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shadowed palm frond [at the mall]

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Have you ever had one of those weeks that days are just so mixed up you don't know if you're coming or going? All day last Sunday while Erik was here, it was Saturday for me...he left on Sunday [which was really Monday], and then the rest of the week just went all haywire for me. I think this is Sunday now, so I think I'm back on track until the next bout of 'half-heimerz' comes upon me. I've started a new blog for myself. Several weeks/days ago, Mari and Madi's Mom posted about having their blogs published as books. I thought this would be a good way to get our family's genealogy printed in book form. A distant relative had done one in pamphlet form years ago, like it's been over 30 years now, and I found so many errors and typos in the whole composition it was a total mess. A distant cousin---so I'm entitled to say it wasn't done well. Right? LOL I'm starting to scan more photos and certificates and whatnot to get posted on my genealogy blog...Family Reunion. [By the way, has anyone here tried to set up a new Google account for a new blog -other than the one you're using now ---seems you have to give your phone number to activate it? What's up with that?] I know this is going to be a big challenge and a long long project to get it just right. Afterall, I've had years and years of research to go through and more photos that I've collected - well, it'll more than likely take me months. Right now, I'm all gung-ho about it. And I'm on the 'easy part' right now. Getting all the images scanned and posted on the blog. The tiring, long, drug-out ordeal will be getting names, dates and families all straight to coincide with years and ancestors. Do I really want to do this? YES!! It's been in the back of my mind for decades. Finally, a dream will hopefully become a reality. I completed the wall above the entertainment center that I started last week...I added another frame with a native american, a bull's ceramic skull that Bud painted, and one of our bull nose rings from a bullfight we attended in Old Mexico. I know the hummingbird painting is kinda 'out of kilter' in theme, but it's the only place I could find to hang it for now. Done. Also, to update on our kitty bladder infection...Tahoe is doing much better, tho isn't quite up to her normal self. In time, I think she will be tho. Tho she tries to hide from me when she hears the meds bottle being shaken, I spy her! Then, it's wrestling her down and grabbing her back legs [these are the scratching legs for defense in any cat!], to pry her mouth open far enough to get into the back of her throat and 'squirt'! But, her legs get the upper 'hand' in the action...check out my knee damage in the photo insert!! And by the way, the vet telling us that the best option for drinking water was distilled water, and I went and bought some for them?----------neither one touched it!!! I went back to bottled water 'cause I was concerned they'd become terribly dehydrated and make things worse...for BOTH cats. Madi's Mom informed me of the filtered water dish that I will check out and no doubt purchase for them----I don't want to have to go through this with either cat; I hear it's nigh-on to impossible to save a male cat once they're infected with bladder problems. It'll be a safer way around. But to mention that Winston was pleased as punch to be getting the special treatment so as not to have him feel the inferior because of the extra attention Tahoe has been getting...this is what he has to say.........."As long as you let me nap like any other tom cat, and continue to leave my cool throne open and uncluttered for me during the day, you're more than welcome to entertain and pester Tahoe, just leave me the hell alone, and let me sleep the day away!! Aren't you hungry or something? Go fix yourself something to gnaw on for a while. And that flashy thing, put it away...you're disturbing my peace and quiet." [insert a little thought bubble of his here]--- My afternoons are more tranquil if you find something else to do with your time and Tahoe continues to be mopey because of the shouting match you two have each and every blessed day...trust me, you'll find me getting my 40 winks...errrr, um, catnappin' here and there.


  1. Anonymous8/28/2011

    A Big Aloha to ya my dear sweet HA!!!! I know it's been a while but I had to come and say hello and tell you that I did a post just today in your honor. I don't know if you got the trackback on it but I did…you'll understand why. Other than that…wow…what a project you are undertaking. I think it's teriffic myself…how's that Tom Teriffic ROFLMAO!!! OMG here I go just rambling on and on…some things just never change EXCEPT that I get more CRS every single day LOL Anywho…Glad Tahoe is doing better. And you are the second person I have met that gives their pets, the other has a dog, bottled water. She came over to the house years ago with the mutt…i mean dog…and I offered to put some water out and got a tongue lashing…my response…Bite Me!!!! ROFLMAO and to make matters worse, the bottled water had to be chilled…Pass me some Dom Perigon would ya??? I miss Thursday Theme song and hope to get back to it soon. Can't make any promises…Hope Bud is well also…does he drink bottled water or is he like us peons that just drink from the tap? And tell the truth ya know…Smoke Signals baby…Smoke Signals

    Me Ke Aloha

  2. {{{Thom}}} I'm on my way!!! Now what on earth did you say bout me on your blog?!! Huh, huh?!! Seriously tho, you've been missed my hibiscus blossom!!!

