Garden flowers & American Nonsense

more flowers from our yard this past week:

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I'm sorry 'bout this, but after reading it...tho, at times I honestly think the world has gone "mad", this article just 'bloggled' my mind!!! Here goes:

  • Lawyer Complained that Catholic University is Too Catholic
    Nov 10, 2011
    Can a Catholic university that's so Catholic that it's actually called Catholic University of America, be too Catholic?
    That's what law professor John Banzhaf thought and he's filing a human rights complaint against the school:
    A lawyer has filed a human-rights complaint against Catholic University, on the grounds that the prevalence of Catholic imagery there violates the rights of Muslim students. Catholic University admits students of all faiths, but attorney John Banzhaf says there is almost nowhere on campus where Muslims can "pray without having to stare up and be looked down upon by a cross of Jesus."
    After further reading, I am assuming that all the different students of different religions have no fact, they're all satisfied of the school. They are respected, they are treated well, they're getting a high education with great academic qualities throughout. So, why the upheaval by this certain lawyer? I certainly can't understand the uproar at all. Only in America!!!

  • Do you think Mr. H. Cain [a presidential hopeful for some] should take a lie detector test? ---Only in America!!!

  • The government now is trying to impose [but delayed] a Christmas Tree Tax of 15 cents on fresh cut trees. To help promote sales of said trees? The average consumer now buys artificial trees [some reported 17.4 million]. Uhhhhhhmmmmmm, ya, adding a tax to fresh trees'll do it!! More consumers will jump at the chance to be taxed on something else these days. Only in America!!!

  • A Steven Tyler [lead singer of the group, Aerosmith] cabbage patch doll? Only in America!!!

  • Breakthrough: Aging without wrinkles?
    Scientists say they managed to rid mice of old cells linked to age-related diseases. Could this change what it's like to grow old? ---Only in America!!!!

  • [all articles in full, can be viewed HERE]


    1. Anonymous11/14/2011

      Okay, I had to laugh at the Catholic University being too Catholic...but that would be really sad if the law suit went through.

      Love the roses!

      Kateri @ Dandelion Haven

    2. The rose bud just about to bloom is gorgeous.

      Oh well. There are a lot of ridiculous things going on. You wouldn't want to know what goes on over here. :)

    3. These made me laugh because if we go to another country and we go to their school and it happened to be run and owned by Hindu, Buddhist, and or Islam, and we are Christian studying at their school, we don't say where is my rights blah, blah, blah because in the first place the school is a private institution, we knew who and what they believe so we have to respect for that. And yes you are right Ms. Anni ONLY IN AMERICA that we cater all the different kind of rights that people can think of. And oh by the way the human body has five senses now it's six and many don't have it COMMON SENSE, hahaha!! Thanks for the visit at my macro shot you got the right answer ^_^
      What Am I

    4. Crazy! The catholic university one is just ridiculous!

    5. What a fantastic list of morsels. I'm rushing right out to buy that cabbage patch doll. lol

      Beautiful flowers!

    6. Hahaha... yes the news is full of interesting twists and turns... And every country has its own "Only in _____"! Pretty flowers you show us today!

    7. they remind me of summer! love it!

    8. Your Garden Flowers are magnificent. Great photographs. I enjoy all the flowers, but must admit roses are my favorite. I like the brick background.

    9. Beautiful flowers Anni!

    10. Okay - all of the above - ARGGGHHHHH! So nuts.

      Your link of Josh Groban's O Holy Night - I haven't listened to it yet, but I wait all season long for the radio stations to play it over and over - I haven't been able to get a cd of it myself. He is so amazing - especially on that song!

      I finally have a post up! Come on over!

    11. I see you are ready for Thanksgiving with that nice header. There are still a few "brave" flowers that are holding their own and putting out a flower or two. How perceptive you are--the leaves were from a flowering pear tree. The trees are just as beautiful in Fall as they are in the Spring. I hope all goes well for your son--the "waiting it out" is the tough part. Have a great week, Anni. Mickie :)

    12. Gorgeous flower shots Anni....your right...the world is slowly going BONKERS!!!!!
      Love your O Holy night video...Josh Groban has the most beautiful voice!

    13. I had a good laugh at what some people will come up with to cause a problem now days.
      My suggestion is if they don't like our way of life go home.
      Love your flowers.
      I love window shopping also,with my budget and the economy that is about all I can do these days.

    14. Wonderful macro's of the beautiful flowers. Enjoyed reading your "Only in America" article too. How sad but true.

    15. Good ones Anni!

    16. Such beautiful flowers.

    17. Hi Hootin',
      I love those flowers, especially that Mexican Fire Bush. I'm going to keep that one in mind.
      Great to visit you again. Love your new header.
      David/ Tropical Texana/ :-)

    18. Wonderful color and light in these photos!

      Happy MM

    19. Hi Anni,

      I've been enjoying getting caught up with your pretty pictures and activities this morning. That is awesome that you are working out; something that I really need to be doing too.

      Hope that your week is going well so far.

      Take care,

      Kathy M.

    20. I'm soooo envious that you still have flowers blooming...I guess they bloom all year round in your parts? You would have laughed at me this morning. I still have the poinsettia house plant that I had bought last Christmas and it's remained healthy all year but only had one red leaf amongst the green ones. I was excited because I thought "hey, that's pretty good that I still have my poinsettia from last year that still has some red in it"...this morning that one red leaf fell off! Aaarrgggghhhh! lol Now I only have a green poinsettia plant:-)

      Your Monday Morsels made me laugh, yup only in America! lol It's getting absolutely ridiculous what people are complaining about...imagine saying a Catholic University is too catholic! OY! I just shake my head at it all. The other day they had on our news that a college professor is not allowing his students to say "bless you" when someone sneezes. Sigh. xoxo

    21. Your tid bits always make my day, and your roses are impressive. There is NOTHING blooming here anymore. I is just too cold. Enjoy your beautiful flowers while you have them. genie

    22. Lovely flowers and your Monday Morsels were priceless!


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