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[red, red, mini rose - backyard, rose flower box]

NOTE: Regarding the comment issue in Blogger...I checked it out yesterday on the Forum/Help Desk. The latest commenting failure was dated late May and the Blogger Team said they'd work on a fix...but there was no update. I was able to visit with my 'bloggin' buddies' who paid me a visit yesterday up until about 3PM...I hopefully can catch up on the rest today. Keeping my fingers crossed!!



  1. Hehe ! I also have red roses ! your picture looks so funny with the froggy behind the romantic roses, lol !

  2. your garden looks picture perfect, blooms and critters and all!

  3. You must have the most beautiful garden!!!

    Remember to go enter Caption My Freak Photo Competition

  4. I love the frog, he seems to be admiring the flowers

    I hope Jeter's pulled muscle heals soon, I'd love to see him get to 3000 :)

  5. My yellow minis started blooming yesterday - I love them! We can't do many roses because we have such a shady yard. Kinda sad, but good that there's so much shade!

  6. Happy Flag day to you too. The roses are lovely.

  7. Great shot of beautiful the frog in the background. Glad your comment issue is resolved!

  8. Those are some really pretty red roses.
    I like that little statue in the background.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Beautiful roses Anni! Happy day to you...

  10. your garden looks picture perfect.If you have a time please follow my blog,

  11. Hi Anni we were off the radar most of yesterday day too. Mom had a medical procedure that went very well but we were late getting to blogging.

    I spy a pretty kitty on yesterday's post and a frog today...MOL
    Hugs Madi

  12. Gorgeous roses, Anni!! I've always had a weak spot for red roses instead of all the other available colours out there. I have two rose bushes in my flowerbed behind the house and noticed this morning that something is eating at it so I sprayed it. Hopefully it will survive. The two I have in my faerie garden seem ok so I'm looking forward to when they're budding!

    I've never had a problem with leaving comments but I know a lot of others have. It's so frustrating when it's lasted this long and they don't put an update on the forum.

    It's 81 and sunny today...impressed? lol xoxo

  13. Beautiful flower, thanks.

  14. the rose is beautiful.

    thanks for stopping by my blog today! to answer your question, YES it's been dreadfully hot up here in NE Texas. 5 straight days of 100 or more and tomorrow they're saying 104?! jeepers, we need rain badly! especially before the 4th when the fireworks nuts go crazy...