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One in every family...or so it seems

I've always had a fascination of the gene process in reproduction. When it comes to black sheep being born of two, say, suffolk breed [predominately white]. It's all in the genes string from the Ancient World of ancestry. Then, speaking of 'black sheep'...are you the black sheep of the family? It seems there is always one. In my family, it was my middle older brother. Always getting into trouble and giving our parents a hard time and no doubt the beginning of mom and dad's gray hairs. Y'know? There always seems to be on in every family-----

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Stuck in traffic for what felt like eons, I couldn't help but notice the license plate on the car in front of me. It read BAA BAA. I was clueless as to why they chose this -- until I looked at the vehicle the plate was attached to: a black Jeep.

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  1. So it is the black Jeep of the family, too funny. Love that cartoon.

    Black sheep of the family? That would be me!

  2. That's too cute, Anni. Well worth staying up like Cinderella to see it.

  3. In our family, we're still trying to find a white sheep. :)

  4. Love this post, thanks for the smiles.

  5. Loved this black sheep (or jeep) post!

  6. Love the black sheep.

    Quick story: I have a friend who is a sea captain. He comes from Northern Norway. One evening we were talking about his family and how they were self sustaining. As a knitter myself, I asked if his Mom dyed wool when making their sweaters and other garments so she could produce designs as are so well known in Norwegian knitting. He said, "No, there was always a black sheep in the herd."

    So, there you have it! That black sheep was there so we knitters could be artistic and create beautiful designs with that wool.

    Black sheep are so misunderstood, aren't they. ;)

  7. My youngest brother is the black sheep in our family. In Hubs' family, he's the only one that isn't a black sheep. With our lovelies, there isn't one! Lucky us!

    Black jeep----LOL

  8. took me all my life to come to the conculsion that...I am the black sheep of my family. This revelation came to me just 6 months ago! I never got into much trouble growing up...that was my 2nd oldest brother!!! But I think entirely different from my 4 siblings.

  9. There's no black sheep in my family :)
    Cute face!

  10. Baa, Baa,Baa ... he's cute! Happy Critter Day!

  11. LOL yes indeed we have black sheep and skeltons in our closet. Cute post...Mom is sending you an email update on Irene.
    Hugs Madi

  12. Yes there is a black sheep in every family... My husbands brother!!! Nice guys just lazy and don't work! Funnies were really good today!

  13. Love the cute black sheep. Cute photo, Anni. I am really not sure who could be the black sheep of the family. I loved the funnies, especially the BAA BAA Black Jeep. Have a great weekend and I hope your project goes well.

  14. Than you for making me smile, as usual!

  15. That is one handsome fella.

  16. That is a cute shot this guy in mid chew!

  17. Love your black sheep....

  18. Anxious to see what your time consuming project is! Cute cartoon, as usual. Have a great week-end!

  19. Baa baa black that made me laugh!

  20. Nice capture of black sheep.
    Thank you for smile on my face :)