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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Here some pink, there some pink...everywhere PINK

There are pink flags just about all across town for October's Breast Cancer Awareness. Even the marina downtown by the seawall is observing...with pink flags. Look over yonder, behind the pier the yachts' masts. They're along the boardwalk, tied to light poles, on the flagpoles in the marina's park, on shoreline restaurant buildings. Yep, everywhere you look----

And at the large mannequins. With ONE white...showing that ONE out of eight women [7 pink and 1 white mannequin] will contract breast cancer

OCTOBER IS Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

- - -

NOW FOR SOME hodgepodge

1. What gives you goosebumps? Cold air hehehehehe. Oh, and to regale a story that happened in our house 7 years ago. We had just moved in. Tired. Getting stuff organized and liveable. We had been in the house for 10 days [we took possession of the house 10/21 ---ten days --you do the math!!...dark, nighttime. Exhausted. Our Tahoe relocated with us, also, from Tucson. The widow that lived here before us...had died. And through the patio door blinds Tahoe was peeking outdoors. Quiet indoors. Quiet as a church mouse actually. Bud and I were just pooped, lazing around. The moon was shining like no other October moon I've ever seen....all of a sudden, a blood curdling growl reverberated the dark living room ---we thought the lady was haunting us. Talk about GOOSEBUMPS!!! After we unglued ourselves from the ceiling, we realized that Tahoe had seen a stray cat in the yard by the moonlight, and she did NOT like the intrusion so growl she did---not just a kitty growl, but a haunting growl....very ghostly-like. I will NEVER EVER forget that night.

2. Halloween-are you a lover or a hater? Okay, that sounds harsh...Halloween-yay or nay? Oh be still my's most definitely a YAY for me. In fact, Halloween is the entire month of October for this gal. Decorating that is. And I love seeing all the children in costume and being happy. In a friendly neighborhood. Altho, the history of Halloween is based on religions of the old world [read here] --society today has changed its meaning.
    ..."the customs connected with the day are remnants of the ancient religious beliefs and rituals, first of the Druids and then transcended amongst the Roman Christians who conquered them. "

3. Can you respect someone you do not trust, and can you trust someone you do not respect? Oh oh...I feel a blond attack comin' on. Say what? Let me re-read the question. Okay...I think I got it now. So, to clarify my answer before you read it; definition of RESPECT [1. To feel or show deferential regard for 2. To avoid violation of or interference with] To answer the first part...why, yes.....I respect someone I don't trust. And stay the heck away from him ---for instance a known sex offender. Or maybe someone following me ---I hafta respect the fact that I want to keep my distance. Now on to the second part ---That's pretty simple I think. No, I don't trust someone I can't respect. Did I get that right?!! Lordy. That was a mind bender question. Was it as good for you as it was for me?!?!!! Okay...moving on---

4. Apples or oranges? Yes, you have to choose. I'm gonna be a little diplomatic and answer this as straight as I can without winking....Here goes...Apples in Autumn. Oranges in Winter. Actually, the preference would be seasonal. If apples are in season....well, you get my gist then, right?

5. What is something you wish was in your town? (shop, restaurant, attraction, etc) Easy peasy....a ZOO!!! The closest one is in San Antonio.

6. What non-food item is in your refrigerator or freezer? Don't laugh. The answer is chicken bones. No...not a food item for me...Yep. And the reason they're in there is because we don't want them stinkin' up the trash container because of the high afternoon temps. We wait 'til our city's trash pick up day, then put 'em in to have 'em hauled away.

7. Are you at all superstitious? No. :::tossing a few grains of salt over my shoulder:::

8. Insert your own random thought here. I doubt whether we're going to get a big 'crop' of pecans from the tree this year. As I looked up the other day, watching two squirrels robbin' us ---I noticed how small the pecans are that are up there. I'm sure it's all because of the drought this summer; bummer. Oh, and I can't wait for Thanksgiving weekend this year. No cookin' for me. Yay.


  1. Pink is a powerful color!! We have several friends who are survivors.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  2. Miss Annie you have turned into a real pinkie!! LOL

  3. I love all the pink stuff out now, and have a hard time keeping my hands off it. I did buy a pink storage clipboard at Staples, though! I love the pink flags on the big manly ships, wonder if they would scare pirates away? Well, maybe all except Jack Sparrow. Not superstitious, wish my town had a zoo, too!

  4. The first picture is cool shot. Nice Anni...Happy WW!

  5. Beautiful shots.

    Hope you'd find time to visit my entries here and here.

  6. There are pink ribbons downtown, I have my examination scheduled for November, though :)

  7. #1 Sounds very scary !!! I have a friend who puts stuff that has gone bad in her freezer in the summer until trash day... I think it is a brilliant idea :) Thanks for the comment and I enjoy your site !!

  8. We occasionally hear unnatural animal sounds here too...we back up to woods full of bear, coyote, etc and sometimes someone gets upset : ) Your incident would have given me chills for sure.

    We've had the opposite problem here-too much water! I hate to think what the snow will be like. It's actually in the forecast for the weekend but I so hope that is WRONG!

  9. Excellent post. Love your shots :)

  10. I loved your answers. You had me going with the goosebumps story! You almost gave me goosebumps! LOL

    The pecans are beginning to fall around here, and they are bringing BIG DOLLARS at the market! Ours aren't ready yet. I hope the price stays high until ours get ready.

  11. Enjoyed stopping by from Hodgepodge today. Great answers and sounds like you are quite the "Halloween Gal." And, I love your Halloween blog header. Too cute! Blessings!

  12. I love the Halloween blog layout it's adorable.

    Sorry about the lack of pecans this year. I remember as a child yelling at the squirrels that were staling my pecans until my grandmother reminded me that they needed them more than I did. I still am not as good at sharing as she was.

  13. LOVE Halloween. Costumes are my thing and I wear them for any excuse!
    Quite a story about the cat!
    Happy Hootin' Halloween to you!

  14. I have to do all the cooking this year. But, since I usually don't, it should be ok. I just prefer spending the time chatting and laughing it up instead of cooking.

    Spooky number 1 tale!

  15. I enjoyed the history of Halloween hanks, that's what I mentione don my blog the part that I find fascinating..not the modernised version but isn't that the same with all festivals? Christmas/Easter etc ...interesting concept you have with the chicken bones...makes sense of course...Thanks for the visit


  16. I want to start by saying that I love the new header. You also come up with such cute headers.
    It took me awhile to catch up with you but I did enjoy it. I really loved the storm about Tahoe.
    I think I would have been on the ceiling also.

  17. LOL, chicken bones, but I fully get the logic.

  18. Funny I had to keep re-reading question #3 too! Having a blond-attack. Your blog is cute!

  19. cute your blog

  20. Your answer to #1 was a fun read ... however, it took me a while to realize that the Tahoe was NOT a vehicle but a CAT ... ok, I'm a little slow sometimes.

  21. Yay for Pink! You got some great shots Anni.

    There is nothing like the screeching of a cat when it sees an intuder! I'll bet that did scare the bejeebus out of you. It does me when my cat does it.

    I love Halloween! I've got everything all decorated and ready for the trick or treaters come Monday night!

  22. I think its great that it is pink everywhere!