Hidden Shadows

OUTDOOR CAFE on Mustang Island [Texas]
[this restaurant oasis is 'hidden' off the main street; along with a small complex of art and curio shops] The boardwalk is dappled with shadows. I love the atmosphere, a quiet oasis off the hustle and bustle of the tourist areas in the small town. Very few go back off the main-beaten path and invade the tranquil-ness.

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For lack of anything this week that is noteworthy, and I continually posting about the nasty drought throughout Texas, and boring y'all as much as myself...I'll refrain from commenting on my mundane week. In other words...nada, zilch, zero....nothing. It's the same ol' same ol' here this week as it was the week before and the week before that. Crocheting, cleaning, laundry and watering outdoor plants and turf---much to no avail. It's like when someone tells you that "you're a person of interest".........frankly, I'm not seeing it in myself these days. Oh heck, go ahead, say it...."Since when has Anni EVER been a person of interest?"

Oh, one thing of interest perhaps, our state Governor, Rick Perry, has announced his candidacy for the presidential ticket 2012!!! I'm wondering, just how many really want ANOTHER ex-governor turned prez... from Texas?!!! roflmao What a concept. Who knows?!! I used to say to myself, "It can't get any worse." But that does NOT hold true any more.... I do know one thing, from experiencing this fiasco called Congress and Government the past 10 years ---I am going to register as INDEPENDENT from now on. Personally, I'd like to oust 'em all in Washington and start anew. He once mentioned Texas secede from the Nation...I felt that way many-a-times myself lately. U.S. is in dire need of an overhaul in politics. And, really, who pays that much attention to Iowa polls this early? I betcha the media'll have a field day tho. Pffft!!!

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  1. I didn't know there are islands in Texas. I like the tropical look of the cafe.

  2. Your picture is beautiful !

    Re politics, apparently it's everywhere the same. In Belgium we are now more than a year without government and it has never worked as well as now. Laws are voted quicker etc, that's why nobody complains. Nobody wants new elections either because there are always the same clowns ! I wonder if they ever come to an agreement to form a government !

  3. GREAT post... Loved the photo of shadows!

  4. That looks like a wonderful little restaurant. Just out kind of place.

    A same old, same old day sounds pretty good to me! We are looking forward to relaxing and doing nothing - one of these days!

  5. I love quiet little out of the way places like this!!!
    summers heat will turn one into same ole same ole!
    Polictics make me want to pull my hair out. Both my hubs n I are registered independents...the problem with that is...our state of Pa. will not let independents vote in the primaries! Totaly not fair!!!!!

  6. A gorgeous shadow shot for the day!! Oh, and I do so agree with you -- I've registered as an Independent, too! I wish we could flush all the politicians down the toilet -- where they'd feel right at home -- and start over again!! I was born and raised in Texas and I feel the same way about another former governor becoming president!! Yuck!!! Have a great week, Annie, in spite of the politics!


  7. Anonymous8/14/2011

    A lovely shadow shot - I wlould definitely wander of the main street to look for it! As for ouy governor declaring his presidential intentions - it even made the news here in Scotland this morning!!

  8. This looks deceptively lush and cool considering the heat and drought you've had!

  9. Anonymous8/14/2011

    I wish we could start anew!
    Gorgeous shadow and looks like a lovely place.

  10. Nice! A shady little bridge is always a sign of good things on the other end, it seems.

  11. Beautiful shadows Anni!

  12. Yes, we need a commission to discuss what happened to
    Democracy in this country when it can go so wrong!
    As for being bored, I decided to book a trip to the UK to see family on
    the Queen Mary 2 - now departure is imminent and I still have
    lists of things to do!!!!

  13. Very nice shadow shot.


  14. That looks like a lovely place to sit and relax..I like off the beaten track!

    You found some pretty shadows there, Anni.

    Hope your Sunday is going well!

  15. Anni girl you are too funny : )
    Never mind .. who the heck is a person of interest worth getting to know anyways ? haha
    That shadow shot is a beauty .. makes me feel cool and relaxed which is a very hard thing to do with me ;-) Fingers crossed the drought for you will end soon .. and cooler weather with the change of seasons will flow over us all .. hey ... Halloween is coming !!!!!

  16. I love your shot of the boardwalk. I can just imagine the cool breeze as you walk along.
    I was thinking about you yesterday during the bb-game. Your boy Jorge really came through, and I was so happy for him. He really deserves a break!
    Hope you watched it. The game was rained out today :~(
    Have a great week.

  17. Any place I have to get to by ambling along a boardwalk HAS to be intriguing!


    If shadows could jump,
    How high would they go?
    As high as the moon?
    Does anyone know?

    If shadows could weep,
    How long would they cry?
    As long as it takes
    To climb to the sky?

    If shadows could laugh
    And tell funny jokes
    Would you take them home
    And say, “Get this, folks!”?

    If shadows could wed,
    Would they prefer you
    Or somebody else
    To promise, “I do”?

    © 2011 Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadows and Sunflowers

  18. Birdie said that someone near Tyler got some rain but not her- all she got was thunder. Love your picture of the cafe!

  19. If Perry is running I'm voting for him. At least Presidents from Texas have some balls. I have a friend of mine who has been to Mustang Island...said it was nice. If I ever get down to that end of the state I'll have to check it out. Nice phot BTW.

  20. Hi Anni, it's always a pleasure to visit you. I missed you last week and I'm sorry about that. I couldn't agree with you more about the state of governance in our country. and if we did fire them all, as I wish we could, then who would be hire to replace them? it's not like either party has any solutions or is willing to put forth any leadership regarding this mess. I just don't know what is going to happen, but it may get worse before it gets better! I really love your shadow shot this week. it invites one to walk over that little bridge. nice capture. I hope you have a really wonderful week.

  21. Anni, You always have something of interest to pass along. That looks like a lovely little restaurant--I like places that are quiet and not packed with people. I enjoy eating outside at restaurants if the weather is decent. The "hat wearer" is my 27 year old daughter--she looked cute in her little fedora. I love hats but always feel "uncomfortable" wearing them--I think it just takes some getting used to. Women that wear them always look chic and stylish. We'll just have to "take the plunge", won't we!!!! Have a good week. Mickie :)

  22. huh, it's increble that politicians are not thinking the best of the people, country but their own party and power! How stupid and sad.
    And the whole world is watching this show...
    We people are too greedy and short-sighted, oh boy.
    But let's try to enjoy this week! :)

  23. such places gives a lot of good shadows.

  24. I love your Shadow Shot. Such a tranquil setting and off the beaten path makes it even better. Less populated so you can take in the hidden treasure of shadows.
    And, I will take the everyday mundane week over a Drama Filled one ANYDAY!!

  25. Anonymous8/15/2011

    Sum Ting Wong, you are always a person of interest, Anni, and the mix with photos and text on your blog tells it clearly :-D
    Have a great week in Texas, and thanks a lot for your kindly comments at my blog!

  26. Such a wonderful picture and that's my kind of cafe, peaceful and quiet in such beautiful surroundings:-)

    I know what you mean about your days being all the same...I didn't blog for 3 days because all I would have had to say is garden, pickling and canning! lol That's what my days have consisted of lately.

    As for politicians, all I have to say is that it doesn't matter who is in there, they'll screw up the country. Amen! hehe xoxo

  27. Hey Annie!! Finally made it over! We've been busy getting the store ready for fall this week (eeeek!!)
    Love your shadow....looks like a wonderful place to stroll and have lunch! Enjoy the weekend ahead!!


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