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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

He's knockin' the socks off me!!



[red winged blackbird shadowed by filtering sunlight -backyard]


On my desk I have a file-card holder and plenty of family photos along with pens/pencils...the computer mouse and speakers. No, wait, let me back up a bit. I should say I USED to have all that on the desk. For weeks, months, even years I put up with the cats, Winston and Tahoe both, jumping up on the desk when I'm in the room [I know just to keep my company] and then sprawling out and knocking everything off...on my feet, on the floor, and even in the back where the tons of cables are. During the heat of summertime, small sparrows like to perch just outside the computer room window, in the shade of the hurricane shutters. The shutters open and close from inside so I can adjust the sunlight that comes in, and can close and lock tightly during a violent storm. Anyway, recently, the two cats have got the notion in their heads they can sneak up on the birds and get 'em through the window pane! Everything on the desk, once again, comes crashing down!!! I had enough. No more. I went out and got Bud up from his napping and said..."I need your help". "I'm gonna fix this once and for all". Funny thing is, all the ruckus with stuff being strewn around and me yelling at the cats in the room didn't even wake him up. Go figure. LOL So, we started taking everything out around the desk. Taking out the chair that we sit on to watch TV or read. I packed some books away into a small cabinet that has my genealogy work. Got rid of tons of knick-knacks. Bud put up another small shelf for pictures and the knick-knacks...NOTHING EXTRA ON THE DESK!!! By the way, the two name plates on the shelving unit that has "Hootin' Anni" on them actually has my maiden name on one...and my married name on the other---they're desk name plates from when I worked long ago from high school on up to retirement. I just blocked out my names and added Hootin' Anni text instead. And for doing the extra work for me, I asked Bud what he'd like me to do for him...he asked for a pineapple upside down cake. That, I was happy to make. Now, funny thing...the cats jump up...sniff around and jump back down for the most part. Altho, "Winnie" [aka Winston] did snooze for a while but left shortly after I snapped this photo....

- - -

Being that it's now getting hotter by the day and Summer's here in South Texas even tho the calender says differently, Bud and I will become more or less home-bound. We both don't like to get out in the heat. We'll spend our time indoors mostly with the A/C running 24/7. The other day, Bud went to Blockbuster and found the DVD I've been waiting for to go on the previewed DVD sale shelf....The King's Speech. Since they're always selling these pre-rented movies 3 for $20, he also purchased one with Denzel Washington, "Unstoppable" and we watched this one already....very good for action and sit on the edge of the seat tension!!! The story-line is nothing to write home about, but it IS based on a true's the unstoppable train that is the 'star' of the movie!!! Along with those two, the 3rd one is the animated "Legend Guardian". These'll keep us occupied for a day or two this month. LOL Oh, and we've been having a daily round of Scrabble™. Bud is beatin' the socks off me. And he's one of the worst spellers in the family! How does he do it? I know....I get 7 consonants with my tile draws most always. Almost every blasted time!! How can you make words with no vowels except for the ones on the board?!! And, of course---he plays the triple word spaces too. BUT!!-------with one game this last week, Bud played F U E L. I took my tiles which I had two E's and added an R and an E above...hitting one triple word square and then added and E and a D below his word hitting a 2nd triple word square; making refueled; all in one play. Thing is, I didn't get too many points out of it because they were all one point letters except for his 'F' being 4 points. Needless to say I was accused of cheatin'; he still won. My secret here is to LET him WIN!! Otherwise he wouldn't play. [insert wink and evil grin]


  1. I haven't played scrabble in years! We love to play Rummikub - that's a lot of fun, and so is 30 Seconds! Sometimes let P win too - keeps the peace! LOL! Have a great week!

  2. I love playing scrabble, usually just one son would play with me.

  3. I hate the days when you have to close up your house n stay indoors. Thats how we feel in the winter months here in S.Central Pa. Even though we close up with the AC on in the summer months, we can still sit outside on the patio or porch. Cant do that in the winter months. Seasonal disorder is a big factor here during the cold weather. Glad you n Bud have entertainment lined up for your stay indoors.

  4. Gotta love cats! We had two that were just like that- always right in the middle of what I was trying to do and knocking things off. I miss them-they were with us for 16 years before they passed. At least you will play a game with your hubby- mine is such a terrible loser/worst winner that I hate playing with him at all!

  5. He`s gorgeous and I love shadows on leaves. He looks very happy! Happy SSS.

  6. Ohh i love the cutie fur on your keyboard. ((hugss)))

    i played this week! HOpe you can drop by.

