Friday Fragments - cost of book printing too.

A week's worth of Fragmented thoughts and happenin's!!

  • Just about 30 miles northeast of us yesterday morning....7:30 something....a 4.8 earthquake hit. I never felt a thing, tho. And I didn't notice any shakin' goin' on. Hmmmmmm, that's what I call having numb-butt.

  • Well, the Texas Rangers are in the world series again. Bah, Humbug. I was rootin' for the Tigers. Oh well. Then, the St. Louis Cardinals are pitted against them since they beat the Brewers last Sunday night. My money is on the Cardinals.

  • Better weather, last!! Me thinks the everlasting inferno has ceased for the year. Temps are back to normal.

  • Rec'd a travel pamphlet in snail mail the other day...maybe a long weekend trip for us soon. This is the best time of year to go somewhere - cooler temps, Hurricane Season is about vanished 'cause the Gulf water temps are below 80 degrees.

  • I'm thinking of swearing off following all politicking this upcoming presidential campaign goodness; seems the mudslinging begins earlier and earlier each go 'round!! And I get so tired of that. Besides, the economy isn't brought on by this president...and the help, or lack there of, and assistance he should be getting from Congress is nil. I'm more inclined to follow who's running for CONGRESS this time around...I want 'em ALL voted out. LOL Oh heck, me swearing off politics?! That'll be the day.

  • Ms. P@lin announced she isn't going to jump into any presidential campaign...Phew!! Of course not...she's making a helluva lot more money where she's at right now. Right? And no, my two comments should not be considered Anni's mudslinging...I think I speak the truth here on Congress and P@lin making more money. And we have McCain to thank for that....<- now that is mudslinging!!!

  • Just as the weather finally gets comfortable outdoors, and the idea of walking and beach combing...the RED TIDE [link] is here for a while. It's poisonous to sea life, can be dangerous for humans to breathe if their immune system is weak. What next? Snow in the sub-tropics this winter? FYI - 'red tide' is a whole concentrated slew of blooming algae-toxic, and considered an environmental hazard. photo courtesy of Google Photos

  • Thought I'd add a few views of other sections of my Genealogy book pages. This is of the Ancestral Photos and Documents section plus the style of how I did the Pedigree Files [all with WOMEN first - then their husbands below them.]

    THE FOLLOWING TWO are of Tombstones. The one on the right [she died in 1877! - was daughter in law of the one on the left] is the one I mentioned on my Sunday's Summary --this one was vandalized -broken off from the top, and eventually partially buried. The volunteer to help me, dug it loose and flipped it over and cleaned it off to photograph it for me!!! The one on the left is of a Gggg Grandfather [he was born in 1776 in Ireland -date of death 1842].

    The next two shows you I have faces and pedigree files. The one on the left is a Great Grandfather at age 16, the one on the right is my version of a pedigree file. Notice the dates -1500s and 1600s!!! All four images can be enlarged to read better and will open in a new window...

  • Last one shows how I scanned and added certificates. The image is a Great great Grandfather's Marriage Certificate/Record from Paris France circa 1828. This is where learning foreign languages [I can speak Spanish, a little bit of French and German and thanks to my online friend, Mutti, a minimal amount of Danish] ---reading these is much easier than speaking. At least for me. Also, it too can be enlarged to view better...

  • I did some shopping around for printing of my genealogy book. My best bet would be Office Depot. They'll print it from my PDF file/disc...all 337 pages plus laminating the front cover and back cover - each file on ONE page instead of one file on one page and on the reverse side, another file. I wanted each page on ONE page without anything printed on the back side ---punching for 'lay flat' book [no casebook binding] and a comb binder. The whole sum total of all that work will be $35.83 [tax is included]. I think that is VERY reasonable; especially getting it indexed together as I want!! No timestamp, no date stamp and no two sided page printing. They can do it online for me and I'd pay a delivery fee. Or I can go to the shop and have it printed as I wait...she told me it'd take about 30 to 45 minutes to get it all printed and put together. I'm sure I'll go to the store in person. To supervise. LOL

  • TODAY marks the 7th year since we relocated from the desert Southwest to the Coastal Bend of Texas. 7 years already!

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    1. An earthquake - hope there was no damage! I love the files you shared. You're doing a great job. It'll be a treasure when you're done!

    2. If you are in Texas, why wouldn't you pull for the Rangers? They are a good team and although I wanted to see the Tigers win too, I'm for Texas over St. Louis.

      Stopping by from FF.

    3. Karen...Yep, don't care for the Rangers' team. I root for Astros!!! LOL

    4. Hot only are you a fabulous photographer, your writing is wonderful to read. I envy your perseverance with the family history. Mine is still upstairs in a mess. I have got to get back to it before I gorget even more of what I learned. Take care and thanks for your continued comments on my site. genie

    5. Always love your commentary on EVERYTHING! Politics-the never ending saga of the ruining of America. Sometimes you do want to "throw up your hands and step away", but that's the worst thing we can do--gotta keep working and voting for a better way of doing things! Red tide--doesn't sound like something I want to be swimming in. Have a great week, Annie. Mickie :)

    6. Ah, politics, yuck!! I will happily blame the president for not signing things he could have and for holding things hostage during budget debates.

