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We interupt this blog....for a rerun [kinda]

Several months ago, I posted a little ditty on the 'local' lighthouse that you can faintly see in the distance from the ship's channel that allows ships to enter the area to arrive at Corpus Christi Harbor. Well, one day when we were strolling the beaches in that area, I glanced across the channel and spotted the light tower and tried to get a decent photo of the lighthouse from that far distance. Little known to me, there is a spot in Port Aransas, behind their marina and near the backside of a local restaurant on the channel...the view to the lighthouse is better and somewhat 'closer'. Tho, the day we were there, I wasn't armed with my good digital with the powerful zoom lens...only the cellphone. But I took photos anyway. Look closely, in the distance...you will be able to see a different angle than what I posted at the link above in bold. The lighthouse, over the channel waters, behind the restaurant here...still stands after being activated in 1857 by Walter H. Stevens. The focal plane 65 ft (20 m); continuous white light. 68 ft (21 m) octagonal red brick tower. Lantern painted white. The original 4th order Fresnel lens is on display at the Port Aransas Museum. The 1-story frame keeper's quarters (1919) is occupied by resident keepers. The light station was restored and is maintained by the current owner, Charles Butt, owner of the HEB grocery chain. The keepers light the lens each night. Located adjacent to the Lydia Ann Channel on the north side of Aransas Pass in San Patricio County/Nueces County on the opposite side in Port Aransas. Accessible only by boat. Site and tower closed to public. When we return, it's a favorite area for us, I will make sure we have the good camera!! Also, we'll time it better and make sure the local museum is open to visit the exhibits. It's my understanding that they have the 'original' light from the beginnings of its existence. The Lydia Ann Lighthouse, and the surrounding marina and yacht club....

Look between the gap...between the yacht and the building, in the far distance

Using the magnification on the cellphone camera; a 'closer' glimpse
Lydia Ann Lighthouse

Seafood Restaurant on the waterfront

Marina/Yachting Club

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  1. It is nice that the lighthouse and the keeper's cottage is still there and that there is some upkeep, though it is a shame that you cannot get closer to it, and maybe even tour inside. It would make a great museum - better than a private island for somebody.

  2. Lighthouses are very intriguing. Good for Mr. Butts for maintaining this one. Looking forward to pics with the good camera.

  3. Yogi....no, he has just ONE butt...it's Butt, not Butts. Too bad I'm not related [tho some call me an a$$ -LOL], he is worth over 5Billion dollars. [all kidding here]

  4. It's an interesting (his)story. I can't wait to see the light house up closer and see the related exhibits from the museum.

    I like lighthouses.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.

  5. Great info and very useful for me. Godbless you, My Dreams

  6. very interesting light house! Great pics Anni! I can see why its one of your fave places to visit!

  7. Beautiful images. They remind me of the historical dockside in Key West. Very similar.

  8. i bet that restaurant is yummy!

  9. Great story about the lighthouse and as always beautiful photos!!! Loved it!

  10. I like to be in the marina place so nice. Happy WW!

  11. Hi Anni, wow, your cell phone did great! I can't figure out how to get the pictures off of mine, lol. Very beautiful WW shots; it looks like a really neat place to visit.

    Hope your day is wonderful!

  12. Love a restaurant that is close to a sea like this. For sure all the seafoods are fresh and is it affordable too? Like these photos. Thanks for the visit!

    Watery Wednesday

  13. Pretty good shots for a camera phone Anni. I will be looking forward to seeing the lighthouse up close

  14. Fabulous shots! I look forward to your next trip for different views.

  15. Anni, I love lighthouses. Enjoyed the photos. Your cell phone takes great photos, not seedy or grainy.

    Received your email and replied. Have a great day.


  16. Very beautiful photos even from a phone camera.
    It is so inviting that is for sure.
    Thanks for sharing it with us.

  17. What a beautiful post..you know we like lighthouses.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  18. Oh, I always enjoy your watery shots. You live in such a cool place. I love CC...do u live in town or at the edge of town, on the beach ?
    When my sister in law and family lived at PA, their house got hit a couple of times by hurricanes and really did a lot of damage. The last time, they just about rebuilt it all..beautiful home but way too close to the beach and hurricanes to suit me. :)))
    Course, I live out here in tornado alley.

  19. Those big, billowy clouds hovering over the marina add an elegant touch!


    Water on Wednesday
    And other days too,
    Water for me, friend,
    And water for you;

    Water as ocean
    And water as sea,
    Water for you, friend,
    And water for me;

    Every day water
    In puddle or ice
    Or snowflakes or mist—
    Oh, water is nice!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    The Pacific at San Diego

  20. There's nothing like the waterfront seat in a restaurant and a fantastic view while eating fresh seafood!!

  21. Great photos Anni. It's too bad you can't get closer and maybe tour the lighthouse but then I also think it's great that the lighthouse is being cared for and is still in operation.

    Happy WW on Thursday! (I'm having internet connection problems so I'm way behind on comments)

  22. Great history...love your shots :)
    My very late visit here, have a great weekend


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