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Books...worms...reading...and such

In a spy novel I had just read, the hero hid a letter in a particular statue in Washington, D.C. Since I was in that city at the time, on a whim, I decided to see if the statue really contained the small niche the author had described. To my great surprise, it did -- and a cellophane-wrapped letter was inside. After a moment's hesitation, I pulled out the letter, opened it, and burst into laughter. An unidentified reader had penned, "Good book, wasn't it?" [joke]


This is the 'book cover' from the week's posted photo. Upon viewing this, the challenge for this meme is to write a blurb [the inside cover flap] that will entice the reader to drop down their VISA on the counter and purchase the book and enjoying it. It's to be either fiction or non-fiction. For all the rules, just click the button above; then, participate!!

Here goes---

book title:
*:*:COVER GIRL:*:*:

    Tracé had outward beauty, figure, money, and...phony friends. A star. Her looks gave her everything. But in her heart she had nothing. She felt alone. Since her mother signed her up for a beauty pageant at the age of ten, her life's been turmoil. Now, at the age of 25, schedules and popularity with the media gave her no privacy to live a normal life. The years of walking the catwalk and flashes from cameras and the paparazzi...she no longer wanted any part of it. Come upon Tracé walking her last catwalk...a steel bridge. She wanted an end. Lurking in the trees on the bank of the murky, swift flowing river, a reporter, working for a well-known, highly published magazine, followed. Will Bret save Tracé from her doom? Or make a sensational celebrity story that'll outsell any magazine in history?

[142 - Word Count Tool]

Book Cover designed by Anni...
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© 2011

On second thought.......I should've titled the book "Without A Tracé" instead of Cover Girl...too late. I shoulda had a V8. LOL


On the subject of books...I finished [finally] the acclaimed, award winning novel: "One Thousand White Women - A Journal of Mary Dodd". I must be honest here. The book was a slow one to get through. For a reason it being quite dry. It's about a group of women 'sold' by the American Government back in the mid 1800s. To the American tribe of Cheyenne [native Americans]. The history basis is quite factual in the occurring events, along with military accuracies and characters [such Brigadier General Crook and the 7th cavalry - forts and military grounds such as Fort Larimie --by the way, this fort still exists]. Mary Dodd, tho, is a fictitious person as are all the other women traded. The idea of women being traded for horses from the Native Americans just seemed all too far-fetched to me. More or less, quite unbelievable. This is why, for me, it was a difficult theme to sink in. The author, being male, Jim Fergus pinpointed the psyche of women well. That, I'll give him. Don't get me wrong, it's not a BAD book...just something that perhaps could have been more believable for me if the scenarios were different. But!!! -- the last several entries to Mary's 'diary' were what made the book worthy of reading it in its entirety. I'm glad I stuck by it and completed it. The ending blew me away. Yep, the ending entries and explanation of how the entries were 'made into' this book...fascinating imagination...it's what makes this book something worth a literary award. But, I do think the epilogue was unnecessarily added. My opinion of course. Since completing the above title, I began reading a genre of little interest to me, but the title was intriguing---a mystery entitled "The Book of the Dead" by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. It's supposedly the third of a trilogy...but I'm sure it'll pick up from and cover the characters without reading the previous two editions.

...and the "Worm"

"For Heaven's sake, Chris, why can't you talk to me once in a while?" Julie whined. "What?" Chris replied.
"Look around!" Julie yelled, as she pointed around the room. "Look at all these books! You always have your head buried in a book! You don't even seem to know I'm alive!"
"I'm sorry, honey," Chris said.
"Sometimes I wish I were a book. Maybe then you'd at least look at me!" Julie exclaimed.
"Hmmmm," Chris mumbled, "that's not such a bad idea. Then I could take you to the library every few days and change you for something more interesting."


  1. Oh my gosh! I can't believe how funny it is that someone would put that note at the statue! I hope you left it there for another adventurous reader to find!

    Good luck with the weather. Will pray for only a good soaking and not a hurricane!

  2. Robin....no, that's a joke.

  3. G'morn Annie ~
    We had a grand time in all of AZ. What an experience in the mission, tho. So moving. Glad you enjoyed. Take a peek at the previous post ... it was my very favorite moments ...

    Have a beautiful day, Anni.

    TTFN ~

  4. Marydon....yes, I did, I did see your gathering---Roamy's post. But the mission was a favorite of mine.

  5. I hope you get your much-needed rain!

  6. Love the line, "...her last catwalk...a steel bridge." And the conflict both characters have between shallow appearances of success and true happiness is superb! Love your book joke about the statue!

  7. Loved the book joke and I must tell you once again how I can count on you for a good laugh.
    Hope that you do get some much needed rain and a break in the heat.
    Have a great and safe weekend.

  8. Hi Anni,

    Wow, what a post, all the way around. I enjoyed your book blurb and cover very much ... it is true that your second title would have matched perfectly. I'm sure that there are some very lonely stars out there, just how you described. I hope the reporter saves her, falls in love and takes her out of the limelight.

    Last night we were watching the news and I told Cary, hey, that is where Anni lives ... I don't want the hurricane to hit! I hope it stays away from land but that you will get some rain. The best of both worlds.

    Thanks for the review of the history book. Sometimes I think that if I ever write my historical novel it will be in a diary format. I'll keep my eyes open for it, but I have a trouble with dry books too.

    Hope your weekend is wonderful, and stay safe!

    Kathy M.

  9. Anni I know what you mean about wanting and needing rain but not all the winds etc that go with tropical storms. I really don't think it is too much to ask for just a gentle soaking rain without audio. This time of year all of our rain comes with way to much audio and electricity.
    Hugs C

  10. I like your book blurb meme today - it got my interest! The 1000 white women has an interesting point - too bad it was dry!

  11. The joke about the statue made me laugh out loud.
    Now you've got me... I MUST know what happens to Trace!

  12. What a clever and daunting book blurb! (In my opinion, one of your best yet...) And the niche in the statue was there? This was a very clever author!

  13. Hopefully, he'll save her or it might be a short book. lol Of course, her presence on the bridge might be a prologue and the novel could tell her story. Although I have no desire to be a celebrity, I think it's fun to read about their lives, whether real or imaginary. I'm sure I'd be in line to read this one.

  14. I like the jokes, and I like the book blurb. Too many young women find themselves where they don't want to be, one way or another, but most don't have fame, fortune, and mothers they can blame. Well done, Anni, and I hope the reporter turns out to be a good guy and not another one of the dreaded paparazzi (a word I can never spell).

    —Kay, Alberta, Canada

  15. Oh, I love that someone left a letter like that and that you found it. What a great idea.
    Mama Bear

  16. Poor Trace. The girl with everything and nothing. I do hope she finds a happy ending!

  17. You know, Anni, if you keep writing these covers I am going to have to insist that you quickly write the book to accompany said cover so I can get the answers to the questions you ask!

    I've been keeping an eye on the storm too and thinking of y'all!

    Wonder how Chris enjoyed divorce court? LOL

  18. I used to read so many good books..I love mystery, love, comedy...all kinds. Then...blogging came along..:))
    hugs, bj

  19. I know you said it was a joke about someone leaving the note in that statue but wouldn't it have been great if it had really happened?? lol

    Loved the blurb for your "book"...I have no doubt the reporter would save Trace and fall in love with her. What can I say, I`m a romantic:-)

    As for the Bookworm joke, I`d have hit Chris over the head with his book for saying that! LOL

    Have a wonderful weekend my friend. xoxo

  20. Good one Anni!!! Loved it♥

  21. The reporter will be torn betwen a rescue and a good story! Child pageants have a lot to answer for.


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