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There's Good News and then there's GOOD news...

First in posting today, I wanted to pass on a food tip. Or a cooking/baking tip I learned from my mother years ago. When you have a notion to bake a cake from a cake mix and the directions call for flouring a baking pan....sit aside a small amount of the dry cake mix to dust your pan instead of using white flour. This works especially well when you want to serve up an unfrosted cake to place a slice on a serving dish so your guests can pour on a pudding-like sauce. No white flour residue to contend with!!!! Try this trick on the Molten Chocolate Imported Cake Mix that was featured on Oprah. I'm linking up with a meme I'm participating in today-linked on my sidebar meme button list: FOOD TRIP FRIDAY.

- - -

We lost power last night for a short time and lost cable for a while. I think this is news worthy....it rained here [three photos of the storm clouds below]. During a baseball game. It figures. We were watching the MLBN channel...heck if I even remember what two teams we were watching. Actually, I was more interested in the ticker tape that was scrolling near the bottom of the screen. I do know the game that was telecast was boring!! Anyway, the two most rivaled teams in the American League, Boston and NYY are the scores I'm interested in right now. Yesterday, before games began, the Red Sox were ahead by two games with the Yankees. And the scores flashed at the bottom of the screen didn't look good for my preferred team...the Yankees....Boston was winning against the Rangers [neither team I like]. In fact Boston was shutting the Rangers out in score. And then the Yankees' game---the last time I got to see the score, it was Oakland ahead of the Yankees 7-1. Bah humbug!! Another losing game for Jeter and his team. Then.....the cable went out for a few hours. By the time the cable came back on, I was into my crocheting, and Bud was reading his book, so we didn't even turn the TV back on. Now the one section of good news is....WE GOT a NICE SATURATING RAIN move in over the city!!! I can almost hear the grass turning back to green. lol

The second part of this all is that this morning I plugged in the computer again to begin working on my project with the scanner---I checked the MLB Scoreboard------------YANKEES WON!!! And believe it or not, the Yankees made history again. In all of baseball history...let me repeat this: IN ALL OF BASEBALL HISTORY, no team has ever had THREE GRAND SLAMS in one game. Yankees, yesterday, did!! And of course, they ended up winning the game. 22-7

[courtesy of MLB Scoreboard]

- - -

Oh, and back to the rain. This is the first rainfall this area of Texas has had since, ummmmm, let's see....I believe it was either the end of February or beginning of March! Nearly 6 months ago. The upper level high pressure area that has been dominating the entire state of Texas this summer moved west just enough to break the cycle and bring in an upper level disturbance into the coastal bend!! Yay. Forecasts, tho, show blistering heat returning today and no rain in sight for some days ahead. The severe drought isn't over of course, but every little bit of moisture will help out.

[three photos taken about 4pm with the brewing cloud cover]


  1. Yeah Yankees ♥ I am sure glad you finally got rain but I know you need a lot more ~ not to much though... Have a great day Anni!

  2. How wonderful that you got the rain! We have been fortunate here in the Midwest this year with good rain in the Spring that helped us get through the dry summer. We have had terrible years, though, when all the shrubs and many trees even died. I hope you continue to get soaking rains far enough apart for them to soak in, not cause erosion problems.

  3. 3 grand slams! Amazing! I'm so glad you got a nice rain - hope more comes.

  4. Excited for your rainfall! Yeah!! Great tip on that cake pan flouring - I'll pass it on as I don't bake any more!

  5. Anni, Good morning. Glad there is some good news here in blog land. So many are in the path of Irene and I pray for all their safety. Great news that the Yankees won. I am rooting for them as well. I just haven't had time to watch any of the games.

    Things are crazy here but think of you and Bud often. Hope all is well.


  6. WOOHOO Yankees!

    Love those stormy skies!

  7. I haven't been around for days and days. I'm having a hard time getting a post out of my head and through my fingers; don't know why because it's just a simple thing. And I also haven't been visiting. But I was so glad to come here today and hear that you had a nice soaking rain. I'm feeling for those in the path of Irene (how does your daughter like that name for a hurricane?)

    Have a great week-end and hopefully by Monday my block will be broken down!