  7. Anonymous6/05/2011

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  8. About the Scrabble: Honey Bear stopped playing with me years ago because of the spelling, not winning thing...perhaps I should let him win...if I could get him to play at all...
    It is hot as blue blazes here too...we're mostly staying inside..
    I had to laugh about the desk and the cats....they are so funny....Smokey has a basket where he likes to curl up and nap the day away but the last few days he has been acting like he's afraid of sits in front of the fireplace and I wonder if he hears something in there because he will act like he's listening.
    Have a happy Sunday Anni,
    Mama Bear

  9. Anonymous6/05/2011

    With all those typos, LOL, and you crackin' me up being on a roll LOL I had to redo it. Oh yeah....WTG Bud!!!! ROFLMAO!!!

    Perhaps and in say this with all my love and affection someone has just learned to tune out all that yelling. I'm just sayin.... *ducking from the swat upside the head LOL I love scrabble. They have Words With Friends on the iPhone, iPad Facebook etc. and I got games going all the time. Things is I play at a snails pace. Bugs the crap outta my opponents. Strategy!!!! Happy Sunday

  10. I go through the same thing with my cat Daisey. she likes to jump up on the table and sit in the window to watch the birds. mostly just because this is where I sit. everything goes flying! I just watched that movie "Unstoppable" the other night. It was a bit tense at times, yes. and it makes you wonder about people who do the same job every day and then begin to take for granted their abilities and so lose focus and get a bit lax about it all. that's what lead up to the mishap - human error. it was quite exciting to watch.
    I love your bird shadow shot. Redwings are one of my favorite birds - they are company on country road walks while they sit on fence posts and wires, singing.
    I hope you have a wonderful week Anni!

  11. Cats will be cats, my friend. This should make you laugh. The first think I have to do each morning is go in and scrub off the kitchen counters and stove, and computer monitor, and TV screen, and my rocking chair so we do not end up eating more fur than food. And we only have one cat...TROUBLE with ALL capital letters! He is an indoor cat because we live on a traveled country road with lots of fast drivers. We have lost many animals over the 35 years so now the car does not even know how to go outside. Leave the door open and he just sits there and looks. Loved your post.

  12. Thom started it with your answer to #15. It's all YOUR fault. And that's my final answer. rofl.

  13. Well, I have an excuse - am allergic to cats - although only mildly. I would hate having cat hair all over the place - our son has a cat and there's no place to sit where you don't find her fur! YIKES!
    -- Love playing Scrabble and play several games on line with my daughter and a friend. No fun to stay indoors - we do most of that during our winters!

  14. Anonymous6/05/2011

    Winston does look pretty comfy!
    I have yet to see The King's Speech, but heard it was very good. Unstoppable defeinetly a sit on the edge of your seat movie. :)

  15. Very nice shot of the black bird in the tree! I'll wager a guess that he had lots of friends with him, too! They tend to travel in huge flocks in my neck of the woods.

  16. That little white kitten is sooo precious. With our 2 crazy terriers such an addition is out of the question for us. Hootie would make him lunch.

    Looks like you and I have been on the same wavelength as far as trying to keep clean desk/counter tops. I've been busily shuffeling things around and getting rid of others. It's difficult when so many things carry memories! I've never been a nik-nak person, so can't figure out when all this stuff appeared!!Happy SSS.

  17. A mere glimpse of a red-winged blackbird is enough to make me feel blessed beyond telling!


    Come here, my shadow,
    Do not delay;
    Be my companion,
    Show me the way;
    Teach me your secrets,
    Chant as we go
    Of light and darkness—
    Make my heart glow!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadow of Memories

  18. Fun post. I got a huge laugh out of it. I won't tell you how many times I've been married but, the problem was, I never chose well. here never was a bud in my life! Good thing my three sons were willing to help in computer crisis situations, etc.

    What a great shot of the blackbird. It would have been a tragedy if kitties could have gotten to him.

    My Shadow Shot Sunday is at:

    Have a wonderful week ahead!

    Carmen in California

  19. Anni, Lovely post once again. Love your photo of the red-winged blackbird. We have a lot of those here along the marshes and the canal near the house. They've made a real comeback.

    The photo of Winston is adorable...looks like he's using the keyboard for a pillow.

    Hope you've enjoyed your weekend. We had severe thunderstorms Saturday morning but the afternoon was beautiful. Today was hot and humid.

  20. Really nice shadow patterns! Love your first shot Anni.

    Shadow shots, have a great week ahead.