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Dedication to mom....

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she passed away at 79.

Long ago, just after we relocated here in Texas from Arizona, I took a jaunt to one of the plant nurseries here in town. I was taken aback at all the 'cool' yard things they had besides just plants and flowers and trees. Yes, I tend to buy things not needed. I guess that's the American Way [insert wink here]. Well, around the yard fixtures area of the nursery, among the bird baths and yard statues...just above it all, they had wind chimes. There happened to be an air vent blowing at a good clip and the sounds reverberating was a little overwhelming. At first. Then, I spied this creature. Not only were the bamboo 'chimes' making a muted sound, but the bird was bobbing up and down and all around...twisting, turning, ---yep a bobble head heron. I said, "Why not? This'll make Bud shake his head in disbelief that I'd buy such a creature?" He of course thought it was a waste of money. Oh, I'm sure it is...but it's still fun to watch. It hangs from the ceiling right near the air vent. And the strings are long enough that the continual tinkle isn't annoying. But he'll dance for us. [I do apologize for the quality of the photos....from cellphone]



Speaking of shopping---

I wanted to buy a candle holder, but the store didn't have one. So, I bought a cake.

* * *

I put a new pair of underwear on, I feel like a million bucks. I buy the Jockey ones because they're 100% cotton. You can breathe. You don't buy those Victoria's Secret things. Those things ought to come with a tube of Monistat™.

* * *

They sell book lights now, a little spotlight you attach to your book. You know, I actually thought about buying one of these, and then Bud reminded me; I own a lamp.

* * *

Then, think ---shopping can make one hungry:

"7 days without pizza makes one weak."

...and as you drive around the freeways from one shopping area to the next:

"Keep your eyes on the road and stop reading those billboard signs."


  1. I love your heron chime. It is so cute. As usual I always enjoy your funnies. I usually have to have pizza once a week.

  2. Anonymous7/23/2011

    some wind chimes make fun for us on behalf of these we entertain to yourself and on other hand it play a vital role in the field of decoration.pure human nature is highlighted in the given post i.e positive and negative.

  3. Nice picture of your Mom. I can see that you look like her.
    I like your bobble bird!

  4. you are a good daughter. I remember when my mum died when she was 60. She would be 83

  5. Love that bird! Everyone should have one.

    Also LOL at the Victoria Secret bit. There's nothing like cotton undies, is there, especially in this heat!

  6. Your mother was a beautiful and strong looking woman.

  7. Fun post in memory of your mother! The bobble head heron might not be a needed item but unique and entertaining has its own value :) He is quite handsome!

  8. Anni the picture of your mom is classic... she was beautiful! Loved the funnies!!!

  9. So cut...very unusual too! Loved the funnies

  10. Mom and I love Saturdays w/ Anni!!
    Thanks for the smiles and please tell Winston...I have a heart as big as TX and he is welcomed to a part of it.
    Hugs Madi

  11. Your mother reminds me of an actress and it's going to drive me NUTS until I figure out which one! LOL

    Love the chimes!

  12. Anonymous7/23/2011

    Hilarious signs! And what a cute wooden bird.

  13. Enjoyed those Saturday funnies! Your mom's hair looks just like my mom used to wear it! Beautiful lady!

  14. Now that is one cool heron!

  15. Your garden decorations are adorable. I wish I had more like that around my garden. Thanks for the funnies at the end of your post.

  16. I like this camera critter!

  17. Cute Camera Critters photo!!

  18. That picture of your mom is beautiful! :) A bamboo bird--pricless!

  19. The Bobble Head Heron is so cute! I would have had to bring that home too. Too funny about the book light, that sounds like something my hubby would say.

    Hope you are having a nice (not too hot) weekend.

  20. So great to remember Mom...we should all do more of that. Love the bobble-head heron...makes me feel better about the stuff I but!

    Love the new look to your site!

  21. Anni, I love your heron chime. It would be fun to watch and that is what life is about...fun.

    Love your sense of humor and thanks for visiting my Writing Nook. I'm trying to blog more but since we will be moving in the next month or so, I'm a little short on time.


  22. PS. My email address is the same. Could you drop me a note. I lost your email when my computer crashed. Thanks in advance.

  23. Your mother was a beautiful woman.
    I like your camera critter and funnies :)


  24. you are always a hoot hootin annie :0) such a nice tribute btw to your mom. thanks for stopping by! you should link up to give back thursday this week



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