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Think Cotton...then, think fashion---

He don't plant cotton,
An' dem dat plants'em
is soon forgotten....

This past week the cotton farmers were working from sunup to sundown and beyond, if possible, to get all the cotton in. The crops would've been ruined if heavy rains came. All is well. At least saving the crops. I don't know for sure if the quota was met tho....


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speaking of cotton---it brings me to fashion...


Many times throughout days when I've watched movies and mini series and historical docu-dramas, I oftentimes find myself 'wrapped up' in the fashions and the costume designs for the particular era. Eons ago, I LOVED to dress, and 'dress up'. By that I mean, I was always checking out what was 'en vogue' and going out to buy a particular item to be with the in crowd. Not any more. Now that I'm retired, I rarely even wear dresses. Gimme a good comfortable pair of jeans or even a pair of baggy sweat pants and I'm the best I can be!! Anyway, this post is about fashion and entertainment...fashion sense, in a sense. My all time favorite era is when I get into a movie of the 16th century. Those women's fashions...how they can be dressed and trussed in those 'awkward' dress designs and still be alluring and flirtatious...yet, so corseted and unable to breathe right, the women and men carried themselves with such style and grace. But, I really, really do like the fashions of America in the 1920s----both women's AND MEN'S!! Such class. Men's spats....I love it. The beads galore on women's dresses. The word spiffy comes to mind. Back then, the fashion conscious were both genders. One reason I continually watch, over the decades, the Academy Awards is for the fashions. Granted, I still love to ogle fashions of a certain decade. And if I were to ask you what your favorite decade of style is, by viewing this slideshow just above this write-up, which would you pick? My favorite, I think, is the 1980s [with 1990s a close runner-up!]...

On a side note here, oh the good ol' days. When I was being brought up, my father was the voice of us kids when it came to getting ready for any occasion. The one thing that really stands out in my mind was the fact me being a girl, I WAS NOT ALLOWED to wear anything that would come close to boys' clothes! Ever. Even in the dead, and coldest of winters, if I WERE to wear long pants for keeping my legs dry and warm going to school, I HAD to WEAR a DRESS on top of it all. But I had the last say in it...once I got to school, I would go to the girls' restroom and remove my dress, hang it in my coat sleeve, and be in jeans for the day as all the other girls...when school was over, I'd return to the restroom and put on my dress again ---arriving home as I left earlier that day. GAWD!!! Even after some 50 years...I STILL think that was a ridiculous way of thinking on my father's part.


  1. Cotton... interesting subject. I was once a student of textiles, in a past life.

    What I will say today is this: That in the dryest continent of all, Australia, constantly beset with water problems, rice and cotton farming out to be outlawed.

    As for me, I only ever wear wool and cotton: and believe me, I have a boll!

    masterymistery at
    cosmic rapture

  2. Oh, and I forgot to mention, that in this day and age when we need to preserve our forests and trees, that hemp makes great paper, rope, and clothing too. On a par with cotton.

    Did you know the Australian state of Tasmania is the world's largest exporter of non-psychoactive hemp?

    It's true for poppies (but I'm not sure about hemp)! And the poppies are definitely psychoactive --- for legitimate medical purposes only

    masterymistery at
    cosmic rapture

  3. mastery....Erik loves to find clothes made of hemp!!!

  4. Anni, Yes, Clifford has a face. Glad you think it's adorable. You never fail to make me laugh.

    I recently bought a huge pack of cotton for my daughter to make toys with. Never thought of what happens when it rains before they harvest. I only noticed that the little grasshopper had no place to hide when it rained.

  5. Wonderful post!!! Oh my but your post header is beautiful!!!! Well done!!! Cathy

  6. Interesting photos. I didn't realise the farmers leave picking until the plants have totally died down.

  7. I love seeing the cotton pictures. I've only seen it in person a few times and I think it's pretty amazing!
    Loved your story about changing clothes at school. I used to do the same occasionally, but in my case it was skirts my Dad thought were too short - and he was probably right!

  8. Enjoyed your post and the roll of fashion... the roaring 20's always appealed to me and I've even managed to find a few dresses reminiscent of that decade... such fun to wear!

    You reminded me too of wearing jeans under dresses... but we did it for warmth in cold winters and were not allowed to wear pants of any kind at our public schools in Montana when I was a kid!

  9. We have a lot of cotton fields in SC too. Not around Charleston though. I love to ride by before they pick because they look snow covered instead of cotton filled. LOL

  10. Cotton fields always fascinate me.
    I had to laugh when you said you rarely wear a dress! I dont even own one anymore! Funny what retirement does to you! All during my school years we had to wear dresses/skirts/jumpers etc. and they could not be above the knee! MY MY MY how the dress code has changed now...to see those girls in such skimmpy clothes is very distracting to the opposite sex...don't u think!!! Things sure have changed!!

  11. Interesting shots of the cotton fields, which I have never seen myself. From the icon, I thought I was going to see a baby bird in a nest. Do I need glasses?

