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Since I did some scanning of travel photos and such from hard copies of photos, I'm gonna post one now and then. During our younger days when we'd travel about three or four times a year, we continually ended up at one of our favorite cities if we headed west. For the two of us, we have a special bonding in this city. So many things have happened throughout our marriage in this city. It just kept calling us back. Not only is the sea a big part, but the Navy base, the Marine Recruiting Station, the wonderful Hotel on Coronado Island, but there is one place that can be rather haunting too. Especially when the sea blows in a heavy fog....the road along the highway to this point of interest and the light house [last time we were there it was operated by the Coast Guard]. The mist and the quietness of the surrounding area with the faint sounds of the Navy and docking over on the other side, near the city,'s just haunting. I've even been there when one of the USN's huge ships begin their journey to the Pacific from here and you can only see a glimmer of the shape of the monstrous ship through heavy fog. It's just awesome. To continue, it's a favorite part of USA for us. This particular area, with the statue of Cabrillo [pronounced Cah BREE Oh], at Cabrillo National Park...has a most spectacular view from the hilltop. Down below, at the shore, the Point Loma Lighthouse . President Wilson proclaimed the area a National Park in 1913.

[on a peninsula on Coronado Island and named after Juan Cabrillo, a conquistador, discoverer, shipbuilder --in the mid 1500s he and his sailors landed near this bay area, claiming it for Spain]



  1. I would love to be at that spot in the fog, listening to those huge ships leaving and sounding their fog horns. Very eerie indeed.

    It looks like such a gorgeous spot.

  2. Someday I may get to travel to that area. Your description is wonderful; I can almost see that fog rolling in!

  3. I just love places like what you are describing.

  4. Sounds like a lovely place to visit. No wonder you love it so!

  5. What a beautiful spot. I've been to SD a couple of times, but not for long enough at any one time. Our church has a college right on Point Loma, and I just did a brief visit there one day.

    I have a question for you, oh brilliant friend - I keep getting, on my Google Reader, a "follower" that is someone I used to read - - now I am getting inundated with ads for stuff to buy from Amazon - electronic equipment. It's driving me crazy, because I can't figure out how to get it to stop. I went to the listing and tried to comment, but it says I'm not a "member" - how am I getting this junk if I'm not a member. I went to "Home" and it said that this blog no longer exists and that nobody else can have its address - which doesn't appear to be true. Any suggestions??

  6. How nice to have such memories of San Diego and to revisit them every so often.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  7. Thank you for sharing this photo and your fond memories of Cabrillo National Park.

  8. How very interesting and so beautiful. I can see why it was calling you back.

  9. I've been there. cool to see it again.

  10. Ya know, I just never tire of your photographs and poetic way with words! You could make hell sound inviting! LOL

  11. Fog always makes things spooky and I can just imagine how it's even more so when it's on water and you can hear muted sounds and such coming from it but can't see anything. How you feel about this area is the way Steve and I feel about Niagara many things there that mean a lot to us and it always manages to pull us back there:-) xoxo

  12. I can so relate to this, Anni. If I hadn't settled in the San Francisco area, San Diego would have been my home. I'm so glad I have so many forensic nurse friends there, I visit from time to time and, of course, I've cruised from there in the past...sadly, not so much since retirement and the onset of poverty!

    My Watery Wednesday is at:

  13. Nice one Anni...always up for a geography lesson.


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