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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

I dreamed a dream of days gone by....



[there ARE leg shadows in the photo]

[my row, to the right of the 'coach']

- - -


For my summary this week, it's all about my dad [IT CONTINUES TO HAUNT ME]---

It was two in the morning, the room was stuffy and humid. As the ceiling fan whirled above my head, giving me little relief, I was awakened by a dream. A dream still so vivid in my mind as I tossed and turned trying to compose myself and relax, trying desperately to return to my dream. A realism that it would be nearly impossible to go back and pick up where the dream left me wide awake and wondering what it all meant to me and how and why I had dreamed such a dream…
    A faint knocking came from the living room. I was in the kitchen, cleaning, after our nighttime meal, and I was wiping off my hands of foamy soap residue, to dry them, and get to the door. The evening light was fading in the west. Darkness was coming over the landscape. I peered out the lightly draped, framed window from the room and could see only silhouetted tree branches as the sky was slowly turning a dusty, indigo blue. The stars danced between the black toothpick-like arms of the tree’s shadow. Erik was in his own room, playing his invented games. Irene was whispering in a deep, hushed, conversation on her phone that we gave her for the holidays just days ago. The television was on; no one was watching. The room itself was lighted in an incandescent golden glow from the table lamp on the sofa’s side arm. I made my way; closer to the slated overlay of the foyer now. I reached for the brass knob to open the door and it turned on its own. Startled, I took a step backward, nearly stumbling over the carpeting and beveled woodwork separating the floor tiles, unknowing who or what made it turn. I waited in silence; my heart racing now. The outer door frame became visible as someone or something maneuvered the works. The heavy, imported, mahogany, door was now ajar.

    From out of nowhere my father appeared. He smiled hugely, showing his tobacco stained teeth and reached out and wrapped his virile, heavily haired arms around me. Though somewhat startled at the sudden appearance of him, my heart slowly calmed down with the comfort of his hug. As my eyes opened from over my father’s shoulder. another came through the door. His sister, my favorite aunt, entered through the doorway, hugely smiling her greeting. She walked past the two of us. Dad and I were still in a very mysterious and atypical embrace. You see, my father, as I grew to adult, hardly ever showed emotional and familial gestures of such kind. The lingering clinch was comforting and confusing me at the same time.

    While Aunt Mary made her way behind us and setting down on the sofa, still smiling broadly, another person showed up. But the body was partially hidden from me. I couldn’t see just who it was. Was it my mother? Was it a cousin? I can’t tell you. I woke up just as my father and I said our hellos and he released himself to turn and make his way near his sister.
I think I would have really enjoyed the ensuing conversation that lay in store after we all settled down and began catching up on lost time. My father passed away just over seventeen years ago. My mother, if it was her that was coming in through the doorway, left us behind twenty one years ago now and my aunt, well she recently passed from the earth; some seven years since her death.

The meaning of this dream? Since I finally did return to a state of relaxation and continued sleep, I never did come to terms of the situation from that that awakened me…nor did I dream again before I woke for the day hours later. But the picture of it all remained in my mind so vividly, it was like it was the real thing. Was I trying to say goodbye to them all? Do I still sorely miss them? Am I now trying to rekindle what we had before they left me and my family? Was the dream a way of coping with the loss; though so very long ago? I really cannot say one way or the other. All I know is that I felt compelled to write it down and make note of what I saw; what I remembered.


  1. Oh my! My Mum promised me I'd see her in my dreams but I haven't! I hope I do - wonder what that all meant?

  2. Absolutely amazing. Love the story the shadow.

    TY a mill for dropping by. Hope you have/had a great Sunday & celebrate FD.


  3. Dreams are strange, that is for sure! Why we dream, and what we dream...who knows...but those pleasant ones - with loved ones are priceless. It seems, just as that dream is getting good/interesting - it stops though!!
    The picture is great - we're suckers for old photos...and shadows as well!!

  4. I have had a few dreams like that about my Mom since she passed. I don't know the meaning, but I find them very comforting.

