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Canna Lily
Mustang Island, Texas
Spring of 2011


  1. Anonymous7/12/2011

    Beautiful ...

  2. Such a beautiful lilly... & a lovely photo!

  3. Beautiful photo Annie! Love the colors in the Canna Lily!

  4. Beautiful lily! The colors are striking. Just like the wedding colors in the post I just finished. Unusual combo for a wedding, but it was lovely.

    I kept scrolling down looking for words! But just a beautiful picture today. Have a good day and keep cool. We're heading into the sauna next Thursday for Dwight to play golf in a Teen Challenge tournament out there in Maine. After a very long, wet, cold spring summer has arrived in full force. I think I prefer fall in Maine! But it'll be great to see Kev and Angie in their new setting - together!

  5. Beautiful colors!

  6. That is so beautiful.
    My flowers are not looking so perky since we had that 80 wind and heavy rain on Sunday night.
    Have a great day.

  7. So so pretty...love the two tone colors!

  8. What beautiful colors ! Just the once I love !

  9. I love your beautiful flower...
    Hope you aren't burning to a crisp down there in CC. :)

  10. How lovely - I have never seen a Canna Lily before.

  11. Oh Anni, what a beauty that Canna Lily is! Love the two tone look. All of my lilies are now blooming so I've got quite the the assortment of colours in my flowerbeds at the moment. I took pictures yesterday and will post them tomorrow on my blog:-) xoxo


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