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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

a rerun....

Busy day for me on a new project which I hope I'll explain a bit on my Sunday's summary. For today's post I'm going to repost a blog entry I posted in January of last year. Probably some of you'll remember it, but honestly I have very little time online.......

At Aransas Wildlife Refuge along the coast of Texas, about 80 miles northeast of Corpus Christi, we had a good outing, bird watching, and other activities in more ways than one. [the first 15 photos have mouseover captions] We crossed Copano Bay near Rockport Texas [which is kinda like crossing to Key West Florida...only MUCH shorter in distance. Water on both sides of the highway! We continued heading in the north easterly direction to the refuge. I was in hopes of being able to view the Whooping Cranes that migrate here to the coast each and every winter, like clock work. This year, there are a reported 240+ cranes that have arrived. The Refuge is their breeding grounds. Once we arrived, we signed in and walked around the visitor's center that has many displays of the birds in the area...[world renowned for bird watchers]...and the four footed wildlife that co-exists with area's waterfowl. After the few minutes registering and viewing the indoor exhibits, it was time to hop in the car and drive the 16 miles of roadway meandering through the swampy marshlands [the whole sanctuary/park/refuge is vast....some 115,000 acres of land area, not including the expanse of water inlets and shoreline and gulf bays --most only accessible by chartered boat] in hopes of realizing our purpose of the day trip.....

"Alligators in the sewer"....she was such a doll back then. Drew Barrymore that is. I adored her as a child, I admire her spunk and fortitude now that she's grown. Not to mention I think she's the best looking Barrymore ever. Oh yes, I remember her grandfather, John, and her uncle, Lionel. Among others of the Barrymore dynasty. With her 'breakthrough' role in E. T. as Gertie, in 1981!!!....her little bod and adorable charm of a youngster, well, she melted my heart. And I still catch myself saying -alligators in the sewer- oftentimes. In fact just the other day!!!

You see, we walked miles. We drove through the entire area where you can park your car at certain observation points. And climbed the tower...but to no avail. We did however see many other birds and some beautiful countryside. Spoonbills, hawks, egrets, herons. Why, even a ROBIN!! Which, in all honesty, I've NOT SEEN since Colorado! I always knew that Spring had arrived when the first robin of the season sang its lullaby. It was a real treat to see one again. And I must say, the one we saw in Texas IS bigger....the saying is true....things in Texas are big! hehehehe All in all it was a very pleasant day. We spent about four hours there once we arrived. As we were driving back to the visitor's center to sign out [you have to register when you enter the reserve]. As we drove the paved road through the park, ummmmmmm.......Watch out!! Alligators' on the loose!!!!!

By the time I got the car pulled off the road he had reached the swamp!!

...and he had his eyes on me too. All the time I was there with the camera!! If he had turned and chased me....he'd still be slipping in my----!!!



  1. Great shots of the gator Anni!I'm glad to hear he decided to keep on going and didn't turn your way.

    That looks like a beautiful place to spend the day. All the birds and wildlife would be so much fun to see.

  2. Beautiful area. I could do without the gator though ;)

  3. Yikes, the croc or the alli, I won't like it if he wanted a close up photo.

  4. LOL...the gator was there all the time just blending in with the scenery! He looks like a big one!

  5. Yikes! An alligator!!! I've only seen one in Florida and it was too close for comfort. Funny how a Maine black bear doesn't scare me a bit but an alligator makes me wet my pants!!! ha!

    Gorgeous pictures of all the birds and animals. What a wonderful place to visit!

  6. Not minding a repost at all! your photos are wonderful. I can't imagine being calm enough to photo an alligator... Think I would be running in the opposite direction!

  7. Beautiful photo's Annie.O my goodness alligators. That would give me nightmares. LOL

  8. Love those shots, especially the alligator!

  9. Great repost and new to us thank you for sharing and good luck with your project.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  10. Oh those GATORS ~ don't like them!!!! But the photos of them and the birdies were awesome. I love Drew too ♥

  11. hi Annie! those are fantastic shots!!

    i hope u can visit my WW its up here
    A SAHM Reviews .Net

  12. Great pictures Anni. I have always adored Drew Barrymore. There is just something so free-spirited about her. That gator looks too close , by the way.

  13. Oh my gosh, I better get my toes out of the water because I see an alligator posted on your blog. Eek!
    Joyce M

  14. Beautiful place to spend a day, many wild lives to see, it is wonderful, and I saw the purple heron in your photo, my favorite bird now.