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Think about it...

Halloween Candle Holders
with slime-green candles
and 'weenie green webbing


Oftentimes I read thoughts on how the stores have Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorations and knick-knacks all in one season; and beginning sometimes right after the school items leave the shelves in August. So many times I hear, read, and listen to shoppers' complaints. And I'm not even in retail. But, most of the disgust comes from a personal opinion, and a lot of times I've agreed with it all. Notice the past tense in my last line. But to those of us who think so one-sidedly, I must point out my afterthoughts on this...through a retailers eyes/mind. Think about it.

  • The state of economy in this country and around the world has been going down the drain for several years. And it's getting worse before it gets better. In order for a franchise or private shop to make money to stay ahead there are several factors for bringing out mass items for all holidays that begin around the first of Autumn and carries on through the mid winter month of January!! They need to strongly compete with other companies. The fact that you can buy items of seasonal interests online, year 'round, anymore, it's another reason to get things out on the shelves as early as possible. Also, there are single individuals that produce seasonal items for craft fairs to make a living - going from one state to another selling their wares. They appreciate the fact that the new stuff comes out early in the year. Another thought is that many plan parties for such, either personal or a company business and they have budgets to follow and need to buy early; some items on a monthly basis. So many factors come into the idea of a 'shopper's delight' and a shopper's necessity. Our thoughts and ideas may not jive with the retailer's point of view and necessity to make a living. So, taking into consideration the facts I thought of [and more I'm sure] -- it makes sense, and we should be a little more considerate of those that depend on selling to feed families and make their budget's end meet and stay out of the red; the retailer. And be thankful that we have a choice to not buy or to buy in our own time.

  • Compare a retail store with a farmer. He puts in his crops in hopes to make a profit. If his crops fail that year, his income is kaputz!

  • Compare a retail store to an electrician. If he doesn't win bids...his company falters.

  • Sure, it's all about the almighty dollar. But we all need it to live and eat. As we shop and complain about each year the seasonal stuffs come out earlier and earlier...we are shopping....with money....and we're not homeless. It's something to be thankful for. Our privilege to be able to shop...not complain. Think about the risk factors of the state of economy and you may change your tune. I did.

  • A domino effect. If no profits are made, more cost is added to the money-making items, like a corn crop or orange crop...if it fails the consumer pays. If an electrician loses money one year, his bids are higher the next. If a retailer makes little or no profit...he'll bring out the items earlier and the cost goes up.

  • For decades...yes, decades, the automobile industry thrives upon sales. And what do they do year after year? You guessed it. The new models are put out on the lot for say...2012...in September of 2011!!! Or back in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s...new models for 1995 came out in 1994!

  • The stock market...if a company doesn't make profits, the shares are worthless.

  • It's all about putting food on the table. Survival of the smartest fittest!!


    1. I don't like it but I get it. It's not just those holidays - they put out back to school things in July for the same reason. I actually wish we celebrated Thanksgiving in October like they do in Canada. It makes sense because it's the end of harvest time and it wouldn't get missed in the Christmas rush!

    2. Mari....Personally, I think EVERY day should be a day of thanks. As with Christmas being set aside with traditional gift giving....I think 'giving' should be EVERY day also.

    3. You do have a point there...but I really don't like it! I need to focus on whatever event I am about to celebrate...I do not like to feel rushed into the frenzy of the holidays. There is so much competation out there and I know it can be hard to compete...but, I feel like some of it is greed too! How much do we really need other then the basics to survive!!! Growing up we didn't have all this and we got along just fine...it was much simpler and the holidays were so much more enjoyable!!!

    4. Great post ~ 'thinking outside the box' ~ good points ~ thanks for coming by Magical Monday ~ enjoy the week ~ namaste, Carol ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

    5. Good thoughts, Anni. We can always count on you to make us think!

    6. GREAT FOOD for thought---and Prayers are definitely going up!!!!


    7. You must be in heaven now I know how much you love Halloween and all the decorations. This candle holder is scary, lol !
      I don't do anything for Halloween because I am off to Egypt for 2 weeks as each year. I am waiting that little Toby becomes bigger he will be one year old on Nov 17 ! times fly by !!

    8. Okay - so many comments on your comments! They are fascinated by that little boy - she's touching his tummy, or I wouldn't have posted it - but it's so funny because they don't know much about little boys and they keep saying, "Oo, yuck, poop!" Hilarious!!

      I wish you could walk with us through the park - it's a hoot to watch them - such fun.

