Mexican Bird of Paradise

            macro Mexican Bird of Paradise started from SEED!


I failed to mention yesterday on my Sunday's Summary that on Monday of last week [or was it Tuesday?] Our area of town got another 2" of rain! It came on suddenly and down-poured; filling the street's gutters and making the rainfall creep up our driveway. Hey, even tho it was a torrential storm system and it came down furiously and left the area quickly...every little bit helps!! We need about a dozen more of those in a hurry. Still, the water table is about 14 inches below normal. It's forecasted to bring into our area this week, a massive Canadian Cold Front...the low will be in the low 50s for a couple of days and highs only in the mid 70s. Now THAT'S more like it. Over the weekend, after another craving [when you try to watch your calorie intake, you CRAVE!] for something sweet and fattening. I wanted to make a blackberry no-bake cheesecake....instead, I used my 'traditional' cheesecake recipe and baked it in the oven. Tho, I kinda cheated. I went and BOUGHT a pre-made graham cracker crust. Of course, low fat cream cheese. But still...mega calories I'm sure. Bud loves it when I say "I'm hungry for this and that......." He is a good man, he sticks by my less calorie meals and doesn't complain a bit! We only live once in this life, sometimes I just gotta splurge. All too often these days, but oh well. One more thing. I thought I'd answer some questions that were left in my comments the past week since I took no time to be online while working with you know what ---

On my lightening video Ginny commented:
Wow, what a good catch! It is beautiful, how long were you videoing till you got this? Glad you got rain!!! Ginny? I timed the lightening for a while before I aimed the phone to the sky...and then, clicked the cam-corder button. It's all in the timing.

On my lightening video Kathy commented:
So did you decide to self-publish the Kinko's way? I'd really like to know how you are doing your book ... do you copy and paste each blog post on to a separate page? Kathy? I haven't decided on where I'm going to have the work done, except for the fact that I WILL have it done! The book opens with a dedication to my mother and her lost sister [the one that burned to death and I'm named after]...then, after the dedication page begins the photos and scanned images of records/documents. There entails most of the book - probably about 3/4 total of all the pages. After that, then the ancestral records ---pedigree charts in a way...but, I'm not doing the graph type charts that you'd normally see. EACH COUPLE [a few from the late 1600s] from the early 1700s up to my daughter and her sons. With birthdates, marriage, death, spouse, children [and where buried if known]. I have a section of miscellaneous where I wrote a sizable account of the Declaration of Independence relation and another record I found just recently of a very elusive woman who's parents no one knew 'til now. Things like that. I also made five 'blank' pages with just "NOTES" at the top, I can write in any notes to come my way in later times ahead. At the end, before the back cover, I added a page "about the author" and a 'thank you' to all who have helped me by volunteering their time and efforts to make this book a reality. Oh, and was all copied from the blog admin pages then pasted to a PDF file with the margins adjusted to make sure nothing would be 'lost' with a book's binding; I have in mind having it printed/published to an 8 1/2 by 11 size ---normal notebook paper size with spiral binding and laminated book covers. I will show more on how I 'set up' the pages in a few my Friday Fragment post.

On my Cooler Days...Finally, EmptyNester commented about the reason I find no new Halloween goodies
Maybe there aren't many new things for Halloween because you've bought them all? LOL EmptyNester? You don't even begin to know just how many times I've heard this...and there is probably more truth to this than you know. rofl

On my Cooler Days...Finally, Ginny commented [about my chiming/cackling witch clock
Oh that clock would scare me to death, does it do that all night, too? Ginny? No, once you put the batteries in, there are directions that you follow to set the clock up so it will chime between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. ---at night, during sleeping hours, it doesn't chime at all. And, by the way...the Ratatouille Camera Critter only screeches if I squeeze the body.

PS...the most recent 'Halloween Treat' is now on my sidebar ---For the week of Oct. 17th. :o)


  1. We haven't had any rain in weeks and my garden shows it...there are corners of it which depend on rain...
    I like your "watching your calorie intake" instead of the ugly 4-letter d-word, lol. Good luck, I am trying too!

  2. Beautiful flower, great capture and stunning signature. Any copyright?! Can I make one like that? But I don't know how.

    Happy to hear that you are receiving some rain. May there be more gentle rain going your way.

    Learnt a new word. Gesundheit!

  3. Thank you for the pronunciation. I found the meaning at Wikipedia.

    I was referring to the watermark on your photos. What fonts did you use? Cool!

  4. thanks for the visit, returning the visit for MYM..

