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Just 'round the riverbend......

  • I mentioned several times throughout that in the deep south of the coastal bend here in Texas, we DO experience seasonal changes. And we HAVE had snow before. Just nothing that lasts for weeks ---only about an hour or two; melting rapidly. But WE DO have some trees that change color. Thing is, our "Autumn" colors come in the dead of winter!---'Round mid-December. I also mentioned that I had photos in my computer's image was just taking the time finding them, and I did! These photos are taken a couple of years ago on a warm, sunny day in December of 2009. Along the banks of the Nueces River here near the outskirts of the city....

  • I read about a book I'm interested in finding....I like finding older books that are first edition. So, I'll be searching the online used book sellers and go to our Half Price Books in search. There are several out there on the very subject, so hopefully I can find the one I'm thinking of looking for..."The Voodoo Queen - a Novel" --about the real life voodoo priestess in New Orleans in the 1700s.

  • The beaches here are still a bit cluttered with dead sea life from the poisonous red tide. Bud and I went walking a bit this week; looking for Shadow Shots for my Sunday meme. Took several and will add them here for Sunday's post.

  • Oh boy...some residents of our town have staked claim to the city hall's grounds for Occupy Corpus Christi ["occupy Wall Street"]. I honestly didn't think it'd get this far south. LOL

  • Still, we are in a near 17" of rain deficit. Cold front moving in by next Thursday predicted tho, perhaps a LITTLE rain with it?

  • Speaking of sister who lives in Colorado was telling me about a big storm in my 'home' state ---80 degrees one day...freezing and snow the next. Some highways were closed. Tsk, tsk. Sure glad I don't have to contend with that any more. Oh and by the way, Texas Panhandle [Northwest Texas] got 4" of snow!!

  • Wrote a strong worded letter to our city's newspaper editor. The unfairness of a new utility tax [$70. increase] for road maintenance. While some have NO vehicles and other households have SEVERAL vehicles...we'd all pay the same increase?!! I don't think so. I'll let you know if my letter is published. hehehehe

    1. Your pictures are pretty, that is a strange time to get fall colors! Hope that red tide doesn't last too much longer, it is really creepy.

    2. I love the pictures! It's strange to think of that color coming in December. :)
      I guess that beats what Colorado is getting though!

    3. Once again those are beautiful Photos.
      I heard from my aunt in CO and she said that it is a mess there.
      I heard about the panhandle of TX getting snow and I was so surprised.
      Good luck with your letter by the way.
      Have a wonderful weekend.

    4. Occupy Corpus Christi ?? I thought that was called spring break?

    5. I was surprised at first by the reach of Occupy Wall Street, but I think people are really ready for something to change. It's interesting, I've been talking to my Mom about it and she remembers how this type of protest was what ultimately ended the Vietnam war. So, maybe we'll get some results, who knows?

    6. Happy Friday Anni,
      Oh we hope you get some much needed rain next week. Since yesterday our temps have dropped 30 degrees.....brrrr.
      It doesn't look as if our trees will be as pretty this fall as last...and the wind today is blowing lots off the trees.
      Hugs Madi and Mom

    7. here
      s a book you don't want to read.
      I like to report an anonymous comment that I have been getting on my blogs which is offensive to half the American population. I am not American, and is still very angry with it. I have deleted the comment on my blogs, and I wonder if you have received any. I won't bother to mention the name because that would promote him further.

    8. Hello Anni,
      Are you getting ready for Halloween night?? Got your pumpkin on? Going to Pea's party...
      Mama Bear

    9. Seasonal change is over rated. Living in Houston a long time ago. I enjoyed the winters there and the summers were not that worse than Oklahoma's.