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Cooler days...finally!!

No, I don't have the days confused, I'm just gonna be too busy for any Saturday meme-ing, and I prepared for publishing my Sunday Shadow and Summary, so I thought I'd just go ahead and post this post this morning instead of waiting. I know for a fact that Inquiring Minds Wanna Know! [oh....who am I kidding!?!!] Anyway, we got about a three minute rain earlier this morning at Dark O'thirty, and I had to get up and unplug some of the electronics because of the lightening. Worked on this in the meantime. Oh, and we're supposed to get MORE RAIN between now and Thursday of next week. Yea!! But, I'm not gonna get my hopes up. I'll believe it when I see it!


Yachts/shrimp boats.


Bud and I ventured out to ship Irene's package on Monday. Over the weekend last, I decorated the house for Halloween...guess what's going to be posted on my blog a lot? Take a wild guess. Sad thing is, there aren't too many new items in the stores lately. I'm thinking it has a lot to do with the economy and probably a disinterest in Halloween because of the cost of things. But, I prevail, and keep looking for something new and different. The other day, just to get out and walk some, I went to Marshalls and bought a cute little soft sculptured witch. They also had a couple life-sized witches all decked out in black glory!! I have no room to store something THAT size. My little witch... She's only about 7 or 8 inches and dressed in black velvet. Remember the new witch's boot I found at Cracker Barrel last year? [link] I think it was last Friday or Saturday when I went out to stock up on groceries for the first time in weeks...I naturally had to go check out the Halloween stuff on their shelves. And lo and behold, I found a matching witch's hat...done up the same way as the boot!! Orange satin and black lace!! Whoa. Sweet. Our witch's clock that cackles and meows on the hour is driving us bananas. Scares the heck out of us!-until we get used to it again. LOL We've had some pleasant mornings lately. Haven't had to run the air conditioner but in the afternoon hours! That's good. Finally, the power bill will go back to 'normal'!! In the meantime, during the cooler morning hours, Bud and I have been out working in the yard. It's like cleaning up from winter October. While Bud was trimming out the wild growth behind the rose flower box, I sawed and removed a lot of overgrowth in the Bird of Paradise plant. It too went hog wild over the blossoms, just a lot of new stuff sprouting where it shouldn't be. When the neighbor goes to work sometime this week, we both want to get out and trim the gardenia [the guy next door always parks in the shade of our gardenia, and we don't want any branches falling on his new truck...LOL]. Anyway, we had a barrel loaded for the refuse truck. Oh and we had to stop by the Halloween Store that's in a huge rented building just for the month of October. Not much there this's all repetitive from last year. {{{sigh}}} I've been busy when I'm indoors working on my new-found talent of making PDF files from the genealogy blog. Quite fun actually, and I'm happy to say it's working how I had planned all along. I've completed about 125 pages out of 340+ so, there are a lot of hours of work to go yet. All week long before the package arrived on Irene's doorstep, I've had a bit of fun with her and texting her. At one point, when I told her "The Ol' Lady'll be on your doorstep by Wednesday...and she's bringing the black cat with her" ---I just KNEW that would throw a loop in her psyche!! I'm mean that way. She even called me after that text from work. I can't tell a lie, so I just told her that "It's been so long since I've flown anywhere, I probably have forgotten what air turbulence is like." Well, it's true! The last time I flew anywhere on a commercial jet was about 6 years ago. Needless to say, she was beside herself trying to figure out just why mom would be coming to her house; with a cat being toted!!! Confusion set in...and giggles went out on our side of the phone. Poor kid! I swear, I didn't lie to her. No sirree. Irene just read more into the messages than what was written. And I'm more than sure she'll get even somehow. The fun part is the anticipation as to when she'll get her fun in by reciprocating. [the photo on the left is of Irene and her Halloween gift...she looks tired! Stretch out on the sofa, and take a nap. Let that "Ol' Lady and her black cat" keep y'company and comfort your weary bones] The last ditty...what gives? No Yankees in the championship D'Backs either. So much for my theory. Now who to cheer on? Don't care for ANY team that're playing for the pennants this year. Geez. Oh, I DO LIKE "papa grandé" -- the closer for the Tigers. I've liked him ever since he began his American career with the D'Backs and traded to the Astros then traded to the Detroit team. Never EVER figure out why those two teams traded him tho. He had "possibilites" as the old saying goes. So, Ya...GO TIGERS and José Valverde...stomp some Texas butt right on into the World Series!!


