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This is the 'book cover' from the week's posted photo. Upon viewing this, the challenge for this meme is to write a blurb [the inside cover flap] that will entice the reader to drop down their VISA on the counter and purchase the book and enjoying it. It's to be either fiction or non-fiction. For all the rules, just click the button above; then, participate!!

Here goes---

book title:
*:*:MURDER he WROTE:*:*:

    Finding skeletal remains at the author's hideaway, DNA results from forensic scientist, Abba Gail, shows conclusively the deceased is that of the resigned special agent McGeek. The dirt-filled cabin is in no disorder....except for a ripped out typewriter ribbon, partially charred, not indiscernible, in the fireplace ash. Under the microscope, the ribbon's key indentations reveals the unfinished mystery novel, resurfacing a cold case in detail, where retired agent Lee Roy Giblet, living in Mexico, had committed an act of violence; killing a man in cold blood. The agency presumes the retiree the first person of interest in a possible murder. Was McGeek murdered? Will Abba find anything to prove it? Is Giblet covering up the crime to save face? As the mystery opens, two senior agents, Stony and Eva, are found flying to Mexico. Unresolved, the investigation from the past reopens, while a new one begins.

[147 - Word Count Tool]

"Eat your heart out, Donald've got some writers' competition here!" Pauley P, Investigative Services, Forensic Expert

"An old murder comes to life again...literally knocking the socks off of me. Twisted, AND entertaining." Ima Reading, Inquiring Minds Tribune

"A Thrilling Murder Mystery that would make Agatha Christi jealous." Bost O.N. Strangl, The Boston Commoner

Book Cover designed by Anni...
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[with the exception of photo and/or credits]
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This week, our family and friends lost a loved one. Dan, our grandsons' father and ex husband of Irene, died of liver failure. He was found on the bathroom floor by his father shortly after Dan suffered a massive heart attack. George, his father, resuscitated him, and he was revived....only to go to the local hospital and then being flown to the nearest large city's hospital where his liver quit....

If you follow my blog any, you may know that Dan and Irene were divorced being that Dan became an abusive spouse...not only breaking Irene, but the marriage because of physical [and mental] abuse to Irene and threatening the boys' lives. It's all a long story that I don't want to get into.....we all knew that his death was coming, the doctors a few years back said his heavy drinking was killing him...he quit, but began drinking heavily again... but no one is EVER READY for it. Dan, is a son of one of Bud's best friends from when we lived in Colorado. Irene grew up with Dan...we've followed them both, watching them grow up together. It's sad. Our grandsons are suffering the most with the loss of their father. We all realize that Dan no longer is living in his self inflicted turmoil. Still....a shock to everyone's system. Dan was only 43.

For Irene, the 'battle' is not over. There are legalities for the boys...they had joint custody [with Dan's mother being involved that isn't a 'happy' situation!] and she will be torn once again...this'll take time and a lot of will on Irene. Hopefully and with help of her pastor and family, I pray it soon be settled and their lives will heal and mend.


  1. i'm sorry to hear about your loss, my thoughts are with you and your family!

    as for your book review, i believe i'd buy it. why? those names!!! for real??? the guy sure has a streak of mischief there, or am i imagining it?? but that, and the fact that i love these detective/mystery kinda books, would ensure this one ended up at home...

  2. Shadow, my friend Thanks for the heartwarming words.

  3. Sorry to hear about your loss, my thoughts & prayer are with your family...

    Now about the book... Is this a joke??? How close to NCIS characters & plots can you get? It is like the books that McGee writes on the shows. Funny!!!

    Have a great day Anni!!!

  4. OOPS... on second read I see it is! Sorry I didn't understand!!! lol lol

  5. Once again, I really enjoyed your book blurb.
    The news on your former son-in-law is sad, both his life and death. It has to create a lot of mixed emotions in Irene as she sees the boys mourning and has to deal with the legalities that she must right now.

  6. squawmamma....YES!!! When I saw the typewriter, I immediately thought of McGee and his books, so went with a little 'extension' from one of their program stories. Glad you 'caught on'! rofl

  7. I had no idea that your blogging break was for such a difficult reason. I am so sorry - I know that nothing ever ends, in family situations. You know that I know what you have gone through, in a certain sense, except that the girls never see their sperm donor. I am sorry she still has "stuff" to go through - wish it could just be over. Very sad.

    Thanks for coming over to visit, and I'm glad it was a bit of a fun break for you.

    You know I crave good mysteries, so I'll have to check on this book!

  8. This is a story full of twists and turns - a mystery makes a very satisfying read:-)

  9. Dawn thank you so much!! Yep, Irene and the boys will have a lot of soul searching and mending and tears for some time.