      I love doing geneology!! My father has a book for us and mom has journals from her family. I need to take some german so I can read them ;-) Where did you start looking? Do you think that is a decent place to join?

    7. A lot of thoughts rambling in your head there - have a good weekend. I am enjoying the cooler weather too. sandie

    8. Hi there. Thanks for stopping by Cozy Blanket and the sweet comments. Your blog is so interesting. I agree about the politics. My husband and I disagree, which doesn't help. Glad someone shares what I feel.
      I am sure you are a bit dissapointed about not feeling the quake. We had a little one in Ohio this summer and I didn't feel a thing.
      I don't like the red tide.......not a good thing.
      I would love to live near a coast somewhere.

    9. Morning Anni...your genealogy book has is long have you bee collecting all the records? Office Deopt's price is excellent your family is very lucky to have someone with your endurance, know how and ability to tackle this project.
      Hugs C

    10. In Belgium we still have no government and it's now almost 1 1/2 year ! Everything goes smooth and nobody misses it. There are so many jokes going around. We broke the world record "in no government countries" ! Maybe that would help you too.

    11. Gosh, that red tide looks AWFUL!!! It looks like blood!! I couldn't figure out what it was from the link, but then you told me just what I wanted to know about it! Do you live near it? Your genealogy book is so NICE!! You really did it up well, and the cost is really unbelievable!! We live among lots of Staples, but Office Depots are few and far between. So where will you be going for vacation?

    12. Yeah - cheering for the Cardinals here too (of course!) ... and you just cracked me up with your LACK OF politickin' ... or whatever. ;)

      LOVE geneology - that's great you're working on yours (old pics are so interesting!!). I have been one to collect a lot from our families as well because no one else seems interested except me :( perhaps one day I can work on putting all our information in bound-form as well. It's a great idea. So far, our kids are curious, so it would be nice to "pass down".

    13. I'm actually a bit excited that you picked the St Louis Cardinals! I'm praying you are right, but after last night....they were weak. I hope they find their drive and hit some balls tomorrow!!

    14. It's always a good thing when you can't feel an earthquake! lol No doubt you're relieved to have all that hot weather over with. It's 41F here right now with high winds and rain in the forecast...perfect day to stay inside and blog by the fireplace:-)

      I stay as far away as I can from any politicking, you know my views on politicians! lol As you say, it's not just the top person that should get blamed, it's the whole senate/congress that is to blame. It's the same thing here in Canada.

      I'd heard of the Red Tide but it's the first time I see a picture of it. The water does get red, doesn't it!!

      You did wonderfully putting together your genealogy and can well imagine how thrilling it will be to see it in book form. I find it all so fascinating. I wish I could find pictures of some of my ancestors, especially my mom's grandparents who are buried on St. Joseph Island which I went to visit last month. Mom doesn't have any and has no idea who would have any. The sad part is that all of her older siblings are now all gone so if they had any pictures, God only knows where they are. I guess I need to get in touch with long lost cousins!! xoxo

    15. I know what you mean about the mudslinging. It's ridiculous. Not all of us are as stupid as the politicians think we are. And I don't think it's mudslinging when you're speaking truth, is it? LOL Besides, I think Sarah P is the spawn of Satan. Is that mudslinging? :)

      I am in awe of all your hard work on the genealogy! A true labor of love! Will you be printing out copies for family members? I'm thinking that would take care of Christmas presents for the next quarter century at least. LOL

    16. Great to meet you! My grandmother is our genealogist in the family - she's also our writer... We've had small earthquakes here too, and I've completely missed them too... I guess I'm used to being off balance :)
      Happy FF

    17. Very interesting. You sure did your homework on that one didn't you? I'm from Friday Follow over at Java's and I'm your newest follower. Very nice to meet you. Now if I may ask a favor, please stop by & check out my 2 CD give-away and help me with the statistics to bring to one of the top agents in LA. I’m bring him all my blog information on how I advertise, all the CD’s that I have cut with Lone Star & pictures. Thanks & pass the word.

    18. 337 pages for that price sounds good to me.
      Did not know you had this red tide mess in Texas. What happened to don't mess with Texas?
      I avoid politics in my blog but I'll certainly talk about it with relatives and friends. You are right about the economy and politicians - they take credit when it's good and pass the blame when it's bad. How do they get away with having the situation always favorable for them?

    19. What an interesting blog you have - I recently reviewed an article on the effect of the red tide on tourism. It was facinating.

      ...thanks for stopping by my Friday fragments.

    20. we had an earthquake once 400 miles...and every thing shook! its just not a good feeling!

      coming from skywatch, My Third Eye

    21. Your take on Palin is hysterical. Loved the drunk beating the crap outta a ghost. Hope life is great. Miss you at Stealing. :)


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