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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Enter...Capt. Levi....Savvy?

With this photo above, I challenge you to find the American flag, the Texas State flag, and a LARGE ice chest [aka - cooler]---then, a couple of smaller ice chests. Question: What colors are the ice coolers [2 colors]? IMAGE WILL ENLARGE IN A NEW WINDOW

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  1. Good grief, I just had my eye exam - don't need glasses for close up but I can't see any of that stuff. What's wrong with me, Anni?? Now, if it was food, I probably wouldn't miss a thing!!!

  2. I think I found all the objects. The coolers are white and blue. Great photos. Keep on clicking.

  3. A search and find! I think I found everything, but am not sure about the coolers. I see two in white and blue, but also saw something that may be one in red and white. Hmmm...

  4. Looks like you have a "red, white, and blue" theme going on here!

    Happy WW!


  5. Ice coolers are blue and white.
    I could spot the flags too. :)

  6. You even have a pelican sitting there which I didn't notice until I enlarged the last image!

  7. I once knew a girl
    Her name was Hootin Anni
    Friday's aren't the same....

  8. American flag in first small n white cooler in largest photo...cannot spot the Texas it in the second small photo??? Of course I could be just seeing things in all the photos..LOL

  9. Janis.....the items are ALL IN ONE...the one larger photo of the post.

  10. G-Man.......awwww, that's so sweet of you.

  11. One white chest, one blue chest on the deck. Flags on the dockside. Really love the pelican on the left side. :)

  12. I found the American Flag and the blue coolers, but not the TExas State Flag for I am not familiar with it. lol

    Thanks for the visit Anni.

  13. Hi Anni oh my a test today...
    one chest is blue with a white top the other is red with a white top.
    Happy Wednesday,
    Madi and Mom

  14. coolers are white and blue. Wonderful shots--i love playing "I spy" =) Happy Wednesday!
    Cookin' for my Captain

  15. I can only see the white and blue cooler.
    Thanks for dropping by, Anni :)

  16. Hi Anni ... what beautiful water shots. I see them! The coolers are red and white and blue and white ... just like mine at home.

    Happy Watery Wednesday (I haven't posted yet).

    Take care,

    Kathy M.

  17. Found them, the coolers are blue and white. I enjoyed your photos!

  18. Anni thanks for asking about Cody and his peeps.
    We put a small note at the bottom of our blog a while back.
    About two weeks after the fire Mom saw Cody and his adult peeps over at their house. They were talking to lots of folks so she didn't stop but she was glad to see all of them. Currently their house appears to be in limbo. It is covered, most of the charred wood removed, there is a building permit up. So we thinkg they might be waiting on insurance.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  19. Found them. What fun. Lovely photography.

  20. I found all three items, my dear. One cooler is red, the other blue. Flags are near the back of the boat on either side. You do have to look close!

  21. The coolers are red and white and blue and white. Right? Found the flags too! That was fun! LOL

  22. A challenging puzzle. The gull on the pole is a nice discovery I made!

  23. I see the large red-and-white ice chest, but not the small one. Oh, well...


    If you’re stressed and weary
    Try a thing or two:
    Go down to the river,
    Take a friend with you;
    Take your shoes and socks off,
    Plunge in twenty toes—
    Feel the waters’ healing
    As the river flows!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Puddle of Light

  24. Found the flags on the poles...Texas on the right, American on the left. Blue and red are the coolers. Thanks Anni!

  25. When did they start to give ships boys name. I remember when hurricane had only girls names not boys.

    Ok I didn't find the flag of Texas. I now want to know what that orange ball like thing on "Levi"

    Coffee is on.

  26. Beautiful photos, Anni.I believe I found all three items.

  27. I see them, I see them!!! hehe They are blue and red:-) Honestly, Anni, I would sit there all day just watching the boats/ships come in, it's all so interesting.

    Seeing the Capt. Levi reminded me of watching "Jaws" the other night on tv and the part when chief Brody says "you'll need a bigger boat"!!! lol xoxo