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Here goes---

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*:*:RAIN SCENTS:*:*:

    Maria and Pedro made their way to the clinic. Maria was only 24 weeks into her first pregnancy and in labor. Josephine was born; the outlook of her surviving was next to impossible. Yet, through the night, the little girl clung to life enmeshed in tubes and under ultraviolet lights. The specialists and local pediatricians, called in for the child's care, gave the couple a most disheartening set of circumstances. Their daughter would not live. Maria blanched; looking up to the heavens and with what strength she had left, uttered..."Save Josephine, take my life instead"!! Exhausted and torn, suffering an eclamptic seizure, Maria went into a coma, clenching with all her might Pedro's hand. Whispering sounds of the storm from outside her hospital window and rain scents coursing through her nostrils; Maria found peace for now. Pedro wept.

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Last Saturday evening during the Houston Astros' game a favorite player left the field during the 5th inning. Rumors were rampant throughout the baseball's trading. The month of July with the deadline for teams trading players and haggling here and there was July 31st. Now, to me, Hunter Pence [the right outfield player and excellent batter] was good for the team ... in so many ways Bud and I 'grew' with him. He played ball in the Astros' training camp here in Corpus...the Corpus Christi Hooks. Why, I even remember his first day in the big league. Up to bat...he got a walk. And instead of walking to first base as any veteran player does, Hunter RAN!! I enjoyed his enthusiasm for the game all through his Texas career. I still feel he was good for the Houston team. I can't figure out why on earth they would trade him. In fact, for me, he was just about the only one on the pro team that would show any signs of wanting to PLAY the game instead of just showing up and collecting his paycheck [like so many professional players do these days]. Granted, baseball isn't what is was during the days of steroid use with all the records being broken and high performing athletes...which is good. It's become what baseball WAS and SHOULD be again. But trading Hunter? Oh my. It was a sad day in 'bedrock' for me to watch him trot off the field from his position...seeing all his teammates say their good byes and shaking hands with him. Then, in the dugout for the Astros all the others hugging, talking and tears flowed from my eyes. Even Hunter held back tears. This is a 'first' for him...I'm sure being traded is taking his emotions where they've never been. But one thing in the back of my mind is ...I really think the manager and coaches for Houston were holding him back; not letting him perform to his potential. And I secretly hope that one day, HUNTER PENCE will be a star athlete in his own right and show the owners that decided to trade him....well...."I hope they eat their shorts because of their error trading him"!!! IMG courtesy of M*L*B [no copyright infringement intended. I couldn't get the embed src to work after clicking on the button provided at the site] To watch the video [see if you think he's about to break down in tears] HERE

By the way, the following night, for us Astro fans, Hunter was shown at the Phillies' game...wearing #3 --- as he came out on the field, playing the same position as when he was in Houston, he received a warm welcome and standing ovation!!! That made me feel better. And he did well in his debut game with the Phillies HERE.


  1. Your bookblurb really drew me in...your write very well! Hope you all get some relief from the heat wave that seems stuck in Texas!

  2. nice...love me some baseball...nice excerpt as well from the book...good to see you...i miss your 55s...smiles.

  3. Of course, now I want to know what happened to the baby. Did she survive? How was her health? Did Pedro's heart mend?

    Great intro!

  4. are you currently working on part 2 lol

  5. What a gripping book review! Makes me want to see how it turns out for sure!

    I don't understand anything about pro sports and their philosophy of trading - like they were cards or marbles, with no thought for their feelings whatsoever. I hope he does so well that they regret that decision!

    I'm with you on the motorcycle thing. I hate them. Dwight just sold the one he's had for years, but he secretly yearns for a Harley. I don't think it'll ever happen! At least I hope!

  6. Dawn You and me both....they're dangerous, and way too LOUD. LOL

  7. You have done a good job

  8. Anni, the books sounds like something I would enjoying reading. Thanks so much for the heads up. You've made it sound very intriguing.

    I don't watch baseball anymore. I've seen some of the best players held back and traded just because of the politics in the game. Not what it used to be back in the day.

    Enjoyed your post. Hope you and Bud are doing fine.


  9. Mary....you commented: "Anni, the books sounds like something I would enjoying reading. Thanks so much for the heads up. You've made it sound very intriguing." With the 'heads up', it makes me think you think it's a real book...well, it isn't. Just a book blurb challenge to make up your own version from viewing the photo given each week. But, dang, girl...you made feel good knowing that you think it's real!!! :o)

  10. Hi Anni,

    Well, there is so much to respond too! Your story is sad ... I hope that the baby lives after all that. I don't know if you remember, but awhile back Lisa chose the snow photo of that same stretch of sidewalk in front of our house and I wrote about a birth then. Wonder what, if anything, makes that sidewalk remind us of somebody having a baby. Or, for me, no electricity, lol.

    I know that you will miss your guy, but now I will get to see him too! They are on t.v. a lot, and play the Mariners ... that is who we went to see when we were in Seattle. Raul Ibanez is on the Phillies too, a former Mariners. I love the Phillies, they are great, and Hunter will be so glad to be on a winning team. They probably traded him because they could ... he is of value. Weird that they did that in the middle of a game though.

    Well, I hope that you have a great weekend!

    Kathy M.

  11. Wow, two lives in the balance - how will Pedro cope with all that stress?

    Now you just need to tell us the rest of the story.

  12. so great to see you around Anni

  13. You need to write a book! Now I'm left wondering if Josephine survived. I think she did!

  14. That blurb has some gut-wrenching drama for sure! Reminds me a little of a song by Live called "Lightning Crashes." Nice work to get all this from the picture!

  15. Oh, Anni, what a tragic book blurb. I came close to crying. Readers will want to know more.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  16. You have created a wonderfully dramatic and emotive scene. I wonder from whose perspective you would tell the whole story? I would want to open the book and find out!


  17. Hi Anni....
    We all Miss you!!

  18. What a heart wrenching blurb! I am going to say that all goes well in the end because I'm a sucker for fairy tales...

    Sorry about your favorite player. Hope he does well.

  19. Awesome excerpt Anni, make me think what's next ^_^

    Shooters Choice

  20. I am not fond of reading a book, but the book blurb is something like i want to read.

    Thanks for the visit Anni.

  21. Your blurb got to me. As a mother, I feel such empathy for any parent in such a situation. I was just yesterday talking to a gentleman about his son who was only 3 pounds at birth and not expected to live, but he did and is now a healthy 17-year-old. I'll make the assumption your story will end on as happy a note, and if you ever write it, I'll slap my money down. :)


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