  1. You are too funny! Pay backs from the "old lady" routine could be severe; watch your back.

    Darryl and Ruth :)

  2. You do have Fun don't U!!! LOL
    PDF files...something I want to learn!!!!

  3. Too much fun! I can't wait to hear what she does to get your back!

  4. Love your shadow shot and the criss cross lines! Yes, I have been noticing that there are the same seasonal things in the stores every year! Including just gets so repetitive, is kind of a downer. And they put them all out so early now that they barely get rid of them on clearance when it seems the same things ate back again! You must be very talented to have made that afghan, it looks perfect! Oh that clock would scare me to death, does it do that all night, too? I can't even sleep at night with a regular chiming clock going off every hour.

  5. I can imagine zooming down that ramp...oh, wait! It's not made for zooming, but for gently rolling. Ah, well...


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    Shadows like houses built with red bricks;

    Shadows much taller than a high wall—
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  6. love that shadow shot - so many stripes and angles...

  7. Fun post and great shadow shots for the day, Anni! Hope your weekend is off to a great start! Enjoy!


  8. I like your shadow shot very much.

    Regards and best wishes

  9. WTG Anni it is so hard to pull one over on the adult children. I'm very proud of you and your sneaky ways for getting Irene's goat!! Too funny. I wonder if she was so sure you were coming she gave the house a thorough cleaning. LOL
    Lovely pic of Irene and her Halloween Afghan....what a treasure!!
    Hugs and LOLs

  10. Positive thoughts and prayers for Erik to accomplish his life long dream!!
    Hugs C

  11. As a wheelchair traveler, I appreciate the solid and beautiful ramps to the dock. The shadows are beautiful, too. The functional style of the ramp and a strong Lone Star sun add a real artistry to the shadow.

    Detroit beat the NY Yankees - since I like the Sawx, I guess anybody that defeated the NYY is fine with me. Although, you gotta love Texas native Nolan Ryan, a great owner who does not coddle pitchers nor have them pulled only after six innings. So, may the best AL team win. Watch St Louis in the WS - they seem to peak at the right time of the year (October)...hope the rain for you is real this time!

  12. I've noticed too that the Halloween sTuff seems to be the same old stuff. I did get some ceramic type pumpkins that are pretty for my new room but that's about it. I'd like together to Home Goods but it's two hours away from my little town.

    you're brave, can'T wait to hear what she does back! we had some pretty rough turbulence on our way down here to Florida last night. yikes! Hang on Sloopy!It has poured all day and is supposed to all week. Oh well, we will have fun anyhow!

  13. you want rain? Come to Oregon! ~:-)

  14. Hi Anni! I sure hope you get your rain as promised. I'd send you some from here if I could ;0). I love the way your ShadowShot shadows all criss cross. Very neat! Happy SSS.

  15. You're so funny, Anni. And mean, but Irene is probably used to you. LOL
    Yes, the baseball finals. Who knew? We aren't all that terribly interested now, either, since ex-Blue Jay Roy "Doc" Halliday's Phillies were eliminated by his best friend and also ex-Blue Jay pitcher Chris Carpenter and the Cardinals.
    Still, I'm always glad when the Yankees aren't in the mix.
    I probably won't be decorating for Hallowe'en, either. I only ever do one window, anyway, but I figure if I have energy I should save it for laundry or something else equally fun.
    I love your shadow shots at the seawall.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  16. I really, really, really love the patterns cast by the rails for the wheel chair ramps!
    Looks like Halloween is done up big time at your place (you think?)!

    : )

  17. all those lines and angles are wonderful!!

  18. A very nice crisscross of shadows on that ramp.

  19. We have been getting those 3 minute little rains..(we are grateful for every drop, tho) and sure hoping we get more. Glad you got a little bit, too.

    Love your shadow shot...:)

  20. No matter when you post, you still have a very enjoyable and interesting things to share.

  21. Anonymous10/09/2011

    Yes, yay for a regular electric bill!
    Great shadow for today.

  22. I love your shadow entry. here too is getting colder. Hope you will have a fun weekend

  23. Y'all are like us- we like to do thing like that too! It keeps us laughing and laughter is just what everyone needs! Maybe there aren't many new things for Halloween because you've bought them all? LOL

    Glad it's cooler and hope more rain really does come your way!

  24. Annie, My, my, you have been busy. Hope you get more than a 3 minute rain next time. It has drizzled here for the last 2 days, and it is a true joy to see it coming down!! I look forward to seeing more of your Halloween decorations--there are so many "cute" things out there these days. Have a terrific week. Mickie :)

  25. Love the afghan, Anni
    Reading this made me want to go to Cracker Barrell and shop.
    Thanks for the treats. I look forward to them each year.
    Mama Bear