A fragmental day that is too close for comfort in part...

  • About 20 minutes from downtown Corpus Christi, the two county area is in an upheaval on a certain incident aired on our local news. It's about a judge...as a father, who beat his sixteen year old daughter to the point the law calls it child abuse. The sad part is...his position in the court of law covers child abuse cases!!! The daughter is now out of harm's way so to speak, living with her mother; away from the estranged father/and mother's ex-husband. National News [link] covered the story also.
    During our local 6 PM news coverage, there was a video. Be warned: it's very upsetting. HERE [you have to click that you're 18 years of age to be able for it to play out for you.]
    Story Line in text only. [link]

    Houston Cable News reported late last night that the Judge was exonerated from any wrong-doing!!! Most likely, if I understood the article correctly, because of the statute of limitations. The county of Aransas [courthouse and emergency offices are receiving calls of death threats to the judge....world wide sensationalism!] But, I can't help myself, I found myself thinking...there are many, many, MANY children and spouses that are murdered by abusive parents/partners ---and they get no coverage at all. Not even a mention. The media once again, strikes the hearts of viewers into a frenzy.

  • Our larger mall in town has been putting up the Christmas decor on the mezzanine areas. PRETTY!!!

  • Tuesday, I took my Genealogy Book Disk in to have it printed/published!! Looks great. I'll share some final pictures of it when I get some photos taken of the product. Most likely, the photos will be shared on my Sunday's Summary post.

  • A delicious Cold Front moved into our area. Temps are super. High 40s/Mid 50s for lows and High 60s/Mid 70s for the days' high temps. I'm lovin' it.

  • On the 1st....a long awaited day for me came. The last edition of the OZ series by Gregory Maguire came out on the shelves. OUT OF OZ...this one, the last in the OZ series, is about Dorothy. Yep, that Dorothy. Can't wait to get into these. I must admit, I bought the 3rd as a first edition, but have never opened the pages. I'm hoping that these will be my Winter reads. I have thoroughly enjoyed his imaginative writing. They continually keep up my interest without any dry areas in his text. After first reading WICKED years ago, he has captured the title from me being 'first favorite new author' for me. I've also read one of his 'teen' books which was delightful.

  • My new favorite word for the week has been "brou·ha·ha"!! It's highly typical of all the politicians and diggers of political dirt. I'm gonna try to use it in conversations at least three times before next Friday as a personal challenge.

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    1. Three seconds-worth of that beating video had me at the klitchen sink vomitting. Sorry, I'll have to come back later to read the rest of your blog. I can't change gears that quickly.

    2. P.S. Pardon the "l" in "kitchen" (above). After seeing just a fraction of that child abuse display, well, I guess that's the least of our worries, eh?

      Like I said, I'll get back here later. Time to go say some prayers for lots of poor invisibles who will unfortunately remain just that.

    3. sparkle Yes, it's disturbing, but worthy of posting about because it makes us all more aware of what goes on behind closed doors that shouldn't.

    4. I heard about that judge - it makes me so angry!
      We are getting a cold front too, but it's not delicious. :)

    5. Hi Anni and welcome to my blog! I came over to visit after your comment on my Eye blog. Um, isn't it a little EARLY for Christmas decorations on the mall? I'll check out this writer, Gregory Maguire. Looks interesting.

    6. Hmmm. I love to hear about good reads. I just finished an oldie but goodie. Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett.

      I saw the clip on the news of the child being beaten. Horrible. Maybe he can't be tried in a criminal court of law, but I heard that steps are being taken to remove him from the bench, and indeed, he is now recused from duty until the reviews are in.

    7. I agree completely about news media blowing certain stories beyond normal coverage. This one does have that special twist that it involves a judge overseeing family court. Anger management is an issue for many and maybe this get a better discussion of it going. I didn't know the "Wicked" author did a series. My wife and our daughters loved seeing the play Wicked.

    8. Can't watch that video as I have my own memories. Glad you are getting cooler weather in your part of the country - enjoy! Love the word - brou-ha-ha!

    9. Yeah, the Judges statutes of limitation of the crime ran out.

      'Just wonder what the dear Judge is goona face when he meets his Maker when his statutes of limitation runs out!!! Bet God doesn't let this one slide through the cracks!

      Breaks my heart!!!

      God bless ya sweetie and have a wonderful weekend! :o)

    10. I don't know that I've ever used the word delicious with "cold front," but then again I live in Chicagoland, and we are accustomed to delicious...

    11. I saw that story about the Judge on our news up here. It is unbelievable! It's so disturbing that someone like that has been judging other cases that involve children.

    12. Anni another disturbing and interesting Fragmented Friday post.
      The situation with the judge is just plain scary.
      I'm not familair with the series of Oz books you mentioned I'll have to look for the first one at my next visit to the library.
      Hugs C

    13. They ran this video on T.V. countless times last night. It is very hard to watch. Then I saw the interview with the judge, and that made me even madder, if that was possible. He still sees nothing wrong with what he did!! BUT they said the statute of limitations has run out, but the sheriff said they are still working the case and are planning on getting the judge somehow, through any loophole they can find, or any other charge! The mother was involved, too, but apparently she has cried and admitted to doing wrong. And maybe the father bullied her into going along with it.

    14. I am a big fan of fun words...I try to use the dictionary.com word of the day during my class.

    15. I watched the video and I'm telling you, my first reaction was wanting to take that belt and beat the heck out of HIM!!! I then watched the Matt Lauer interview with the daughter and mother and I agree with them, the man needs help. It may have taken place 7 years ago but that doesn't take away the fact that he beat his daughter excessively and it galls me that he's been cleared of any wrongdoing. Now my blood pressure has risen! lol

      How exciting it must be to have your Genealogy book printed up and published:-) Worth all the hard work you put into it!!

      The high was 37 here today but at least it was sunny so it wasn't too bad. No snow yet:-)

      Hope you have a brou-ha-ha weekend! hehe xoxo

    16. Oh I know somebody who would LOVE that Oz book for Christmas! Thanks for letting me know it exists!

    17. I saw about the first minute of that video and couldn't bear it even with no sound. It sucks if the statute of limitations has passed, but I think that the important thing is that he should not continue in his job. He apologized and said that it 'looked worse than it was,' but you don't beat your kid like that just once. Now, he is under investigation by the State Commission on Judicial Conduct. Hopefully they will take away his right to be a judge ever again.

      I haven't read any of those Gregory Maguire books, but I really want to!

    18. I really need to read "Wicked".
      I LOVE it when cold fronts come through this time of year; November is supposed to be cool!

    19. We haven't read anything by Gregory Maguire but maybe we should. You give high praise!


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