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Taking photos of my blown glass skull candle holder for today, I noticed something while looking through the viewfinder/lens. Something I've never noticed before 'til now. There is a skull within a skull. Can you see it? - - -

The macro/close up [on the right side 'cheek bone']....

....and the 'full views' Take notice of the full-view right cheek [right photo]!! See the 'extra' face-like formation? :look around the eye socket: I see another face within the face.

*-- * --*


By now y'all know I definitely consider myself an all-out fanatic when it comes to one TV program. One that began its ninth season this Fall, and it continues to be in the top ratings year after year. My favorite character[s] is Tony; and Ziva. Well, heck, I like Abby and Ducky, and Gibbs, Director Vance...enjoy "Probie" also --- played by Se@n Murr@y. What follows is a personal opinion and only that.... Also, I must admit last season, season eight, was the worst ever. The writing [scripts] left a lot to be desired...sorely disappointed was I. And now, the beginning of this new season has a trend of being the same as last. Lackluster. But let me get back to the "Probie" character. If you're a fan, and watch the series you too will say that there was total shock from season seven to season eight with T!mothy. And searching through Google, I guess his fan club's concern for his health, has Se@n telling his followers that he is fine...not ill. Oh, come on....anyone with even half a mind can look at you and see there is something wrong. You are NOT well. Either physically or if you think you look're sadly mistaken. Not only are you now skeletal in physique, your voice has changed. Yep, yep, can't pull the wool over my eyes Mr. Murr@y --- losing weight in a tremendous way as you have, and now the voice loss? Scary. Come on, don't tell us die-hard fans "I'm okay, I'm fine". When it's just too obvious that you're suffering somehow; physically or mentally. Reading comments on twitter, one mentioned an adam's apple scrape? What the heck is that? I've not heard of such a procedure. Is that the reason of the voice change? I know the vanity of Hollywood celebs; how "looks" are all important and your 'kind' want perfection all the time, and I know you're related to the show's producers --and I'm sure they're trying to protect you and your family's privacy...but if they're just protecting your vanity and otherwise, nothing, you need to take it upon yourself to look in the mirror and see that you're becoming freakishly freaky!! Reminiscent of M. Jackson....and look where that got him!! But, in all seriousness here, if it's NOT vanity and you have something you're dealing with health-wise, in a private way...then, I will keep you in my thoughts, hoping that there is a cure for what ails you.


photos of Se@n Murr@y courtesy of Google search

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  1. I see the second skull too!
    Our family is also a fan of that show. I must agree that it something is not right with him.

  2. Anni I'm an NCSI junkie fav being that too handsome Mark Harmon....
    Probie is too thin...I heard he was trying but obviously it got out of hand. I do like the entire cast thought. Speaking of looks Duckie looks just like he did in the man from U.N.C.L.E.
    Hugs C

  3. OMG I don't like the after photo, he is hot looking before, I can't imagine myself too thin like this my hubby said it looks like a walking skeleton, lol! This reminds me that your skull above freaks me hahaha!

    A Rose

  4. You scared me with these shots Anni!

    Happy MM

  5. Very well seen.

    Regards and best wishes

  6. Yeah, I can see the skull, neat!