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Luck, be a lady today --

A sunrise walk along the beach recently resulted in this shadow find. I see a lucky seven!!! By the way, it was 7:07 on the camera date [which I cropped out]. Tell me, what do three sevens mean? Should I make a trip to Lost Wages? Nah.


I was thinking [it hurt!] about this summer and the storms that didn't come our way. It dawned on me that there were no hurricanes to hit the Gulf so far this year. And the odds are getting lower by the day. Tho the temps remain at record breaking highs [we've had 100 degrees still the past week, but a cold front is supposed to hit us this week], the Atlantic waters are cooling down and the dominate high pressure areas above us continue to be nearly stationary. Which is good for hurricane threats...bad for moisture. If I recall, the only two that were 'threats' were Nate...near the coast of Louisiana [and built up IN the Gulf near the shoreline so wasn't the damaging powerful kind that originate off Cape Verde on the west coast of Africa or out in the east Caribbean Sea. And then, the one, ummmmm, Irene!, that hit the Carolinas and trekking up to the New England states. Lots of flooding; but oh it could have been a catastrophe in the larger cities along the eastern USA borders if she were anywhere higher than a Category 2. I think we're lucking out this year. There is always next year. Yet, in the back of my mind, the devastating hurricane of 1900 in Galveston, Texas was in September, so it's always a possibility to have one come our way yet this season...hopefully, tho, since the peak of the season is past, it won't---you just never know; Mother Nature has a way of showing us who's boss. I'm keeping my hopes up to continue with the safe and steady stream flow of the Gulf for the next two months.

While I was sitting most of the week on my derriere [at the computer and crocheting frantically to finish my project for Irene], Bud took advantage of a clear morning to clean out the one corner of our yard. Tho the grass has been brown and spotty for the last few months from drought, the trees, shrubbery and weeds thrived. The pyracantha bush, the one with the lethal thorns, had grown up into a TREE...not the bush, but up INTO a tree [mingling into the tree branches] and a couple of the branches were jutting up in the sky....ABOVE the tree. Does that make any sense at all? Oh forget it, you'll understand if you look at the photo of Bud, and figure it out. LOL With scrapes and thorn pricks and splinters, he managed to clean it all out. I didn't know what he was up to, so concentrating on my work was I, that I failed to get a 'before' picture. But the results are astounding. Clean, and manicured looking. There is a lot more work to be done was one LONG, HOT, summer. And, much of the yard was so very neglected. [take a closer look - Bud's in the tree!!]. I know one thing tho, I will be sooooooooo glad to get back to normal weather. It's supposed to be only in the 80 degree range for a high ---we've had so many days the past month ---in the century mark without the heat index added in, and by now the morning lows should be in the low 60s. I told Bud, "If this keeps it up, we'll have to move back to Tucson! Desert air, so dry and arid, is expected there; not here!" I just got a dirty look and off to the beach we went. The salty seawater will heal his war wounds while battling the pyracantha bush...

Oh, and yesterday I began by sending Irene a text asking if she and the boys would be home next week. Also to the text I added "There's gonna be a guest at your doorstep in just a few days." Got her going....I'm thinking just about now, she's cleaning house; expecting me to be there for a visit!!! LOL...I can't wait to hear her surprise when she finds out it's gonna be a permanent guest...the afghan -the witch on her doorstep!!!


  1. Gosh, that is a lot of shrubbery to tame and a lot of work to do! Amazing that you saw that 7, I would have missed it. Seven is a high spiritual number, the number of perfection, and three is the Holy Spirit! So glad you have missed the bad weather,it seems there is some kind of natural disaster every month now.

  2. A lucky seven! that is my lucky number :) Oh, garden work, we have slowly started, also hoping for more normal temperatures around here too! happy Sunday!

  3. Way to go Anni!!! Great shot!


  4. Glad you've escaped hurricanes this year. You've certainly had heat and drought though. We had a freeze here last night and I'm sitting here feeling pretty chilly this morning. It's supposed to get much nicer this week though, with the temp maybe reaching 70.
    Love your message to Irene!

  5. Those three 7's are good here in the Casino aboard Freedom of the Seas. Since I don't see many 7's, I stay out of the casino. ;)

    I hope the hurricanes have all passed you by for the year.

    All the best from Port Canaveral,

  6. I've been looking all over for an afghan witch pattern for knitting and all I seem to find are for crocheting. Which would be fantastic IF I knew how to crochet. That is so confusing to me. All I can do is chain to infinity. LOL

    Hope y'all get those cooler temps. We finally did this weekend and it is glorious!

  7. Very observant of you! I probably would have interpreted the shadow as something else!


    Tell your shadow that you love her,
    Spurn your shadow, if you dare.
    Keep your shadow out of darkness,
    Keep her in the sun’s harsh glare!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Awash in Shadows

  8. wow those shrubs do have a way of thriving any kind of drought! I hear you on the thorns...I just pulled out my knockout rose bush because of the prickly thorns!

  9. Wow - it IS a 7!! I wouldn't have expected that shadow from that stick. I might make the trip to Vegas ;)

  10. Anonymous10/02/2011

    I can see him in the tree!
    In the 70's is perfect weather for me.
    All those sevens...there's a sign there. :)

  11. Hi Anni ... that shadow shot is the coolest one I have ever seen. Seriously. Glad things will be cooling down, and I hope that you don't get a big storm. It might be nice to have a year off from that business.

    Hope your week is fun,

    Kathy M.

  12. Love that lucky 7 shot!!! Great eye and a great catch!

  13. Well look at that, a shadow of a least go buy a lottery ticket! lol It's so amazing what one can find when looking at shadows:-)

    I'm sure it's a great stress reliever to know that the worst of hurricane season is now over. As you say, though, it can still happen so fingers crossed that it doesn't.

    I can't believe you're still getting such high temps. We've had quite a few mornings with heavy frost already and the last few days it's only gone in the 50's during the day. Autumn is definitely here in my little corner of the world.

    I had to enlarge the pictures to see Bud in the tree...yup, there he was! lol He did a great job but I don't envy him the scrapes and scratches!!

    LOL poor Irene, she'll certainly be very surprised when she finds the afghan and not you on her doorstep next week! hehe You are sneaky!!! Love it! lol xoxo

  14. Such a gorgeous shadow pattern! Love your header Anni.

    My shadow shot post, have a nice week ahead!

  15. Excellent and very nice shadow shot.

    Regards and best wishes