  10. Oh I am so sorry to hear about your loss.
    I will pray for you and your family that they will heal and be able to move on to happier times.
    I know how hard it is to have an abusive alcoholic in your young life.
    With the love from loved ones and strong faith, healing will come.
    Hugs to all

  11. Sharon....thank you for your support. Much appreciated.

  12. I'm so sorry that Irene is going to have to continue facing turmoil in her life and that the boys have to face the grief that comes with the loss of a parent.

    I'll take a crime/mystery setting any time!

  13. I forgot to answer your question - yes, Dwight does all the yard work around here, and he is a master.

    I did "get" it later, after I'd already posted and then re-read. I was in too much of a hurry to get to the second part of your post, I guess. Too too clever!! As always.

  14. Mysteries galore in your book blurb this week!

    (BTW, I am sorry for the pain your daughter and grandsons have gone through. When there's an end there is always a beginning, so I hope they make it through all right...)

  15. I am sorry to read of the loss of your family member. Whatever his failings, your grandsons will feel his loss deeply. As a child of two alchoholic parents raised in chaos, that loss is further compounded by knowing you've lost all chance of having the 'normal' father you'd always wished for....

    But I did very much enjoy your book blurb. Being a fan of NCIS, I soon clued into the names, and of course Gibbs will retire to Mexico...that is if he ever retires!

    This was very clever...a book I would buy like a shot...:)

  16. Dear Anni
    Oh my goodiness I'm so sorry to read the sad I thought you were on vacation.
    What a tragic ending at such a young age.
    Alcoholism is a very cruel disease. Several of my Mom's sibilings let the demon take over their life too. There are two kinds of alcoholics "sloppy" but of no harm to anyone but themselves and "mean" and everyone needs to stay out of their way. I saw both types in the family. Thank goodness Irene was able to get herself and the boys out of it.
    I pray your grandsons will get through this stronger and wiser.

  17. PS: Cody
    We had a horrible line of t-sroms come through our section of Raleigh on Wed. afternoon. Loud and frightening. The shook the windows. About 30 min after the started firetrucks and police came barreling down the street. I looked out to see smoke rising over the threes just a block or so away. The home belonged to a young family with 2 children 7 and 9 and Cody a beautiful Perenese/Lab mix dog. We were told the family was not home. We don't know if Cody was with them. The home suffered major damage and I'm pretty sure it will have to be demolished. I hope I'll see them at some point and can offer my condolences on the loss of their home....and inquire about Cody. He is the sweetest dog never barked. He is the size of a Pernese with long flowing white fur with some black spots. If he was out with his peeops when I took my walk he always came upt to the side walk stopped and waited for me to pet him.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  18. As ever, what we know to be the true story hits harder than the fiction, and no happy, fully resolved ending either.
    But were you to write the book I'd probably buy it.

  19. Love the NCIS twist on this one, it's one of my favorite shows so I'd be forced to buy the book.

    Sorry for your family's loss, hope the other troubles work themselves out quickly.

  20. Anonymous7/08/2011

    I'm so sorry for your loss :(

  21. All the best to your family, and especially Irene and the boys. I've found it's sometimes even harder to lose someone with whom you've had an ongoing conflict--maybe because it feels like things will never get resolved? But I hope for peace for all involved.

    Cool blurb! I love mysteries that involve a possible conspiracy. Nicely thick & juicy plot!

  22. Love the title of your book, Anni. One of those "why didn't I think of that?" kinds of things. And why didn't I notice there's no ribbon in the typewriter? I know I should have seen that, so you got me twice!

    I'm so very sorry about the turmoil in your family, especially for the boys. I hope they are given the help they'll need so they don't suffer too much or too long.

    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  23. Anni, please accept my condolences. No loss is easy, regardless of the circumstances. Prayers for Irene and her boys for a favorable resolution to whatever difficulties may stem from Dan's death. God bless.

    Your book blurb is terrific - I love the names, especially special agent McGeek. LOL Nice play with that. This offers a lot of twists and turns and promises some surprises. I'm ready to put it on my Kindle!

  24. Great blurb--this one seems especially fun (but not just because it's my photo, I'd love the photo regardless - and loved what you did with it on the book. So many creative people out here in blog land. I'm sorry about all the sadness in the family. My best to all.

  25. My sympathies to you and your family in the loss of a loved one! It's always hard, especially when someone is still so young. May God's love be especially comforting as He sends it through those who love you and Him. Blessings!

  26. So sorry the boys had to lose their father. This is never easy and I hope things don't drag out with custody issues. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. xoxox

  27. Someone's an NCIS fan!! LOL

    Sell this to the show before the series ends!!