  12. Anonymous8/01/2011

    Like the cotton shot !!


  13. Wow Annie!
    I LOVE your new header and your new blog style. Cotton will be my middle name today since we are picking ours in El Campo/Danevang this week.
    Thanks for stopping by Tropical Texana.
    David/ :-)

  14. You certainly went to school long after I did! We weren't allowed to wear slacks/pants at all until the very last year I was in school. We had to wear skirts to school. It was my senior year in high school when some girls were brave enough to wear tailored slacks, not jeans to school, and get away with it.

    Back then we would never wear a nice blouse with jeans, either, but that's another issue from back then to now.

  15. Looking at the examples above, I think I'd choose the 20s. I like the loose, relaxed look....I've never been one to be trendy. I stick with classics so my clothes are always in style. I love to wear long skirts...
    In my day, none of the girls wore pants to school, only dresses....when I was a little girl, the only pants I ever wore, belonged to my uncle.....Around the time I got married, I think I owned 3 pair....I remember once as I was dressed for a date and had on a pair of shorts(down to the knee)Dad told me to go put on a dress. So things were not relaxed too much at my house either. We were allowed to wear shorts (that Mother made)around the house or working in the garden but never in public.
    Did the cotton open early there because of the drought? Its usually September before its ready to pick here.
    Mama Bear

  16. From your slideshow, I would say my favorite is the 40's. But the 90's is good, too!

    I was in high school in the mid sixties, and I still remember the occasion when a young lady was sent home one day because her skirt was too short. The next day she came to school in a floor length skirt, and was sent home AGAIN! I thought it rather ridiculous!

  17. Your cotton photos are fabulous! Your subterfuge with your jeans and the dress brought a chuckle. Girls will be girls!

  18. Such unusial and interesting shots!
    Like you new header!

  19. wonderful macro of cotton fibers!

  20. Cotton is such an interesting plant. I once planted some seeds when I was a little girl, and the plants grew taller than the roof of our house! It was in the newspaper. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Weather seems to always be the enemy of the farmer.
    As for fashion, I never was one for that. Perhaps I go to far to the other extreme, I have always gone for comfort.

  22. This cotton is nice :). If you like join us on *PicStory* tonight :) LG Tina

  23. Great cotton shot! The fabric of our lives. :)
    I happen to have an organic cotton shirt and believe me it is the softest thing I own.
    I never liked dressing up - ever. We couldn't wear jeans to school or pants. In fact it was near the end of high school before I ever owned any. I have pictures of me and my brothers playing in almost waist high snow. I'm wearing a skirt!
    I'll live out the rest of my life in jeans and T-shirts!!
    Have a great day Anni!

  24. That first shot is amazing enlarged Anni! Have a great week.

  25. LOL at taking off your dress once you were at school. It was just the opposite here in NC. Dresses were what we had to wear to school. If it was cold we could wear long pants under them but we had to take the pants off when we got to school. Of course you grew up in a colder climate too.
    Great post.
    Hugs Madi and Mom
    PS I have my post set to auto post at 12:01 am..the last two days they've psoted about 10 hours later. I posted a question on blogger forum.

  26. I remember wearing long pants under my dress when going to school but it was because it was winter time and mom refused to let me go out without them in case I'd freeze my legs off! lol I would always remove them once I'd get to school, though. I've never been much into fashion, when I go shopping for clothes, I just choose whatever fits me and as long as it look all right on me, I'm all set to go! lol I love the fashions from the 1950's era, the poodle skirt, sweaters, saddle shoes, etc. I always say I should have been a teenager in the 50's instead of being born in 1957:-)

    I had never seen what cotton looks like as a plant until mom had brought some home from Florida when she went there on vacation a few years after my dad had passed away. Now I can see why they need gloves to pick it with all the bristles it has!!! xoxo

  27. Interesting shot of the cottonfield, I've never seen one !

  28. Anonymous8/01/2011

    Love your cotton photos.

  29. 1. That's a lot of cotton on the ground.

    2. Your fashion slideshow is fantastic. I have a good time looking at it over and over again. I had to chuckle about 1950's below knee length to 1960's 5 inches above knee length ^_^. I like the 1990's, 1940's and 2000's in particular order hehe ^_^

    3. Does your Dad knew what you are doing? LOL!! I was laughing at your story, love it!

    Thanks for the visit!

    Macro Monday

  30. I´ve been to a cotton plantation. If I recall correctly they are very sticky. And you can easily got scratches.

  31. We were only allowed to wear skirts/dresses and the hem could not be above the knee. If the temp was zero or below we were allowed to wear slacks to school then take them off till we were ready to go home.My father also never allowed us to wear jeans either. Thanks for the memory.
    I enjoyed reading the history of cotton.

  32. I thought it was a baby bird at first!

    Parents have funny ideas sometimes, don't they-- did your dad have a Pentecostal background?

    Thanks for the visit.


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