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[Crepe Myrtle winter seed pods]

I noticed the other day when I pulled the car into the garage that the two large crepe myrtle trees are budding. One is a beautiful 'hot' pink and the other smaller one is lavender. But, just last Winter, with the ice storm we had, the blossoms' seed pods were beautiful in nature's own way...these photos I took after the ice began to melt. I loved the amber color of the melting ice as it began to form a drop and fall to the ground.


The sign of the times shows frequently in the news. I read an article about hundreds of communities throughout our country and their battle with budgets and keeping the cities out of the red, financially. Tho sad, I felt compelled to give another rant about this. No, it really has nothing to do with the budgets and politics. This time it has to do with parents. Of course, I realize that times have changed in society. That too is sad in a way. Thing is, let me begin by explaining what I read. Cities and towns all over America are closing, permanently, their public swimming pools because of the cost of upkeep. I can understand that. I know after living in Tucson for a decade what expense there is to the maintenance of a swimming pool. It's VERY costly. I can just imagine what it would take from a city's budget to keep a PUBLIC swimming pool clean, safe, and sanitary with the thousands that show up seasonally. Okay...still, that isn't my point here. Get to it Anni!! Now, while reading the article, most parents of toddlers to teen-agers were complaining that this was something they feel is wrong. One parent's comment just hit me like a ton of bricks. She said "What are my kids going to do this summer with the pool closed?" "How will I keep them out of trouble?" "Where will they go for entertainment?" Ummmmmmmmmmm. Ever hear of baseball? Maybe buy them a skateboard? Perhaps take the money you'd spend on swimming or swimming lessons and have them join a summer camp? What about [larger cities] YMCA and their pools? Things are too expensive? What about getting those 'poor abused kids' a lawn mower and get them outside, exercising....AND MAKING MONEY to boot, mowing lawns? Put them out in your OWN yard by making a small patch of land; allowing them to garden? Biking, hiking, walking, volunteering to help the elderly? There are so many possibilities!! I'm sorry, but my instincts here are flowing overboard...those people just don't know how to use their heads, and think!!---you don't need much money if at all, just get ideas and work with your kids. YOU had the offspring, don't expect society to babysit. USE other resources and your own ingenuity.

swimmer graphic borrowed from Free Clipart


  1. I love, love your images. Those buds look like Amber jewels. Look forward to seeing the trees when they are in full bloom.

  2. You go girl! Yes, a pool is wonderful but you aren't entitled to it. And what do they think the kids in the country do?
    The Crepe Myrtle is so pretty, even in the off season. Looking forward to seeing pictures of it in bloom.

  3. These are wonderful pictures! The seed pods look as if they are bursting with life, just the same as a new flower bud. And your right, the last photo with the amber colored drip is lovely.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day!

  4. These are adorable!!! Wont they be gorgeous when they flower!!! Jodi XX

  5. Love the amber drop on the edge of the seed pod!

  6. We seem to be in synch with our posts this week. Love the raindrop on the last one - do show us how they have progressed. I would love to see what a myrtle tree looks like.

  7. Jag tror inte att ett myrtenträd kan växa i min trädgård. Men det blev jättefina kapslar av dem som du så fint fotograferat. Tack för dina fina texter.Och tack för titten hos mig. Anita Sweden.

  8. Anita I had to go to Google Translate and get your comment in English....I could figure out some words, but not all----

    "I do not think one myrtenträd can grow in my garden. But it was really nice capsule of them as you so nicely photographed. Thanks for your nice text. Thanks for looking at mine."

  9. First, thank you for a much needed glimpse of winter. I appreciated the cool down. LOL

    Second, I hear what you're saying. There are a mulititude of summer activities- Hubs was the only one earning the bacon around here so our funds were matter. Our summers were full every day and no one got into trouble or bored. You're quite right Anni! Now, how do we get those parents to read your blog? LOL

  10. Your rant is right on!! A large number of those people complaining are two working people families to make ends meet. The ends meet are 2 cars or worse trucks, Atv's TV's etc. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  11. Seed pods can be really beautiful!

  12. Anonymous6/06/2011

    wish I could have myrtle trees in my garden....
    these look very special and that you caught them in the melting mode made them even more interesting to look at

    christina Sweden

    cannot comment as Googleuser in some blogspot blogs

  13. love those seed pods - beautiful!

  14. Would you believe I have almost identical shots of my own crepe myrtle pods taken over the winter. Great minds...LOL
    Amen to your kills me when I hear this kind of stuff...there is a sense of entitlement going on here in this country and it is so wrong!!!

  15. what great shots! I love the last one. Thanks for stopping by!