  5. a loving Father's Day post
    the photo is a treasure

  6. This is a nice tribute to your Dad. Dreams can be so nice sometimes. To me this dream is a pleasant one full of love!

  7. What a post!
    That picture is so cute... :)
    Have a good week ahead!

  8. Very vivid dream. You describe it so that I can see it.

  9. I absolutely love visits from my grandparents! It's such a comfort just to 'see' them again! I don't care whether it's real or not- it makes me feel better to think it is!

  10. Anni,you are such a creative and artistic person, so I'm not at all surprised to find you have such vivid dreams.
    Happy Father's Day to Bud
    Madi and Mom

  11. It is so lovely when a vivid dream like that of loved ones comes your way. I couldn't guess what it meant but it sounds as if it was a good experience-and dreams are so real sometimes they might as well be so. The feelings in them are real even if the actual experience didn't happen. Great photo of your sporting Dad too!

  12. What a touching Father's Day post! You explained your dream so well! All these wonderful people do live on in our memories and dreams! May God show you again how much He loves you!

  13. A Nice post, but sometimes dreams are so troubling, aren't they?

  14. What a beautiflly written story.
    I know exactly how you feel, I too dream of my parents at times. My mother has been gone for 19 years now and my father for 14 years. I still miss them dearly. I usually awake from these dreams with that same, take me back, feeling. I have even awoke sobbing intensely from such dreams. And, they always are so vivid. Almost disturbingly so at times. Makes you wonder what triggers them. Maybe something in our lives is making us long for their comfort and wisdom.
    I like the picture too. It is neat how all the players have their arms crossed in it.

  15. Anonymous6/19/2011

    I still dream of my parents. I love this old photo - a lovely memory to have of yoour Dad.

  16. Dreams like that come to us so seldom and they are a true blessing. Personally, I think they came to reassure you about something that may have been vaguely troubling you.

  17. Why can't it be that they are reaching out to you to let you know there is no ending, just a change of form?

  18. Beautiful dream you share so vividly with us. I too do not know why we have such dreams but I look forward to ones like this because it is like I am with them again.
    It maybe you dreamed this because of Fathers Day!
    Hope your weather is not as hot and dry as it is here.

  19. I love seeing photos of people`s family - thanks for sharing the photo of your father.

  20. The photo is an absolute treasure...what a treat to have an image of your dad as a young athlete! And I was intrigued by your dream, so detailed and at the same time so filled with mystery. I'm sure we won't ever understand completely the connections that remain between the living and the dead, but we can take comfort in the fact that a connection remains.

    And I'm so glad you enjoyed my Colorado photos! We saw only a little of the state on our way to Mesa Verde, but will definitely return another time!

    Imagination Lane

  21. What a great photo to have!! ...and check out the uniforms. :)

  22. Beautiful old shadowy photo!

    Late visiting for SSS, here's some more shadow shots, have a great week ahead.

  23. Anonymous6/20/2011

    You have had one of these dreams, where you afterwoods have problems with forgettin' it, because the dream seems so real! That's like a shadow following you ;-)
    Have a great week!

  24. These type of dreams always make me wonder as well. As you know, my dad passed away over 32 years ago and about 10 years ago, I dreamed that I was sitting at the table when dad suddenly walked in. I ran to him to hug him and told him how much I missed him. Next thing I know he's sitting on the sofa and who's there with him but my gran! I then look back at dad and he's holding a baby, the baby I lost back in 1979. He said they had decided to come visit me to let me know they were all ok and all together...then I woke up! I had never dreamed of them before and haven't dreamed of them since. To this day that dream is so clear in my mind and makes me wonder...did it really happen?? xoxo

  25. Anonymous6/20/2011

    So many meanings it could have!
    Your basketball photo gave me a smile. My Dad is moving into a new apartment. I was helping him pack this past week. I looked at many photos of him and his life too. It was great.

  26. What a fine looking basketball team! Love the way they posed! Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the first day of summer.

  27. I treasure the few dreams like this that I have had. I like to believe they are real visits with loved ones that have passed. And they always end too soon.

  28. I've missed many of your recent posts so I'm having a Hootin' Anni' Marathon.
    About your dream: I often have dreams of Mother and Daddy that are so real its like they live again and I always wake a little disappointed but can't help but smile because it has been such a gift.
    Mama Bear