  3. Glad to hear Tahoe is doing better. We got some battle scars from our cats back legs when attempting to give meds too!
    Your project is great! Heather has done a lot of genealogy research on our family and putting it in a book is a great idea!

  4. Well, you're right, Anni, so I went in an added a paragraph about the picture of "the mall", which is what it is called. I wish I had a recent picture, because obviously those bushes were pretty small back then!

    Your genealogy blog sounds wonderful - and a lot of work!! But I know you'll get it done.

    We had both of our kids' cats for several years when, in a matter of weeks, both developed kidney problems - different problems, but with the same result. We do know that they weren't drinking enough water - they only wanted to drink from the faucet when it was dripping. Dwight was devastated. We had seen ads in the airline magazines about these kitty fountains that keep the water circulating all day, supposedly making them want to drink fresh water. Is that what you're talking about? I would NOT want to try to give a cat medicine! The picture of Winston is a hoot.

    Have a great day, friend! Kevin and Angie are battening down the hatches for their first experience with an east coast hurricane mess.

  5. The palm ShadowShot is a very good capture. Clean cut shadow!Love the shot of Tahoe...such an adorable little face. I've been messing around with family geneology also...a real pain in the bum...too many old faces in photos that can't be identified. So sad names were not put on the back of pictures back then.

  6. Palm fronds make delicate shadows--little lacy things!


    Shadows of onyx, shadows of grey,
    Shadows to chase my doldrums away;
    Shadows each morning, shadows at night,
    Shadows, O shadows, you’re my delight!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadowy Stairway

  7. Loved the shadow pic ~ and the geneology blog is an awesome idea... I should tell my cuosin to do this since she is really great at it! I know what you mean about our pets and their defense system... my little pooch would never bite me but the other day she had a bunch of sandspurs caught in her beard and BAM she got my thumb and bit hard right on the knuckle. OUCH!!! They have no other way to say STOP you're really hurting me!!!

  8. Anni you have accomplished a lot this week...maybe you work best ith 6 day weeks. LOL
    I did so enjoy your post today. Great news on your ongoing project that will be such a treasure for all of you. Keep me posted!!

    Oh my you and Tahoe have been having some mother/daughter issues. Little does she know you have raised two children and her so you are immuned to her yowling just not her claws. I'm so glad she is doing better. I hope Tahoe and Winston enjoy the fountain as much as my Diva...don't be surprised if they try to swat at the flowing water.

    I rec'd an email revised b-day list from my daughter. I thought you'd enjoy it:

    "I've revised my b-day list, all I want is power before too late in the day! Earthquake & hurricane my b-day week, I knew turning 40 would suck! ;)"
    At least she has not lost her sense of humor. We spoke to her at 8 am she was waiting for the camping stove to boil her water for tea!!
    Hugs and Happy sunday

  9. nice shadow shot- and your cats are adorable! Have a great Sunday! and there were six shadows! Cheers!

  10. I do like palm shadows. Do you ever wonder if folks look at you oddly when you stop and take a photo of something like that in public?

  11. Dawn... I'm on my way to read up on your favorite spot.


    Kelly... Actually the time this photo was taken at the mall, it was early in the morning --the mall itself is open for mall walkers...BEFORE the stores open. So, being real early in the day, there weren't any others around.

  12. M & M... LOL...ya, I can understand her birthday wish!!! She's never lost her sense of humor...and at HER age, that's good. roflmao [I crack myself up sometimes]


  14. What pretty kitties you have! Our son got a recirculating water dish for their cat. It plugs in and makes a little water fall. The cat loves it and it seems to satisfy that problem of water just sitting in the dish that the cat didn't seem to want to touch.

  15. I really want to make some of my blog post into a book..it is a good way to preserve some memories! Seems a lot of folks are into genealogy.Glad to hear your cat is doing better...just like having a kid sometimes!!!