      I loved the end of the Bronco game! I love Tim Tebow and wish him so much success. We had to DVR the game yesterday because it started before we were home from church and we had company for dinner. So I read the article on line about the game, then had to bite my tongue to not tell Dwight the ending. We were late for choir practice (early for Christmas music) as he finished the game. He did fast forward through the horrid third quarter.

      Yes, the "museum" you're talking about is right on Dwight's way to work, out on Harmony Road at the Timnath turn-off. Crazy place! Just remembered the name - Swetsville, Zoo.

      I'll be in Maine from Nov. 10-13. Looking forward to it. Unfortunately, one of my best blog friends out there will be in Tennessee at the very same time. I'm sad. But I'll see at least one other, maybe two. Good news - something to blog about! I'm having a rough time coming up with posts these days.

      Gotta get going to the gym - it is supposed to be our last 70s day today for a few, but it's cloudy. Sunrise was glorious, but clouds took over. Supposed to be really yucky by Wednesday. Comes with the territory! You suffer in the summer, as I keep reminding you!

      Have a great day!

    9. PS - I just saw your note about Erik on the left. Whata does he want to do his PhD studies in? That is such a grueling process from application to defense!

    10. During times like this, it's important that people spend money in order to keep the economy go around. Something that benefits each one and the society as a whole.
      And it's also important to buy local products and from local stores, which benefits your neighbourhood. We all want a healthy neighbourhood, right?

    11. Good Morning Annie Sweetie...
      What a beautiful share this morning. I love hearing all the people complaining about the holiday items coming out earlier and earlier. They complain as they pick up items and slowly add them to their baskets. The only thing that bothers me about it, is when they put it out early, if you see it and don't buy it, when you go back, it is gone, and no more to be had for this holiday. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

      Yep, I am grateful for my job in these times. I know so many who are searching. I have been with my job for 20 years now, and hope to have at least 10 more.

      Hope you and Bud are doing well sweet friend. My computer went caput sometime back now, and Marydon (Sis) bought me a new one, an early Christmas present, so I am once again out and about. I have missed you sweet friend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

    12. Anni thank you for the ver thought provoking post!!
      I use Picasa 3 for making collages. I downloaded it free from the internet. It is really easy..I had to play with it for a few days then it was simple.

      I placed the pics I want in a folder open it in Picasa then just shuffle until they look like I want. You can adjust the borders too.
      Hugs C

    13. It makes a lot of sense, but why do they think they have to get rid of the summer stuff by the middle of July? I had surgery this spring and by the time I was back on my feet I had missed my chance to buy a new pair of sandals for the year. I only managed a new swimsuit because I bought it when they put them out in January.

      Love your candle holder!

    14. Good food for thought, Annie.

    15. Great thoughts and very true! I also love your candle holder as I love all things Halloween. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog; I am your newest follower.

    16. I actually get all excited when I see the Christmas stuff come out even before Halloween is over! lol You made all very good points as to why the stores have to get the stuff out early for whatever holiday and I agree with all of them. The Christmas Craft Fairs are starting this coming weekend so the ladies have been busy crafting...so yes, a good thing that the Christmas stuff is already on the shelves for them to buy supplies. It also seems that more and more people are getting their Christmas shopping done early, while able to afford it.

      Love your spooky candle holders! xoxo

    17. Anni, I absolutely agree. I tend to see from the retailers' view probably because I was there before.

    18. Having worked for a major manufacturer I understand and appreciate all that but still complain sometimes. Having all the Christmas decorations up in October doesn't bother me all that much but I walked in one store last week and they were playing Christmas music! That's taking it too far.

      I love the candle holder!! I want one!

    19. Happy Halloween! You're indeed set with this very interesting candle stand!

      My Third Eye

    20. The details of that candle holder are kind of spooky Anni!

      Happy Macro Monday

    21. All in good time I think. But I liek the heads as they seem to be from clay.

    22. That is quite a photo of a skull! ready to scare the be-jeebees out of folks.
      As much as I'd love to afford to be able to decorate for holidays, way before the economy took a downhill, we just couldn't afford it, so we make our decorations.
      I remember when our older daughter wanted outdoor decorations. She was only 4 yrs old or so, and made paper decorations to hang from the front yard tree, not realizing the weather elements would get to them. They were VERY GOOD (she's an artist even that young). People thought I made 'em.Our kids now college age are still thrifty: Craig's list supplemented extra furniture I no longer needed and gave them. Their clothes they find at thrift shops or ask if they can use out of my closet.

      Well, I"m still a shiverin' at that skull. Great macro!

    23. I love to read your writings. I find I am always agreeing with you. Too bad you live so far away. Would love to sit down with you over a lovely glass of vino and try to solve the age old problems of the world. By the way, your header is just tooooo cute. Happy week. genie


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