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This is the 'book cover' from the week's posted photo. Upon viewing this, the challenge for this meme is to write a blurb [the inside cover flap] that will entice the reader to drop down their VISA on the counter and purchase the book and enjoying it. It's to be either fiction or non-fiction. For all the rules, just click the button above; then, participate!!

Here goes---

book title:
*:*:Eidolon:*:*: [pronounced EYE-doh-lun]

    You won't find Eidolon on any map; ever. Yet, some have decided to stay and become residents. Travelers can stumble upon it at any given time, at any spot between other towns, on any desolate highway!! Eye witnesses have proclaimed its existence around the country. But, none notice a lane into the Eden. It's been said that it covers acres of land, while others proclaim it is a quaint, small, family spread. There's folklore of markers with "Eidolon - Population....growing". Dozing at the wheel, Franklin swerved when out of the barrow ditch a girl clad in granite blue-gray, beckoned him with her amiable waving hand. The car heavily damaged, through trickling blood from his wounds, Franklin imagined a cemetery of size never seen before. He dreamed now, turning cold and ashen, waiting for help. Will he survive? Or does Eidolon have a new resident?

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A bit of history before I show you my gift from Bud...
    Texas blue topaz was designated the official state gemstone in 1969 and in 1977 the lone star cut was also recognized as the official state gemstone cut. The Lone Star Cut, designed by two native Texans, is a special gemstone cut that reflects a five-pointed star (the lone star of Texas - Texas's nickname is the Lone Star State). You can read how the stone is cut into the specific facets so it will be a Texas Star, The Lone Star, at this site. Several years back, after I found out the special cut in a gemstone existed, and reading that the blue topaz was the official state's gemstone, I wanted one. But....oh so beyond my budget!! Topaz is only found within the borders of the state in Mason County. It occurs in granite outcroppings and soils. It is usually found in stream beds and ravines but occasionally can be located atop the ground. Topaz resembles quartz and the best to represent the state, the color is sky blue. Early settlers called the topaz stones that they found 'desert ice' because of the frosted surface, which is produced by tumbling in streams and rivers for eons. Topaz in Texas is not mined commercially, so the only way to obtain stones is to buy them or to hunt them yourself.
I was hoping that the beautiful pendants seen in jewelry store catalogs would go down in price, but the market remains steady. While walking the area around a street fair this past Spring, jewelers from Austin [the capital city] were showing some of their custom designed works of art. As we walked by, I noticed the small advertising sign at their booth that they had on hand the Texas Star...I knew then, I had to go in and see them in real life. Just to ogle and dream. Bud secretly bought a pendant, and gave it to me for our anniversary this past May. I spent months searching for a unique gold chain and finally found something, I wanted something unique as the stone cut, I think I like this; not completely sure tho [I'm thinking it's a bit too long], I may just continue looking and if I find something I like more...well...

After several photos taken [it's very difficult to capture the 'star' in a photo unless the light is hitting it just right], this is my Lone Star Cut pendant. Two top photos are the 'front' view, while the third, bottom photo, is from the back side---


  1. An idea to run with ...

  2. Yep...I may just buy this book...you did a great job drawing me in!
    Gorgeous blue topaz gem....my hubs gave me a blue topaz ring years ago...I love it!!! I will have to take close look to see if it has the star in the middle.

  3. Janis....if it's not a Lone Star Cut in the topaz, you won't see one.

  4. I can see the star! It's beautiful, and I love that color too. My birthstone is Topaz and I've only seen yellow till now. I think I'm adopting the blue. Bud did good!

  5. Was captivated by your blurb as soon as I read the title, which is so unique and hints of mystery. But you crafted the blurb so that it got increasingly creepy, and you left me with questions that I desperately want answered! Love your unique pendant, too!

  6. GREAT post today and I love your new look... The pendant was gorgeous... LOVED it!

  7. Hi Anni ... man! You sure do know how to work with graphics as well as with words. I love the book cover AND your story. I've never heard of Eidoln before ... is it a real thing that people talk about and I am lacking knowledge in, or did you just make it up? Whatever the answer is, I would buy your book in a heartbeat.

    Your topaz is beautiful! What a sweet husband you have. I wish you luck in your search of the perfect necklace to go with it!

    Thanks so much for stopping by to visit and review, and I hope that your weekend is wonderful.

    Kathy M.

  8. I would buy the book. You do have a way with words.
    That Bud is sure a keeper!! He did a great job.
    Love the topaz and I can see the star.
    I enjoyed reading the history of it also.
    thanks for sharing
    Hugs sweet friend

  9. Give Bud a double thumbs-up! He's set the bar high. Beautiful gift, and the Lone Star cut is so unique. Gorgeous!

    Your blurb is certainly purchase-and-read worthy. This sounds like a Stephen King or Dean Koontz blurb. I'm in!

  10. Eidolun is a perfect name for the story, particularly with the cemetery vision and the appearance of a young girl, whom I am assuming is a spirit. This would make an interesting novel with most of the action taking place in his mind. That makes anything possible.

    Your Lone Star topaz is gorgeous. What a lovely gift.

  11. We all went sort of sci-fi fantasy this week-and yours could go many different directions!

    What a beautiful pendant and a wonderful gift!

  12. Oh, Anni, what a wonderful gift from Bud. It's beautiful. I love the star cut, it really does show up in the photos.
    And it sure does sound like Eidolon has a new resident! Good book blurb.

    —Kay, Alberta, Canada

  13. It would be fun find out where this story goes, so many possibilities at this point.

    That is quite a lovely topaz and I love the lonestar in it. ~ Calico Contemplations

  14. The Lone Star gemstone is beautiful!! My birthstone is smokey topaz, hard to find these days. I like your blurb, too. Very "other worldly" - makes me think of a movie like Darby O'Gill and the Little People or Finian's Rainbow, minus Ireland and music. ;-)

  15. You are lucky to have bud. I had to nag at my husband to buy me a replacement engagement ring because he lost my original when he was supposed to take it home to keep it save when I went to the hospital. Eventually, he gave me some money to buy one when I was going for my class reunion.

    The funny thing is now I don't wear it because it got too tight.

  16. Anni--One, what a twisted tale. I love what you did prompted by the photo, and I am drooling with envy over what you did (putting the photo on a leather-bound volume...It took me a long time to just--lamely--airbrush a title onto the photo. I genuflect in your presence.

  17. The blue pendant is beautiful. And you are right it deserves to have a good gold chain. ^_^


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