldn't function without one now.

    19. Anonymous11/06/2011

      Nice post thanks for sharing...God bless you

    20. You got some great shots of those shadows from the pier! Sure wouldn't want to fall in! I love that railing shadow!

      Congrats on your wonderful family tree book! Wow, certainly a LOT of work has gone into that very special project. That would be more than I could tackle! Blessings for a joyful month of thanksgiving!!

    21. Hey, Anni, I'm sorry that I haven't been by to visit this week ... I keep seeing that you have posted something new, and will spend some time on your wonderful blog this morning.

      Your shadow shots are stunning this week! Man. I am so very impressed on how your book turned out. You are quite an inspiration. I am thinking that I might someday make an attempt to give to my peeps at our Thanksgiving gathering.

      That sandwich sounds delicious! Also, I just noticed your note about Erik, and that is very exciting. I will be keeping him in my prayers. It is nice to pray for somebody who isn't sick, btw. :>)

      Thanks so much for stopping by to see me this morning. Have a wonderful week,

      Kathy M.

    22. I love your pier shots...great work!!

      I like the way you are writing your weeks activity..easier to read. :))

      Still thinking of your son and Rice...keeping fingers crossed for him.
      xoxo bj

    23. Anonymous11/06/2011

      Excellent shadow shots of the pier and water!

    24. You must be so proud of your genealogy project! That was a lot of work. I love old family photos.

      Cool shadows for Shadow Shot Sunday!

      I like all your Thanksgiving decorations. I have a few but not ready to put them out yet. ;-)

    25. Very cool shadow shots.

    26. A whole world of exists in the shadows!

    27. Love your pier shots!!!

    28. Anonymous11/06/2011

      Great Shadow shot of the pier...love the rich color.

    29. Anni your diligent, devotion to this project paid off with a most beautiful book for your family to enjoy for years to come. I cannot even imagine how you did it all in just a few short months. I'm very proud of you!!!
      Hugs C

    30. Love the pier shadows! Looks like you've been very busy!

    31. What an interesting post. So mamy different ghings to enjoy. That is a super shot of the pier.

    32. You captured it perfectly, very nice!

      I have a Creepy shadow, wanna see it? Please come when you get a chance.

    33. The Gulf is lapping along and under that pier, The briny surf is cool, but under the Texas sun, it looks quite warm there! Your genealogy is not boring at all, the past would be forgotten if not for your work, a job well done!

    34. I like your shadow shots

    35. Love your shadow shots, and your geneology book looks great. Well done, I know that you have worked very hard at getting it completed.

      Have a great week ahead.

    36. Your shadow shots are wonderful!! Thank you for visiting my blog!

    37. good shots! i like the angle in the first pic and the lines in the second!

      My Third Eye

    38. Fantastic shadow shots.

    39. Beautiful shadows on the water, and I LOVE your genealogy book. The cover rocks.


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