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Yep, I have a jar filled with beach combing 'broken glass' that has washed ashore. Mostly I find shards of brown, green and clear glass. And a lot of the glass I find on the beaches are extremely disfigured. Like they've been melted or something. I realize that some erosion occurs during the drifting and the sand acts as a buffer....but there are bubbly they've come from a huge melting pot; way too clear and not enough 'frost effect' like sea glass has... Very few are sharp edged. Which makes me think that they're dumped in the fires of the oil and natural gas derricks out there on the horizon, then filtered out into the sea by actions of the humans working on the rigs and platforms. Surely they have to have some sort of refuse disposal out there, and I've never seen any barges collecting - the glass has to have been melted somehow, and it takes a heap of heat [extreme] to melt glass! But when I find blue or red, I'm elated. There are only two small pieces of red so far. But, I keep looking. Not often do I spy glass pieces, but when I do, I have to bend down and pick 'em up, and of course add them
to my little napsack I carry with me while walking along the surf/sand. You can get the idea how they look 'bubbly' like they've been through a molten fire of some sort. These two are the latest pieces I've picked up. They haven't been scrubbed yet; still out in the garage on Bud's workbench. Actually, I'm surprised he hasn't asked me when I'm gonna clean 'em. Then, on second thought, it's been too hot out there for him to work on any projects, so I'm safe for the time being.

ADDENDUM: 6:50 a.m. --After reading Yogi's comment left here [the 2nd visitor in comments] ---he informed me that they don't throw refuse overboard, being a worker on an oil rig....So I'm back to square one figuring out where all the 'deformed' glass shards are coming from. I read THIS Q&A just now. [link] According to this site, the refuse is picked up by supply boats and taken to landfills/recycling facilities. But, I know how hot it has to get in order to melt glass -if you look closely at the photo of the jar above, with all the collected glass, notice the larger green glass near the middle...see how melted it looks?, where does this come from....HELP.


  1. I love sea glass! That bubbly glass is weird. I've never heard of anyone else finding glass like that.

  2. Mari...that's what makes me think they're just refuse off the oil rigs ---the workers dump their glass containers in the's hot enough to melt glass, and then, it's dumped. Only to wash ashore.

  3. Hmm, that is interesting. I've worked on offshore rigs and they don't toss their trash overboard. The only molten glass I've seen is some of the lights melt when the flare gets too hot.

    I'm not saying that they don't come from the rigs, I just don't see how or what.

  4. Yogi... Hmmmm, thanks for the input. Now I'm back to square one; trying to figure out just how they get so 'bubbled and melted' then. :o( I thought I had it figured out. LOL

  5. Nice pictures. If you like, join us on *PicStory*. You are warmly invited! :) LG Tina

  6. I´m happy you follow my invitation :) Welcome to PicStory! Every week with a different topic. Next week: Blue* LG Tina

  7. I often wonder about this also...are people at the beaches just throwing thier glass bottles into the sea??? If you find out..please share with all of us curious on lookers!

  8. OK... here's my thoughts. I think they are from sunken ships of days gone by. They went down with dishes, glasses and bottles of rum so why wouldn't it wash to shore over the years!
    Maybe even some from Captain Jack!!! LOL

  9. Interesting questions - I hope you find out, and I know you'll share with us when you do!

  10. DONNA!! In Jack Sparrow's voice....Very interesting!! By golly, I think maybe you have the answer!! Shipwrecks of some would have enough to melt the glass. I think we have an accord!!!


  11. That's a good question. I'd like to know where it comes from also!

  12. How interesting and I hope that you find an answer and will share it with us.
    Stay cool

  13. Well darlin', since I live on the plains of West Texas with no ocean in sight, I can't explain ANYthing about it. :)) I think anything washed up of netting...all would be so fun to collect. Shells are nice but I like the less common things the sea has to offer.:)
    Love your jar of treasures.
    xo bj

  14. Amazing how many you have already collected. Glass can't be found here at the sea, it's all controlled because there are only beaches. Nothing wild.

  15. Wherever the glass comes from, each piece has a story to tell--if only we could hear!


    Red is the color of cherries, not cheese;
    Yellow the backs of the sweet honeybees;

    Red the fair hair of the Derry Town maid;
    Yellow the yolk of the brown egg fresh-laid;

    Red are the wounds of the sun going down;
    Yellow the daisies beloved by the clown;

    Rainbows of colors, delighting the eye—
    Yellow and scarlet for this lullaby.

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Red and Yellow Rooster

  16. Amazing. I wonder where all that glass does come from?

  17. Mine is quite bad in English and as well as I see this and read, do you work with precious stones?
    I also have a collection of such stones, they become as a luck - and remedial stones with me eingestezt.

    Warmly ♥ Marianne

  18. Marianne... I can understand your English very well!! No, I don't 'work' with stones, but they are collectable. I'd like to see your collection someday.

  19. Great shots!

    I played too. Mine are here and here.

  20. We often see bits of sand-smoothed glass on our beaches but never the melted looking ones you have found. Neither have we found any red glass. We keep our nicest shells in a glass jar a little like your glass collection.

  21. That is interesting. Here off the NC Coast, we don't see much sea glass washed on shore .

  22. I'm not sure this is true but I've heard lightning striking sand makes glass....could that be it? Who knows. And I thought the refuse was picked up by helicopter but again not sure. I do like to read about your finds.
    Mama Bear

  23. Could some of this possibly just be the shape of the glass worn down by the tumbling action of the sea? Maybe? It's a pretty cool collection no matter what.

    My wife collects beach sand from all her travel dive spots. It is amazing that the texture of sand is so different in each place.

  24. That's a very good question...which I can't answer! LOL My older brother Denis lives in Vancouver, British Columbia so he's near the Pacific Ocean and he's got quite the collection of sea glass that he's picked up along the beach as well. I'll have to ask him if he knows where and how that glass gets melted like that. I would find it so fascinating being able to find glass like that!! xoxo


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