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It's 'fruitless'...well, in this case, meatless!!!



Shadowed horn cleat along the downtown Marina
[the other object to the right of the cleat is seaweed, LOL]


Again, this week was no different than other summer weeks. LOL By that I mean, it's cooking a huge pot of something that'll last the two of us for a couple of days, so I have a day or two to not be in the kitchen preparing a huge, heavy meal for dinner. This week, it was a meatless pasta dish. On the side of stroganov, but with mushrooms only. So I call it meatless mushroom stroganov...and it's a recipe I just threw together years ago, after Bud and I retired. We both liked it...and altho I never write down a recipe of my own, I attempted to make a recipe card for anyone wanting it. [just click on the image for better viewing and saving] Trust me, it's filling, quite healthy, and still very little calorie consumption. Best of all.....it's so simple to make. I serve this steaming hot, with chilled pickled beets and as always a tossed green salad. Bud has two slices of bread with it all [he NEVER gains weight], but if you're counting calories, you may just not want the extra. And, it even tastes MORE delicious reheated. Also, I've been known to make some variants to my own recipe: Adding leftover Thanksgiving Turkey, precooked and chopped Chicken Breast meat...even sautéed some cut up cubes of sirloin to the mushrooms and onions as they cook.... To get the approximate calorie count, I took all the ingredients in the recipe, and multiplied that with the amount of servings listed on each container/bag...added them...and then divided by six ---being six large servings...give or take a few calories if you use the richer butter/sour cream. Another project I started out of boredom this week since I've been indoors so much, because of the heat index outdoors, is another Halloween project...an afghan for Irene. She too loves Halloween as much as I do, if not more...I think I've stated that before. This afghan is done in one large piece with a flying witch and kitty on a broom in front of the moon. I'm going to do it with Halloween colors of orange, white, bright devilish green with a black bordering. That'll keep me busy on those days ahead. Just one day this week we got out early before the temps reached the inferno 90+ degrees and walked about a mile on the beach one way...two miles total. By the time we reached the mile marker on the beach, it was getting pretty darned hot and humid, so we turned around and returned to the car. It feels good getting outdoors and with nature. No combing the beach, nothing on the shore that is worth looking for this time of year. I also have made some plans and am searching for pieces of beads so I can make another sea bean necklace to wear during the winter months with sweaters. Oh and speaking of jewelry [hint]....I finally found what I've been looking for for that is special gift Bud bought me a few months back. I've taken some photos of what he gave me and what I finally found to go with it...so, I'll get those photos up shortly, maybe, hopefully in my Friday Fodder post. I know I keep posting about it, but I just haven't had the time here of late with the death in the family and all...the photos ARE on the cellphone, it's just getting them published on my blog. LOL


  1. Love your Shadow Shot, sorry I haven't been around much over the past few weeks, the Winter Weather combined with a busy few weeks at work have left me a little unmotivated.

    Back to it now though and look forward to reading more of your posts.

  2. Nice shadow shot.
    Thank you for sharing your recipe :)


  3. The shadow of the cleat looks even more like a horn than the real thing! I like simple fast recipes too, but I only cook when I'm not with my honey. We've got 90F too, but that's par for the course in Manila. At least we've had a bit of breeze to make it bearable.

  4. The shadow looks like the tail of an aeroplane; completely different from the actual object! Enjoyed this, thank you...

  5. You have developed a very encompassing site! Lovely how your many
    interests come together... Anyway, a great shot for SSS!

  6. Annie girl I totally love your Halloween project and that you are a Halloween NUT too !!
    That shadow shot is beautiful .. the water is perfect with the reflection and the horn cleat has a Japanese atmosphere with the lines looking like a traditional building of theirs. VERY cool shot girl !
    Joy : )

  7. Very neat shadow shot, Anni.

    Can't say I've ever heard of a horn cleat. I learned something new this morning!

    Enjoy your Sunday. ;-)

  8. Nice shadow shot! Irene is going to love the afghan!

  9. That meatless mushroom dish looks yummy! And we can have mushrooms now that Breezy is living in her own home with BestSonInLawEVER. She HATES mushrooms.

    Your shadow shot is great- as usual. Even the seaweed! LOL

  10. Great post... Love the photos and really love the recipe!!! Thanks

  11. Anni your recipe sounds delicious...my B never gains weight either!! IT is maddening!!
    I love twofer meals especially now that I'm so busy in retirment. LOL
    Last night we had Potato Basque and will repeat it tonight.
    I take it the Halloween afghan is not a surprise for Irene. I can hardly wait to see it finished.
    Hugs C

  12. Anonymous7/17/2011

    Great shadow shot!

  13. Great shadow shot, Anni! So distinct. The stroganov looks delish!...Christine

  14. The anchorage is rusty as it sits on the concrete wall. Yet, it remains strong enough to moor a boat, and it leaves a well designed shadow, too!

    We can invent many a fine meal with Campbell's (or any maker's) cream of whatever soup. They add such a creamy character to anything. The pasta look looks and will taste really delicious!

