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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

A fragmented tale...or tales...or just notes:


  • First, I went out looking for a meme to do for Friday. I've tried several, but really none were my 'cup of tea' so to speak.

  • Then, in my Google search, I came upon this blog [link]...listing tons of Friday memes for us meme addicts. One caught my curiosity, so I'll try it out.

  • It's called FRIDAY FRAGMENTS

  • It's still a tinder box here in the Coastal Bend. Just Wednesday, we woke up to smoke drifting overhead!! Yep, another grass fire. This time, on Mustang Island. Luckily the fire burned itself out; no houses threatened. Supposedly it started by a cigarette carelessly thrown out someone's car window!!

  • Looking through the upcoming movies coming soon. A couple fascinate me...The Raven [release to theater a long time coming --March 2012!! *about E. A. Poe and a murder mystery*]

    the other is Anonymous [about Shakespeare and the secret identity of who REALLY wrote the Works of Shakespeare].

  • Steven Jobs? Dead at 56? Sad!

  • Genealogy PDF file update...going smoothly

  • LET THE SPOOKTACULAR SUNSHINE IN!! (tabletop spider and candles)

  • THOUGHT: Even if this meme isn't often active, I like the just may continue with it.

  • MORE TO COME WHEN I SUM UP THE WEEK on Sunday's Summary!!


    1. That's a scary spider and candle centerpiece you have! The fires must be very nerve wracking, I hope they don't come to close to you. So sad about Steve Jobs, he was a real visionary, I hope Apple will maintain their standards now.

    2. Hey, welcome to Friday Fragments (that's how I found your blog). Those brush fires are scary--people can be so careless sometimes!

      Steven Jobs' death was a shock! Very sad indeed.

    3. Hello! Welcome to FF! We are a small group (20 to 30 links per week, on average) that's been at it 166 weeks in a row, so you're welcome any time. It's nice to have you :) Love your Sunday Summary idea--might have something for that one this weekend.

      How in the world can people be dumb enough to throw cigarettes out their windows under such conditions?!

      We are big fans of Halloween around here, too. Guess I'd better get decorating! Have a great weekend.

    4. Hi, "fellow-Annie",
      Enjoyed your linking up this week.

      Maybe the work of Steve Jobs will stimulate some other forward thinking person to invent. Like I need more technology to be ignorant about!

      Keep on Hootin'. I'll visit again.

    5. We have been having lots of fires here but last night we got 5 inches of rain so that should help.
      It will however slow down harvest for some.
      I love your spider.
      Have a great weekend.

    6. Just read your comment on my blog, Tuesdays with Jesus...that "couple" in the picture was my husband and I. Married 20 years and loving it!! Thanks for reading and commenting!

    7. Fires, fires and more fires! Whilst the east coast this summer was drenched. We finally got rain here this sweek during Balloon Fiesta. I'm happy to have it no matter what!
      More memes....hmmmmm-dangerous!

    8. Hi Anni,

      Cool! I think that I have been doing a similar thing on my own when I find myself with a bunch of odds and ends and call it This and That (whatever the day is). I do miss you over at BBF; your stories are great.

      Have you checked out for self-publishing yet? Maybe you are almost done by now, but just in case.

      Glad that fire is out and that nobody got hurt.

      Hope your weekend is fun,

      Kathy M.

    9. So sorry about the fire...they can be scary! It's so stinkin' dry here in the Ozarks. Lot's of dry leaves that would go up in a flash. We're under a burn ban 'round here.

      God bless ya and have a 'spooKtacular' weekend sweetie!!! :o)

    10. thanks for checking out my FF post. I'm thinking you change your blog theme for the season. I like your witch graphic - your own creation?

    11. Happy Friday Anni
      Every post you do is fantastic!!
      Apple store in the local mall is posting han written notes in memory of Mr. Jobs on the store windows. Folks are leaving bouquets and apples at the door way.....
      Hugs C

    12. Well, I somehow missed the movie trailers last night when I commented! Did you just add them? I'm so glad I came back and watched. We love Poe, and I have done several posts on him and been to his dorm room at U.V.A. And also his house in Richmond. I have seen most of the movies that were made from his stories, lots featuring Vincent Price. But I had not heard of "The Raven"! I loved watching this, it looks good. But the when they said it is coming soon, NOT!

    13. Very interesting ~ enjoyed!!!

    14. Happy Friday! Glad you linked up today! So sad about the fires and other careless actions. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    15. Just came up for 'air' ~ Gad, blogging takes time~ thanks for coming by my blog (Share the Creative Journey) with you wonderful comments ~ hugs and namaste, Carol ~ Wow! You have such variety on your blog ~ Busy Lady! and Creative!

    16. i love doing friday fragments. it's a nice way to unload after a long week. so welcome!!

      you would think by now that people would stop tossing their ciggy butts out the windows!! it irritates me so much :-(

    17. Hi,
      It is nice to meet you! I am visiting and following from Friday Fragments. It was my first meme ever and will always be my favorite. I hope you will join us again. Some weeks are busier than others but it is a very loyal and friendly group.
      How sad that someone so careless put so many people and so much property in danger. I am glad it ended well for you.