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In the good ol' Summertime....

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In the summertime....it's sun tea time!!
I love the imported Green Teas. And we have an Asian Market here in town. This is where I go when I am out of tea. And for some reason, this outing when I bought tea, I failed to READ the box label. And I get home and find it's NOT tea BAGS, but, LOOSE tea. I already had it opened before I realized this, and I wanted to make sun tea. I couldn't possibly even think of returning it once it's been opened. The mother of necessity sunk in. I used a coffee filter, measured out my green tea leaves, tied the filter with a long length of thread...tossed it in the container of water....and voilà....sun tea. With no loose tea residue. Nothing better on a hot summery day, than a tall tall glass filled with huge ice cubes and the wonderful thirst quenching drink!! Oh....and another thing I do sometimes, is to add a drop of mint extract in the water for a more refreshing drink to serve with a meal. But, I've learned to make sure to read the box label for future purchases...geez!!!

- - -

Speaking of "Summertime" -well, it's one month into hurricane season. For both the Atlantic/Gulf region AND the eastern Pacific region. Already, the eastern Pacific has had two tropical storms turning into hurricane force. The high pressure area that was keeping us in such a drought for months finally lifted and broke away from Texas last week giving us a day of rain. Now the High is back over our coast and keeping this new tropical storm, the first for the Gulf, away from our shores. The brunt of it anyway. It's heading into the mountains of East Mexico [Old Mexico]. Perhaps, if we are lucky, we may get a few showers from this depression, but if any, it won't be much. At least I don't think----the High Pressure Area above will see to it. Either case, Tropical Storm Arlene is the first of the 2011 season. And there'll be MORE to come!!!


  1. I have just started drinking green tea because it's so good for you. I don't drink coffee and don't care for tea, but this isn't bad!

  2. Mari...I'd much prefer iced tea myself. I don't drink coffee either. I love the aroma of coffee, but have only had it once and didn't care for the taste so never got addicted to it.

  3. It happened to me all the time too. But the good thing is we knew how to deal with it ^_^ Happy Wednesday!

    See it?

  4. Hi Anni oh my gosh we are the same age...LOL
    I have a sun tea jar too. That is one refreshing jar of deliciousness too.
    Happy Wednesday. Today is my day with my Mom so I'll be MIA for a good portion of it.

  5. I do love sun tea, but haven't made it in a long time. I think it's time to drag out my tea jug and get to it.

  6. Can I come for a cuppa, you are creative, I simply put loose tea leafs, and when I drink, I get bits of tea leaves in my tea cup. Shall try your idea.

  7. You are so resourceful...great idea about the coffee filter. Glad to hear you Texans are getting some of the wet stuff. WE could sure use some in our neck of the woods...we had so much rain in the spring n now its been very dry! Hang onto your hat for hurricane season...its always a worry!!!

  8. Brilliant, Ms Anni! My son tells me I need to be more careful when I shop - I'm always looking at one thing and picking up another - too many choices!

    We have this huge patch of mint out in our yard now that started from one tiny planting. That would make your tea special!

    Thanks for watching the girlies grow with me. Now - potty training. What a disaster!

  9. Hi Anni, you are so smart. Thanks for reminding me of sun tea. If we ever get some sun, I'll make some of it. I really like using mint tea for sun tea.

    And hurricanes! If it isn't one thing, it is another. At least there is more time to prepare for those. On that, you reminded me of Jimmy Buffett and "Trying to Reason With The Hurricane Season".

    No, we didn't go on the floating bridge; we weren't there long enough, and oddly enough, it was closed for repairs that weekend anyway.

    Have a wonderful week, and thank you so much for visiting!

    Kathy M.

  10. I love sun tea Anni. Have you tried white tea and lemon? It's mild but very refreshing.

  11. I love green tea too ! but now I have discovered real Apple tea in Istanbul ! It doesn't taste at all like the Lipton's apple tea, but it's real apple tea not in a bag. I bought for the whole year, lol ! you can drink it hot or cold, it's absolutely delicious !

  12. Oh Anni- I thought of you this morning when the weather idiot...dude...was talking about the first storm of the season! I hope it stays away from y'all!

    I haven't made sun tea since the lovelies were little! They used to love it!

  13. oh, we were on our 6th tropical storm last week. enjoy your iced tea, and the summer.:p

  14. What a great idea adding mint extract...YUMMO!

  15. One of my son love to drink green tea, but I prefer the plain old English tea.

  16. I haven't made sun tea in ages, time to pull out the jar and make a batch. Very inventive of you to use a coffee filter, I have to remember that.

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend Anni!

  17. I've never made sun tea, I'm more of a cold lemonade guy. But it does look good!

  18. when I make green tea, I always add some black tea to it because it just doesn't seem strong enough. Yours is the second post I've seen about sun tea. makes me want to get out my jug. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow.
    Mama Bear

  19. I love iced tea but I've never tried making the sun tea. Does that mean it sits in the sunlight for an amount of time? It sure does look delicious and I like the idea of adding mint to it. I've learned the hard way to read labels as well!! lol

    I hope that none of the storms that will be going on around you will cause any problems, just give you much needed rain! xoxo


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