  15. Anonymous7/17/2011

    Hi Anni,
    Thank you for visiting my shadow shot.
    Did you know, your shadow shot could have been taken right here a Fremantle Harbour (in Perth Western Australia). It's a part of my heritage! I love it.
    Also love your recipe. Since I'm batching it, I thought this could be nice and easy and I lurve mushrooms.
    So sorry to hear about a death in your family. This is never easy. I feel for you.
    God bless you.

  16. That's an impressive shadow. It stands out more than the actual dock piece.

  17. Great shadow shot! Your mushroom recipe sounds delish...I love these quick n easy dishes. This has been a hot hot hot summer this year. We are preparing for a scorcher this week. Not looking forward to being cooped up in the house after just having a welcome 3day break of 80's n low humidity!!! All I can say is "Thank God for AC" Stay cool n enjoy working on your afghan. I may get into working on my scrapbook!

  18. Anonymous7/17/2011

    I love the sunlight bouncing off the water!!

  19. Love your shadow shot and thanks for the yummy recipe!

  20. Fabulous shadow shot! The recipe sounds delish, too! So sorry about the death in your family...hope you are all doing OK. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind words! Have a great Sunday!

  21. great shadow. glad you told me what it was. love the seaweed.

  22. Love your shadow shot—you just know someone's out on a boat, enjoying the bright sunshine, and they'll be back to tie up here later. :~}

  23. yum- must try your recipe! and I lovce your shadow shot! Cheers and have a great week!

  24. Super watery shot!
    So glad to have made contact!
    Greetings from New York

  25. So glad to find your wonderful blog, the photos, the recipe (sounds very yummy!), the reflections on your week! Thanks for stopping by Fabius Day by Day and putting me on to you! Do you have kitties?

  26. I didn't even know those thingies had a name! Horn cleat. Huh! Thanks!


    Imagine a shadow could talk
    In whisper or rumble or squawk;
    Just what would it say
    To make you go, “Hey!
    You’re just a chip off the old block!”?

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadows abound here and here

  27. Thats a great shot, the shadow looks like a shark tail or something related to it.

    Thanks for the visit

  28. Very cool and refreshing , even in your terrible heat. I can't wait to see this interesting afghan you are making, please share with us.

  29. That cleat sure made a big shadow! Beautiful colors of yarn you have there, too.

  30. Wonderful shadow shots.

  31. That recipe sounds delicious! I'll have to try it out.

    It's really, really hot here, too. Hope you can stay cool!


  32. Great shadow shot! Anni, thank for the recipe too - think I'll try that, it looks delicious and easy to make!

  33. Anni, that sounds like a dog-gone good meal for fast and easy. I may give that a try next week. Like the picture of the shadow...ran out of time this week to get my own post for Sunday so I'll just enjoy yours a little longer!

  34. Beautiful shadowy photos!

    My shadows, hope you can visit and see. Have a great week ahead!

  35. I love that Shadow Shot above, i also didn't know it is called a horn cleat! The light with the spool of yarn is also very dramatic. thanks.

  36. this simple shadow shot is my kind of shot Anni. I love the glow of the water in the backdrop of this shot too. I surely do commiserate with you about the heat and humidity. it has reached us here in the upper Midwest, with a heat index over 100. the dewpoints are in the mid-70's, so it's very near unbearable. my friend just came back from a week's visit in Texas with family. they were on the gulf and ended up staying inside and playing Scrabble!!! stay cool Anni, and I hope you have a fun week.

  37. Love your shadow sot and the stroganov sounds yummy. I too like to cook things so that I will have leftovers. Sometimes they are better the second day than the first. My husband cooks just enough for whoever is eating. He will never eat anything left over, drives me crazy.
    Hope you have a good week. Sounds like you have alot keeping you busy.

  38. We've had sunny and hot summer here in Helsinki too, only a couple of grey, rainy days. Today we get a new heatwave again.
    Great shot for SSS.
    Have a good week ahead!

  39. What a great find! Love your shadow.

  40. Horn cleat? So glad you included that info as I would have never known what it was. It casts a very cool shadow!

  41. Looks like an abstract painting. I love the texture contrasts and the play of light. Subtle and lovely photo.

  42. That shadow shot is interesting. I'm more interested in that recipe. It sounds very yummy. I'll check it out. :)

  43. A cleat, a rope ---

    Who could ask for moor?


  44. So that's what those thingamajigs are called...horn cleats! I'm telling you, I learn more on your blog than anywhere else:-)

    Ooooh, that recipe does sound delicious and I must copy it down and make it one day soon. I love anything with pasta and mushrooms! If it's healthy for you and low in calories, then that's an added bonus!!

    Love the colours you chose to make Irene's Halloween afghan and I can't wait to see the finished product. You always do such lovely work!!

    It's 82 here right now and I'm melting! You'd probably find that "comfortable"!!! hehe xoxo

  45. Anonymous7/20/2011

    Nice shadow shot.
    Hope it starts to cool down a bit for you. :)

  46. I am really very glad after read here and I appreciate for the information that you presented here.

  47. Perfect shadow. I actually have one of these in my backyard. It's pretty overgrown with shrubs by now though. Thanks for stopping by my shadow!


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