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I wanna go back someday real soon. The food, oh the food....divine. Anyplace, anywhere. You can find the best food... on the delta. What better place to experience the good life than in the "Big Easy"? Some would probably know that we're just a hop, skip, and a jump from Cajun Country. First, let's talk a bit on pronouncing some of the items you'd N'awlins!! [New Orleans]. For instance, here in our household we call the delectable, nutty treat filled with pecans, caramel and chocolate...PRAY-leens. By the way, the nuts: [I say pah CAWN, Bud says pee CAN] But, if I travel a few hours just northeast of here around the BY yous and the Miss e sip'd be PRAW leens instead of pray-leens. Muffulettas [a super sized sandwich that is heeped with cheeses and cold cut meats] - I call 'em muff a LET tahs. In the Big Easy they're Moo fa LOTTAs. Honestly, I dare you to eat just one. They're humongous. A gris gris. That's French which is spoken all around the city [it's gree gree and it's a VOODOO charm]. Oh and the best one I ever heard, there is an expression they use....HI RISE. No, not a building. It's anything above sea level --------okay, I'm kidding. But truth be told it's the interstate highway system. The hi rise.

Now that I have you in the spirit of things. Let's talk the talk of what the city is famous for. No, not the Mardi Gras [MAR dee GRAW], or the French Quarter...but let's talk food. So many mixed cultures there!! So much good food! There is one that I've not tried making myself, but will attempt it someday. I've been craving it so often here of late; and that's Cherry Bread Pudding. My aunt [her husband was from Louisiana] could cook bread pudding to perfection. But this, this tasty treat is to 'die for' good.

[not my recipe...but, I've got it copied and printed out for future use]

According to this site [link]:
"This is a recipe that is gar-run-teed to send you into Cajun Heaven!"

    Ingredients :

    1 egg white
    1 cup skim milk
    2 tsp Sugar Twin artificial sweetner or equivalent
    1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
    about a handful of crushed walnuts to taste
    1 cup stale French bread broken into 1/2 inch pieces
    1/2 cup water packed tart red cherries, pitted and drained
    1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
    1 tablespoon raisins

    Rum Sauce Ingredients

    1/4 cup skim milk
    1/2 tsp cornstarch
    1 tablespoon rum extract
    2 tsp Sugar Twin artificial sweetener or equivalent


    Preheat oven to 350 F
    Beat the egg white with the skim milk, sweetener, and cinnamon
    Add the bread to the liquid mixture to soak for 1 minute
    Add the remaining ingredients except the sauce and pour into a small baking dish. Bake for 30 minutes, or until a knife inserted in the center comes out clean. Make the Rum Sauce: Blend the cornstarch with the skim milk. Heat, stirring gently until it thickens. Add the Run Extract and Sweetener. Spoon the hot Bread Pudding into custard cups or onto dessert plates,
    Top with the Rum Sauce, and ... Enjoy!

Since tomorrow will be a very busy day for me...I need to buy groceries since I've not gone out much the last few weeks working on the computer most of the day, and then I need to unpack my Halloween Witches and get to decorating the house. So, I added the 4th annual treat handout today instead of on tomorrow's blogging.

photo of pudding borrowed from Google search


  1. Wow, this looks so yummy! I haven't tried making pudding. I am totally try your recipe. Thanks for visiting A Slice of Kate.

  2. I love love bread pudding:...this recipe sounds to die for. I am printing if off now for future use. thanx for the Trick or Treat, you are so talented. BTW I just started a new meme today..."Fridays Fences"...hope you will join in!

  3. That looks really delicious! Thanks for visiting my FTF entry!

  4. Yum! Looks really good. I love the new header too!

  5. Hi Anni, oh my, that bread pudding looks so good! I was in New Orleans in 1999 and I loved it; I want to go back sometime and take my Cary with me. I was devastated when it flooded. My ex and I stayed in the French Quarter for a week and my only regret is not having a digital camera.

    The only thing that they didn't have that I missed was "good" coffee, like Starbucks or espresso stands. I wonder if that has changed?

    Thanks for stopping by to see me, and I LOVE your new background and header.

    Take care,

    Kathy M.

  6. oh, my! this is sinful....yummmmmmmmmmmmmy!

  7. Oh, lordy! Another sweet temptation - and lookie, the recipe, too! I guess someone's going to be busy in the kitchen sometime soon.

  8. really mouth watering! drools...visiting from FTF!

  9. Oh my gosh Anni I gained 5 lbs reading your post. Have fun tomorrow I know how much you enjoy this time of year..
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  10. I LOVE your adorable October header!!! And thanks for the language lesson, REALLY interesting! I know some of it, but not about the different ways to say muffeleta. You make it simple and easy to read!!! I have had one kind of New Orleans food, after years of wanting to try them. Beignets!!! Well, I just know I'm spelling it wrong, but you know what they are. I am sure that they were not original or as good as the ones in New Orleans, though. Because one was at an Italian restaurant, the other at one with Southern California cuisine! Still, it gave me an idea of the taste! Hope you have a fun and productive weekend! I LOVED this post!

  11. Oh my Anni you do know how to make a person drool.
    I love the new header and background you are so talented.
    I would like to visit New Orleans someday.
    I love bread pudding and I am going to try this.

  12. first is, the header caught me.. it reminds me of nearing halloween..
    next is, the recipe. i want to try that in the future too.. looks heaven, really!. :)

  13. You are definitely ready for Halloween. I WILL be baking cherry bread pudding with rum sauce in the next few days--that looks like it is "to die for". Thanks for the recipe. Have a great weekend. Mickie ;)

  14. Cajun heaven, indeed! I've always wanted to visit New Orleans.:p but the pecan pie and other pies I've tasted in Texas just were delicious.

  15. wow, that pudding looks delicious.I also love bread pudding.

  16. Oh my!Your cherry bread pudding looks divine!Thanks for sharing the recipe^_^

    Thank you very much for dropping by!Have a happy Sunday^_^

  17. Oh this looks wonderful!

  18. I sure love this kind of pudding! Absolutely delish!

  19. i want to try this recipe, looks so yummy, thanks for visiting my kind of trip=)

  20. Hello Anni! Thank you for dropping by and inviting me to check out your so delicious entry. Am really drooling. I haven't tasted this kind of recipe yet but Id love to try one someday. I wish i can bake. That;s the downside of not having an oven. ^^ I can't experiment on great recipes.

    Anyway, I will grab your halloween treat and I hope to come by again next time. =)


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