  16. Love today's photos. Thanks for sharing.

    All the best, Boonie

  17. I would have never thought that these were myrtles ! It looks like jewelry growing on a branch ! Very creative !

  18. yes, they are beautiful. I would also like to see the flowers when they are ready. :)

  19. Hi Anni
    what a unique picture of the crepe myrtles buds encased in ice.

    Oh don't eve get me started on 'some of the parenting' I see. Some think it is the responsibility of others to raise and entertain their children. I often see parents out with children at cafes, malls etc. The kids are eating or aimlessly wandering and the parent is on some type of hand held contraption rather than talking to the child. I want to tell them that in the blink of an eye that child will be graduating from high school...Madi and Mom

  20. Hi Anni ... your pictures are fantastic!

    We grew up with "the pool" right down the block, and I have so many fond memories of it. It finally got too old and had to close, and they filled it in with dirt. It was sad. Still, you are right, there are many other things that kids can do during the summer.

    If they are in daycare, especially in one that isn't a home daycare, I don't think it would feel much like a special summer break anyway. Ooops! Now I'm the one bringing up a touchy subject. Things sure have changed since we were little, and I wish that many of them hadn't. If there are parents at home during summer break then you are right, a bit of gumption and imagination are the very key to make things work.

    Have a great week, Anni.

    Kathy M.

  21. Anonymous6/06/2011

    It looks lovely. Are they edible?

  22. You catch the very dramatic last water drop so well! ^_^ I can't wait to see the flowers and it's color. Happy Monday!! And thanks for the visit!

    Macro Monday

  23. Great shots Anni! The pods look like they are ready to burst!

  24. Cool photos... thanks for visiting my blog today... have a great week...

  25. My own crepe myrtle still show no signs of bloom.

    As to your rant, my first thought was to agree 100%. I would take my own boys hiking or biking several times a week and they had a creek behind the house to tube in. I didn't work in the summer and was around to supervise.
    I think things may be different today for urban kids whose parents both work just to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table.
    I have no personal experience with this new world, my only grandchild is "special needs" with his own set of issues, but I do think times have changed since we were parents.

  26. I love your macros.

  27. That copper color is unique, and how great that you thought to capture it!
    Happy MM Anni.
    The Bombers heading for a showdown with the Sox. Can't wait to see it. Your boy Georgie not doing so good. Lets hope that changes SOON!

  28. I agree that some people use the pools as a babysitter way to much. I think that kids can do other things that help them gain the knowledge that you can have fun without getting wrinkled everyday.
    Great post.
    Have a nice day.

  29. WELL said Anni! There are so many ways to keep our children entertained - doing good is not only good for the community, but good for our kids as well! LOVE your post today! By the way - I don't know crepe myrtle! Don't think we get those in South Africa! Thanks for popping again! Hugs for a great week!

  30. I'm not so familiar with them, but I agree the amber color is a beauty to look at...

  31. LOVE crepe myrtles! Gorgeous!

  32. Anonymous6/06/2011

    Nice. I like that last shot.

  33. Anni, Lovely shots of the crepe myrtle pods. I so agree with your post--I didn't spend any money in the summer when I was growing up. We invented our own games, and (my favorite) we played hide and go seek after dark on hot summer nights. We spent hours chasing fireflies,put them in a jar only to let them go minutes later. Fond (and cheap)summer evenings. Have a great week. Mickie :)

  34. Amen! :)
    I learned something today - didn't know crepe myrtles had seed pods.
    Lovely shots Annie!

  35. I, too, especially love that last shot of the myrtle crepe pod with the water dripping off it!!

    I agree with you, so many parents think that society must babysit or at least entertain their children. Growing up, we didn't have a pool at home or a public one, I spent a lot of my time at the playground, swinging, sliding, hanging from the monkey bars, skipping rope, etc, and never once do I remember being bored. If I wasn't at the playground, I was riding my bike. It was actually a treat when dad would bring us to the lake to swim a couple times a month during the summer:-) xoxo

  36. Yes, I hear ya and I'm right on board with all your suggestions. Sadly, as they become teen-agers the electronics kick in. My original outdoor son is so enamored with texting and such that it's hard to get him outside for any reason.....swimming pools notwithstanding. Still, there's hope. He went on a long bike ride just now. yeah! david/ tropical texana

  37. Anni,

    Exactly!! Brandon and Jordan do get to go swimming at the public outdoor pool where it only costs $5 for them to get in, but Brandon works with hubby mowing lawns and cleaning yards. Jordan keeps my flower beds clean of weeds and thistles. We plant tomatoes and lettuce and harvest it as we need it. The boys aren't into sports but we do keep them busy and yes, they earn money for their work, which teaches them its value. I'm right beside you in this topic, girlfriend.