  5. The cheesecake sounds wonderful! Sometimes we do need to splurge. I did this weekend when I had Orange chicken from our favorite Chinese restaurant. I'm sure it had so many calories, but I've gone without it for about 6 months - and it was sooo good!
    Glad you had more rain - the flower is beautiful!

  6. I hear it all the time about the Christmas stuff--I try NOT to buy it, but it jumps in the buggy as I stroll by and then what can I do other than buy it? LOL

    We got our rain deficit down from 11 to maybe 8 or 9. I am so glad y'all are finally getting some and some cooler weather too!

    That cheesecake looks so good! I made a gluten free pumpkin cheesecake last week that was, surprisingly, wonderful!

  7. Thank you for those cute creations. Just signed up with Photobucket. Changed the background, otherwise cannot be seen with my black background.

    See that you changed your header again! Beautiful!

  8. the colors are so vibrant
    a gorgeous flower!!

  9. hi Annie..
    thanks for stopping by and leaving such a delightful comment!
    I see you live along the Gulf coast..I'm a native Pensacola,Floridian, have been in Denver since 2005! Long story..perhaps I will share one of these days..fairy tales do come true!!
    I am loving first, your header..gorgeous!
    next the Mexican Bird of Paradise bloom photo..
    I discovered these beauties in Las Vegas..became mesmerized by their stunning colorful beauty!
    I have scads of the photos..
    Funny story, picked mature seeds from bushes before leaving Vegas..just stuffed into my pockets on the way to the airport, heading home..unfortunately, they were still in my jeans when tossed into the wash..the rest is history.
    will try again next trip..
    were they hard to grow?
    finally..I like your blog..
    would love knowing more about you!
    say hello new follower!
    warmest sandy hugs..

  10. Praise for the rain!
    Hopefully you'll get more this week....some places recover when it snows but not your area, I don't suppose it snows there.
    Thanks for the treat and I love the photo in your header. You are so talented. I'm trying to figure out how to make a collage and add photos across the top. Right now I'm just too busy. We're off on Wednesday to the Mountains for a few days but I'm taking my computer. Hope we have access.
    Mama Bear

  11. Oh wow Anni, that flower is splendid!

  12. The flowers are beautiful, and that cheesecake made me drool!

  13. Oh Anni you are so bad showing us that lovely dessert!!! Yummy. I might need to do something like that to may my B feel better. We were supposed to head to the NC Mountains this week for the spectacular fall colors and to tour Biltmore. A nasty cold his him over the weekend so we've had to postpone the trip...planned since April bummer but then as Mama always said delays are for a reason.
    Hugs C

  14. My first time to see Mexican birds of paradise. It doesn't look like ours in the Philippines. And it is also very pretty. Happy Monday Anni.

    Farmers Market Galore

  15. Thanks Annie..
    Was planning to take the ripe dried pods home to Florida with me next month..and plant at my sister's house! they should do fine there..
    Right now.. pouring down rain with a mix,, temps dropping!
    beautiful colored leaves being washed away..
    So glad I managed time out yesterday for enjoying the gorgeous day in all it's glory!!
    am actually in FLANNELS and SOCKS..
    a true sign of winter's arrival at my house!

  16. Awesome blog Anni ~ Photo is perfect for MYM ~ Yep Awesome! ~~ thanks, namaste, Carol (linked with Mellow Yellow and Magical Monday)

  17. This tree is grown all over Malaysia and Singapore. I didn't know it's name.

  18. Anni, what a beautiful flower. Lovely photo. Happy MYM!

  19. That's a gorgeous Bird of Paradise and "from seed"--I'm impressed. Glad you got some rain-our water table is down 10 inches. Colder weather on the way for all of us-I'm not sure I'm ready for it. Loved your weekend "Funnies"-thanks. Have a great week. Mickie :)

  20. Such a vibrant flower. I've never heard of this flower but your shot was just wonderful.

  21. Love the vibrant colors in this photo!

    Happy MM

  22. beautiful flower, now i know what a mexican bird of paradise.

  23. what a gorgeous flower and planted from seeds! wow!

  24. Hi there - thats a great plant to have grown from seed - what splendid colours!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  25. Your Mexican Bird of Paradise is absolutely stunning! Gorgeous!!

    Oh sure, blame it on Canada to bring in the cold front! hehe We're just trying to do you a favour ya know, we know how hot it's been over there:-) Glad to hear you finally got some much needed rain as well. We've had more rain in the past week than we've had all summer.

    Your blackberry cheesecake looks so yummy, I'll be right over for a piece!! Hmmmm, bet it's all gone by now though! lol xoxo

  26. Beautiful flower and I love your signaure... :)

  27. That flower is spectacular!!


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