Foghorns, gulls, and peaceful scenery...

Do the words :as dry as a popcorn fart: seem adequate? ...we still have plenty of water. Not FRESH water, but lots of salt water!! By the way, I read in our local newspaper, an article, that a couple of towns in West Texas may be ghost towns soon if no rains fall------their fresh water is drying up. The lakes they depend on are turning to muddy bogs. Our reservoir stands at 63% capacity right now...that's not good. At 50% we begin water restrictions.

Picstory's challenge for the week is: topic *Water*! And Ruby Tuesday shows a bit of 'red' on the shrimp boat "Green Light".

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Sailboat and Tanker - North Shore Bay in Corpus Christi, shrimp boat at marina pier.


  1. Good Morning Anni!!
    I've never heard the popcorn expression before but I like it!! LOL How horrible to read about those poor towns drying up. Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink!!

    We are sitting here in NC hoping and pryaing Irene doesn't pay us a visit. Her current path would have her heading right through the center of the state. It is unusual but I've witnessed Hazel and Fran do the same thing. Both were BAD. Fran left us w/o power for 4 days and we were the lucky ones.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  2. I'm sure the drought is affecting us in all sorts of ways...Beautiful photos.
    Mama Bear

  3. Soon TX will have to install desalination plants for emergencies. I suppose there are some already, but perhaps they'll be needed to provide water on a bigger scale as in the Middle East. Desalination plants provide all of our water while we are at sea and it is better water than what comes out of the tap at home.

  4. I have been seeing on the news about your drought, I hope it lifts soon. I worry about the farmers and the poor defenseless animals. Your photos offer a momentary respite-they are so refreshing looking.

  5. It's too darn hot!!!!!!!!!!! Gads! Lovely, cooling shots!

  6. Beautiful photos... Loved them! I sure wish Texas would get some rain ~ that is horible about the ghost towns!

  7. We have finally been getting some rain- with massive thunder storms. So, maybe they'll come your way soon! I hope so anyway! You can have Irene if you want. I sure don't want her!

  8. Awesome photos! wow! ~ that tiny big of red in the 1st one ~ ^_^
    Carol ( A Creative Harbor) from Ruby Tuesday

  9. Oh dear! That sounds bad. Now, let's all huff and puff and hope the clouds blow your way.

  10. These are nice photos. Thanks for linking up to PicStory* LG Tina

  11. Here, in Macedonia is very hot, too.
    Very good photos in your post.


  12. I can't imagine how hot at your end Anni. This week here in MI starts a temperature of below 70F and many people feel it's very comfortable. I am sad about this ghost towns, what's the name of this towns, just curious. I hope it will rain there. ^_^


  13. I love that last picture, the colors and the actual feel of it. Oh gosh, the topic is water and you have little water to spare! We just had an earthquake, and I am almost at the epi-center, it was so scary! It sounded like a bug train and the whole earth shook, I literally thought I was going to die! What is going ON with the weather lately anyway? Well, guess it's not a surprise if you look in the bible...

  14. we have had so much rain the past week or so
    I wish I could just send the clouds on down

  15. It's getting bad up in North Texas too. Lake levels are down to 76% and at 75% there is a restriction level that kicks in. All the water from the tap smells like the bottom of the lake! Those people in West Texas could be blown off the map if a high wind came through...really bad for them.

  16. Yup, you're right: There's a smidgen of red on the shrimp boat--but even a smidgen is enough!


    A man who was out of his head
    Was claiming he always saw red.
    He saw it all day,
    At work and at play,
    And saw it at night while in bed.

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Teleférico rojo

  17. At least with the ocean so close you can see lots of water. I hope the drought ends soon, I am hearing from so many blogger friends who are being effected.

  18. If I could I would send you water ! we have water water everywhere and lots of drops to drink !!
    Flooding etc ! awful !

  19. Hi Anni, your photos are great!


  20. Hello Anni! maybe some people have begun conserving a bit now, before they have to. that would be good. so much water there and yet it cannot be used for much. your photos are so lovely, I love the sparkle on the water. beautiful. happy day to you Anni.


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