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I guess the migrating season has started already? Guess so. Afterall, it IS nearing mid-September. Doesn't feel like September here tho, yesterday a record breaking high of 100 degrees. Hot and dry here. So, what's new with that? But, the hummingbirds are in the yard like there was no tomorrow!! I have been having to fill the feeders [ I have two ] each day now for the last week or so. We've also had an influx of Baltimore Orioles [ I have some pretty good photos of them also, through the window 'cause they're skittish when it comes to someone outdoors ]. Keeps me busy mixing the water/sugar mixture. I's like the word is out: "Hey...have you tried the new restaurant in town?" "No, where?" "Follow me!!!" ---and they show up....

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  1. I just love humming birds! We have a few around our house. They are attracted to our red patio umbrella.

  2. Awesome photos for Ruby Tuesday ~ thanks,thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor)

  3. We have also had a burst of humming birds...I love to watch them fight over the feeders. They are the only birds we are seeing lately...wondering where they all went...did they fly south for the winter already??? It seems too early for that!! Hope it's not a sign of a cold hard winter...brrrrrrr!!!!

  4. Wow Anni what great shots of the hummingbirds... they are so hard to take a picture of!

  5. Wonderful shots of the hummers. I love trying to catch them in action, though it has to be somewhere other than here at our house. Glad you're keeping them hydrated and happy!

    I finally got the family reunion post done - I know you're really busy on your project, but sure miss seeing you around here - it's not the same when we're used to your words every day! But what a great project you're working on.

    Hope it cools off for you and you get some moisture soon! We're praying for Texas and Oklahoma!

  6. Thats a lotta hummers! We have a few here and there. Hope it cools off soon.

  7. Anni, these are excellent pictures! Too funny, I didn't ever stop and think about how you made the stuff in hummingbird feeders. And, they come eat without the red food coloring don't they? Mine feeder is empty, I think I'll go and fill it.

    I hope that it cools down for you soon.

    Hope your week is great,

    Kathy M.

  8. Gorgeous shots of these little hummingbirds - sorry I haven`t been to visit in a while...I`ll be making up for it. Hope you are well.

  9. these are wonderful shots
    the movement is amazing
    I love these busy little critters

  10. aw...they look so pretty! you took very good shots of them. happy rT!

  11. Lovely photo's! I that water in your feeder? We make a mixture of sugar, water and red food colouring - the little weavers at home LOVE it!

  12. Adorable ! and I have only seen them in a zoo ! You are lucky to have them in your yard !

  13. Those are such wonderful photos. I love to watch those lil guys and that wing motion is amazing.
    We were hot here the couple of days again, but on Thursday there are calling for a change of frost.

  14. Anni, good afternoon. Love the photos of the hummers. Great shots.

    Stop by the Writing Nook if you have time and find out what Brandon has been up to. LOL


  15. OH MY STARS look at all your hummers fillin gup their tanks on hi test for the trip south.
    Beautiful photos.
    We hope you like our TTS this week....very seasonal for sure...
    Hugs Madi

  16. Love the photos....we have one feeder and our neighbor two...its funny watching the same Hummer guard both feeders from high in the Pine tree on a dead limb...Still in the 90s here in the daytime...come on 70s weather...I'm afraid we might not have much of a Autumn.
    I like your header....and thanks for the comments about the crafts on my post last week.
    Mama Bear

  17. I love humming birds! I have only seen a few up here in PA. We left those high temps (AZ) two years ago. I am enjoying the change of seasons once again after 26 years. I am praying though for rains to come to TX. Blessings,

  18. Wonderful shots! Happy RT.

    Mine's here.

  19. Hmm, great set of images! :)

  20. I've been hearing the geese fly by every night around 8:30 p.m. so they're heading south. Our hummingbirds have just left, haven't seen one for a few days now...I think they all went to your place! lol Love all the pictures you got of them. I've only ever seen 2 at a time at our feeders, never 3 or 4. Today it only went up to 54F but it's a welcome change from the hot and humid temps we were having the last few days. Nothing as hot as you, though, gosh I can't even imagine 100 at ANY time! lol xoxo

  21. Such pretty little things! I have got to get a hummingbird feeder!

  22. OMG four hummingbirds that is awesome!! Love it!

    Ruby Red Tuesday

  23. Good grief! They're as thick as flies!


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    No colors have I but yellow and red.

    Please take what I give as tokens of peace:
    And with these small gifts may your joy increase!

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    Sky Splashed with Red

  24. I can feel the breeze as the humming birds flutter their wings.

  25. Terrific shots, love the ones in hover mode.

  26. They really are swarming around that feeder. I hope they're not suffering from the heat. I can't believe it's been so hot so long where you are. I hope it cools down SOON! We are going through our usual Indian summer. Can't wait for fall to set in. Enjoy the day.

  27. Oh Anni, those are great shots of the feeder action. It sounds like your yard is a very busy place these days.

  28. Wow! I love hummingbirds. How great to see so many in one place ~

  29. I loved watching the Hummingbirds while in Utah, I have never seen them before, they are so tiny.
    Well captured from your photos.

  30. Very nice shots.

    Regards and best wishes