  16. Love your Shadow shot..:)
    Hope your summer has cooled down...it is cooler here. I sure am ready for fall and winter. This has been a terrible summer for us.
    xo bj

  17. Hi Anni! I love your shadow shot and seeing your pretty kitties. I used to wrap my kitties in a heavy towel with only their head sticking out to do things like giving them medicine, to avoid being scratched.

    Oh, yes, the Black Sheep thing. Dang. I do know what you are talking about and could list them but won't. Their blogs would be very interesting though.

    If you want to see how I have set up my Gen. blog, please email me and I'll give you the link. I work on it off and on, and it isn't one bit like Genealogy.com or anything ... as always, I went with a picture is a thousand words. I don't publish it online, it is HIDDEN and for family only. I love the idea of how you are turning yours into a book. Perhaps I should consider doing that too.

    Oh, the phone number. Yes, I ran into that when I was setting up my Early Oregon series. I think that I gave them Cary's cell phone number ... maybe that is why he gets sales calls on his and I don't on mine?

    Hope this week goes well for you!

    Kathy M.

  18. ahaa, it's you sneaking around early morning shooting pics in a mall. :)
    You're going to be a very busy lady with your new project - good luck!
    Have a great week ahead!

  19. Always a joy finding you here! I am catching myself coming and going and wondering where the heck the day went! Take care and hello to you this hot and dry Sunday! Praying for those in Irene's path. Hugs Anne

  20. I'm glad that Tahoe is feeling better. I just discovered that the reason one of my kitties has been throwing up all the time is because of the water. must be sensitive to the chlorine/floride in it. they grew up drinking well water. now I'm giving them artesian water that I drink myself, and I went out and got them a water fountain that filters the water too, plus they really like the sound of the water bubbling. I recommend something like that. what we do for our kitties, huh? happy day to you Anni.

  21. We get the days mixed up frequently, especially since they have no rhythm to them since Phil retired and only works part time. I love that wall, I even enlarged the picture! I think the hummingbird picture placement adds just the right amount of whimsy, you don't want everything all completely straight and too matchy. So you have two cats, Tahoe and Winston? they are beautiful! When we were first married, we had three, then I got allergic. But we are cat people, not dog people. Your knee looks so bad, I have heard that grabbing cats and wrapping them in a towel works, but maybe that is easier said then done! I see I missed your last post, I have now put you on my sidebar so it won't happen again. I love that black sheep, I have never seen one. And the cartoon is too funny.

  22. Cool shadow shot. Poor kitty I hope she is better. What a great idea to do a geneology blog,even though it will take lots of time.

  23. Anonymous8/28/2011

    Anni girl that was just too darn funny ! We people owned by cats , have a tiny insight into how they really think and feel about us and life in general eh ? .. and what we won't do for them ? My girls need more exercise and lesst food but jeez .... I can't even do that for myself ? haha
    Power went out for a while today as the winds have been wicked .. hope the people really in the thick of the storm are OK .. mom nature is one twitchy ? gal !!
    Joy : )

  24. I love how we are all out shadow hunting - wherever we are in the world! Lovely shadows even in the mall. Happy SSS Anni!

  25. Great shadow capture Annie! Love the idea of using a blog account to make your family tree - we just might have to try that - that way everyone can get on and put their pictures in - nice idea!!

  26. Anni, Michelle's cat that she had when Brandon was little got urinary tract infection and sprayed everywhere in the house. Even the meds didn't stop the spraying once it had started, nor did it stop the urinary infection. They eventually had to put him down. I don't know much about cats but hope your Tahoe is back to normal soon.


  27. Enjoy your time, Anni :)
    Cute cats...

  28. Nice shadow shot.
    I'm glad that Tahoe is feeling better.
    I wish you good luck with your project.


  29. I have a cousin who apparently started working on our family (mom's side) genealogy years and years ago and every time I see her, I ask if she'll ever show me what she has so far but she never does! Hmmpphh! I'm very tempted to start my own research and although I have done some, I know there's tons more to do. I'm not even sure where I would start to get certificates of birth, marriage, death, etc for any of my ancestors! I've got a few photos but not many. I love the idea of having a separate blog for the family genealogy, wishing you the best of luck with it:-)

    Good to hear that Tahoe is doing much better, long may it continue! xoxo


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