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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

It's beginng to look a lot like Christmas -aka Window Shopping---

  • As I mentioned this past Sunday in my summary, Bud and I went window shopping around town. I thought I would share some holiday spirit a bit early and show you some Texas Pride from one store [each image has mouseover caption]...I believe this was Kohl's here in town---

  • Black Friday is coming soon...and earlier than Friday. Some stores'll be opened on late Thanksgiving Day? Hmmmmmm. What's wrong with this picture? Seems sad. Boycott comes to mind. Stay home with family and enjoy the company. Or if you're traveling ---well--- travel. If you decide you must shop...then, I feel sorry for you. Heck, to me, as much as I don't like the Dallas Cowboys, I'd much rather be home watching a lousy football game than be out on a day of thanks spending money and fighting crowds. And, in fact, I have NEVER shopped but one time on the Friday after Thanksgiving...and I vowed to never do it again. Madhouse on the streets and in stores. Not worth the stress. Don't get me I love to shop. It's just NOT on the Thanksgiving weekend for me....and as you can tell by this post, window shopping is just plain fun. I'm like a kid in a toy store. :o)

  • Is $28.99 plus tax too much to spend on that adorable Texas Santa Rocking Chair Nutcracker [above] ? It's so cute and would go just swell in my collection. LOL ---Nah, I'll save my money for a better one that comes along.............. Maybe.

  • Target --- that store has the BEST tasting hot popped popcorn -at their snack counter- ever.

  • While window shopping a perusing the stores at the strip mall, Hobby Lobby is disappointing this year. Nothing 'new' and worthy. {{{insert audible sigh}}}

  • I've been looking for a special holiday boxed candy. I only find 'em around town this time of year; and the store that I bought them from last year didn't order any [I asked specifically for them when the dude filling the shelves asked me if he could help me find something - guess I looked desparate!]. But I spied them at another store --DELUXE JUNIOR MINTS! They're huge and so salivatin' good!! Bought 'em? CHECK. I've seen 'em online through sites, but I'm a stickler for purchasing locally to keep the city's economy strong. Bought two boxes. There are only ten to a box. Serving size = 3 pieces...craziness; that'll blow over our house like a fart in a wind storm. Not enough for those who love 'em. I don't think so!!

  • Coming soon - the large mall...more holiday stuff.

    1. I enjoyed this post very much.

    2. I'm with you on this one Anni. Being with family n giving thanks on Thanksgiving has become so far down on the priority list with a lot of folks. I am not one of them....however..all the Christmas hoopla starting earlier every year, does make one feel anxious! I Hate it!!!! But I love Christmas. Just wish it was not so close to Thanksgiving!

    3. I love the Nutcracker and would be hard to resist... Love the decorations!!!

    4. Those are cute ornaments! However - you really caught my attention with the Deluxe junior Mints. I love the regular ones, I've never seen the deluxe ones. Sounds wonderful!

    5. I agree and I don't shop on Black Friday. I enjoy staying home and watching the Cowboys.HEHE
      I don't start shopping till December and I have always gotten it done before Christmas. I guess that I am a one holiday at a time person still.

    6. I love window shopping as well but darn it, I always seem to see something I want and then spend money! lol Your Black Friday is like our Boxing Day (day after Christmas) sale and you couldn't pay me enough to go shopping that day. Did once and never again! lol I value my life too much!!!

      Mmmmm those mints do look delicious. I think we have those here as well, will have to look. I make so many of my own chocolates but have never tried making mint ones.

      All of those decorations showing in your pictures are so cute, you really do need to add another one to your collection! hehe xoxo

    7. There's nothing I need so badly that I have to get out the day after Thanksgiving! Just to save a few bucks? NAAAAH; not worth the hassle!
      Those jr. mints look amazing! Did you find them at a chain store, or was it local?

    8. Breezy would LOVE those big Jr Mints! I've never seen them before!

      You won't find me out shopping on Thanksgiving or Black Friday. I am highly allergic to rude crowds! LOL

    9. I don't do Black Friday either... I worked retail and had to work it a few times and that was enough. People are too crazy. Also, every year I am making more of an effort to shop locally.

    10. I love the mints too, hadn't seen these particular ones...I bought some mini York Peppermint Patties...why are these things only around at this time of year? Honey Bear loves the creme drops, you know the ones that are $.99 a bag and you can only find at Christmas time. We usually by several bags when we see them.....Daughter loves a certain kind of peppermint stick, Bob's I think.
      And about Black Friday: I noticed that some stores are opening at midnight on Thanksgiving...just don't get it...why not enjoy the holiday with family. I understand having to go out and buy one particular item for a special little boy or girl but I wouldn't stand in line for it, no way....two years ago, our son and family were visiting and planned to go home to Texas on Friday....when we all got up, he packed, etc. and had to wait for her to come back before he could leave. She'd gotten up before anyone else to go shopping...
      I think that's a good price for the granddaughter collects them...only the inexpensive ones but I've been looking for an unusual one to buy her this year...
      Mama Bear

    11. I am a sucker for any antimated Christmas items! Sometime Avon has lots of cool things but I agree to try to buy locally. It is tough. Hard to find everything we need locally without astronomical costs! I get so frustrated sometime. But I know one thing, all paper products like boxes and cards are made in the good ole USA!