  8. Hi Anni...great hint from your Mom!!
    Yay for any rain you receive....
    We are asking for Purrs for the East coast. My sis and her hubby live in Morehead City...they have all their hurricane window protections up and will hunker down at home with their kitty, parrot and fishes. They are always welcomed here but have decided to stay home. They understand hurricane's better than we do so we just have to accept their decision....but it is HARD.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  9. Gosh, I cannot believe you haven't had rain in that long!! Guess you really got showers of blessings! We had cable for thirty years and it would go out rather frequently. So for our 40th anniversary, we got Direct T.V. satellite dish and are have been very pleased, and it didn't cost any more than cable, except for the installation charge. Oh, that cake looks good, I have never heard of the brand, I may have to order the mix. Oprah finds the neatest things! I always try to watch her annual favorite things show every year. By the way, I love the way you put a link to your post in your comments! It makes it so much easier than hunting for you on my sidebar!

  10. Madi..., my dear furiend!! You keep your whiskers in tact and paws in prayer for their safety!! I'll be thinking of everyone along the Eastern Seaboard while Irene plays havoc on the coastal areas.

  11. Nice tip about the cake...I did hear this before..but always forget to do it! Glad to hear you got some rain. Looks like we will be getting lots of rain from hurricane Irene...she is due to hit the Md/jersey shore which is just an hour away from us. The weather channel gets everyone into panic mode. Bet the Yankees are over the moon on their grand slams! Have a great weekend!

  12. that looks great and thanks for sharing the link and a tip! visiting from FTF, hope you can visit me back! thanks and wishing you a great weekend. :)

  13. I was going to ask about the rain situation. I am hoping some rain from the hurricane makes it over our way and on to you...We've had rain, at least more than you but except for the small shower on Saturday which didn't even wet the porch, we've had none since the first week of August...I am noticing a couple of things: the flowers are parched not from lack of water because I do water them but from the severe heat...They are drying up. Today when I watered the soil wasn't all that dry but the leaves and vines look like the plant is dying. My Hosta had burnt leaves.
    I have been speculating about your project...and thinking bout some of mine...I worked until 7:00 on my journal yesterday. I need to spend more time on it and it will be finished soon.
    Thanks for visiting me.
    Mama Bear

  14. Anni I also am a big Yankee fan. I have been since I was young.
    I am so glad to hear that you have gotten some rain.
    We had a shower again today but that just seems to make it more humid.
    I will have to try that cake tip. Thanks
    Have a great weekend.

  15. Annie 22 to 9 Yoooooooooooo Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Go Yankees!! I am secretly in love with Derick Jeter! Oh if I was 30 years younger...........sigh LOL

  16. Thanks for the baking tip. That is really a great idea, I always hate having that flour residue on the cake. I will definitely use that when baking.
    Did you go out and stand in the rain? Did you look to the sky with wonder as the raindrops fell? (Hehe) I am glad that you got rain finally, every little bit helps. We have gotten a little, but our grass is dead and leaves are falling already. I love your pictures of the storm clouds. I am so intrigued by storm clouds. My son, when he was young, would get so upset when a storm was moving in, because I would be out in the yard watching the clouds.

  17. Hi Madi! thanks for that baking tip!
    And thank you for visiting my site.
    Have a great and safe weekend!

  18. oh great, you got rain in your area now. Oh, thanks for sharing the tip on cake. Visiting from FTF. Happy weekend Anni.

  19. I have been bringing stuff in off the patio and porch all afternoon as we are supposed to get anywhere from 2-6 inches of rain tomorrow plus strong winds from Irene. I hope it loses it's punch before it gets here but have to prepare in case it doesn't. We don't need the rain as badly as you folks do but I really hope we don't get six inches of the stuff!!!

    We are going to a Yankees game the first week in September at Yankee Stadium!! Can't remember who they are playing....DUH.... Should be lots of fun. Of course being from the East I like the Red Sox only because they are from the East.

    THREE grand slams!!! YIKES~~~~~would like to have seen that game!!!!!

    That cake makes my mouth water. That's a good tip, I know I always have flour residue on my cakes from flouring the pans. :o( Will use that tip from now on.

    Those pictures of the sky look very ominous!

    What are you working on??????????? Can't wait to see whatever it is!

  20. The brownies looks yummy!

    Thanks for dropping by. :)

  21. Oh, yum! That molten chocolate cake looks so good!


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