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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

A dream....I have---

I'm gonna be editing bunches [I've been researching both sides of my immediate family and Bud's for nearly 25 years] of stuff today, and will be scarcely seen online today and probably tomorrow. 6:50 a.m.....I just finished scanning dozens of historical documents of my mother's side of the genealogy. Historical meaning homesteading, wills, obits, and even a muster roll of my great grandfather's New York Artillery unit and pension. He fought in the Battle of the Wilderness and was wounded during the battle. Which brings me to thinking about how our country came upon ourselves to disagree on slavery, treatment of race, etc. And yesterday ---well, yesterday.......

With the postponement of dedicating the MLK memorial caused by the tropical weather along the Atlantic coast, I'd still like to post a few thoughts. The area opened to the public this past week. When racial issues become a dominate story, I continue to cringe and become embarrassed over and over. I continue to ask why on earth do the white people feel they are supreme to anyone? The Holocaust is another issue with me. Oh, and not to mention that I read just this last week about the Cherokee Nation no longer allowing anyone with mixed blood membership of their tribe? My first thought was 'suffer the children'. Remember in your history reading about "The Trail of Tears"? I do. And being so, with their tribal constitution, the mixed native Americans are no longer being allowed to any benefits? I just don't understand. Okay, so my point of this "morsel" for Monday is racial discrimination. I was of the age when school segregation was part of our history. I so well remember a certain piece of artwork that was printed; POST® magazine shared it with the world on its cover, the Norman Rockwell painting "The Problem We All Live With". Tho, in some instances we have come a long way. But in my opinion, there is still much work to be done on the character or our people. In the oval office there is one that is hated by many only because he is of a certain race. Just for that reason. The KKK is another that is still prevalent in the South. Sad, so sad. They bleed red. They have the heart and mind as we do -- and, believe it or not, they pee and poop, just as we do!! Color or 'no color'...there is NOT a supremacy in the human race. My life has been enriched with blacks, tribal members of the nations near Tucson, Arizona, Latin Americans...even a great friend from Pakistan [she WAS Pakistani and not 'white' with so much diverse cultural lifestyle I learned a great deal by her!!] when I was in school. Her father was going to a nearby university for education to educate his people when his class schedule was complete....Pamela I. was a GOOD friend!! And I appreciated her being my friend while going to classes with her. Race, religion, and creed were never anything to my lifestyle....still isn't. But when I look at all that is a constant happening in the world, I continue to bite my tongue. Yes, as with Martin Luther King, Jr. .... I too have a dream. Equality in race. But, it's only a pipe dream because I know, being a realist, that that dream of mine and King's will never come to pass when there are so many prejudices and hate in the world. And that will continue; I fear.

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Get out a hanky or a tissue. If you view this 28 sec. video; you'll cry!! And the story that goes with it is just heart wrenching. The loyalty of a canine...and his fallen master.


  1. GREAT post Anni ~

  2. Let there be peace on earth..and let it begin with me! We are all God's children... racism n prejudice is alive n well in this country! It starts in the family n the way we raise our children. Prejudice is a learned behavior!!!!Like my Hubs always says.."We all put our pants on one leg at a time" Good post Anni!

  3. Excellent post, Miss Anni!!! I agree, there is no superior race and I have never understood it.
    I saw the clip and it's a tear jerker for sure.

  4. Don't get me started on the issue of prejudice. Probably not good to get the lovelies started on it either. We have nearly come to blows with other people over the issue. We tend to voice our opinions on the issue loudly- and don't mind expressing our feelings towards those who are prejudiced. Living in the low-country of SC it is still visible and not just the black white issue- the good ol boys around here discriminate against all races that are not white. idiots.

  5. I agree with what you are saying with racial discrimination. Actually I thought it is not that bad in US. I may be very wrong.

  6. Hi Anni,

    I enjoyed your post and feel as you do. I do remember the Trail of Tears; what an impacting book. Have you read Barbara Kingsolver's "Bean Trees" and "Pigs in Heaven". They are very interesting and are, in part, about the Cherokee Nation and some of their issues. Many members of Native American tribes recieve royalty checks, and perhaps they are trying to limit that part to full blooded Cherokees now? That is an interesting thing that I would like to read more about.

    Anyway, this is very exciting, the work that you are doing, and I like how you have carved out two full days to hit it hard and really work on your project. I know that you will be getting much accomplished.

    Take care,

    Kathy M.

  7. You are on a roll with your project keep up the good work
    Hugs M&M

  8. I really enjoyed reading your views and I so agree that we are all of one color in GOD's eyes so it should be on Earth.
    I wish that all people would live by that.
    Great post

  9. Oh, Anni, I feel exactly like you do about racial discrimination. As you say, no human being is any better than the other, no matter what race, religion, etc. Over here, we are such a diverse cultural population, we really don't see any racism. My mom spent 16 years in Florida during the winter months and that's where she experience the racism that still goes on in the States. In the trailer park where they were, some Americans would have a fit if a black person dared enter the park. Mom would go ballistic and tell them off! lol Her best friend growing up was black so don't anyone dare pick on them:-)

    Oh gosh, that video is so sad, poor doggie!! xoxo

  10. In my opinion, this has never really been a Christian nation, what with running off and killing the Indians (this was THEIR land) then color doesn't matter a bit, and I think all really smart people know that...I think that these prejudices will always exist though, till the end of time. A shame that some people think themselves so much better than others for no other reason than skin.

  11. This is a very thought provoking post Anni. Man's inhumanity to man has gone on since time began. Hopefully one day people's belief in elitism in all things, race, religion, wealth and economics in general, will be a thing of the past. I think we as a nation have come a long way, but we still have an even longer way to go.

  12. What a powerful post Anni. I grew up in the deep South during the segration era and I could never figure out why anyone would want to discriminate against another person. I still get chills when I hear Dr. King's I Have a Dream speech. Will the day ever come that the dream comes true. My friends through the years have been a diverse mix of cultures.

    Have fun with the geneleogy, I too have been doing it for mine and my husband's family for years. I just found out a distant ancestor died during the Battle of Flodden Field in the 1500's.