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This is the 'book cover'. Upon viewing this, the challenge for this meme is to write a blurb [the inside cover flap] that will entice the reader to drop down their VISA on the counter and purchase the book and enjoying it. It's to be either fiction or non-fiction.

Here goes---

book title:
*:*:5 rue Balard:*:*:

    From my hotel window I gazed. The day was peaceful. Drinking my café au lait, I was startled from my reverie when a blood curdling scream came from the chamber maid cleaning the room adjacent to mine. 5 rue Balard, in Paris, would never be the same. History was being made the day I arrived. Like centuries ago when Jack the Ripper ran rampant through White Chapel in London's Harlem district....mutilated bodies. From floors above, floors below, there came echoes of more outcries. The plant outside my Parisian window withering and dying, incarnadined and limp, could've described the woman's remains in the suite next door. Then, more dismembered victims found; lacerated cleanly like that of the work of a skilled surgeon. The city of lights had a serial killer. A crime of the century. Will the case remain open for forensic science for decades? Who is this cut-throat?

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They're returning! After the world's largest oil spill from the previous year, there has been concern and high anxiety to see what the effect of the disaster would play on the sea turtle population. Last year, Bud and I went out to the island and the National Seashore Preserve to watch the release of the baby Kemp Ridley Sea Turtles. On a very productive season, approximately 220 females return to our shores to nest. This year, so far, 155 nests have been spotted and the eggs are gathered and incubated [for the safety] in a special facility on the island!! Soon, once again, the hatchlings will be released into the Gulf. So far, the population seems to be holding its own!! Altho, it takes about a decade for the turtles to reach maturity and of nesting age, with so many returning, it IS HOPEFUL!!!

[turtle photo taken at 2010 Release]


Also, the Padre National Seashore Kemp Sea Turtle Release Schedule for 2011 Link is found at the bottom of my blog!!!


  1. A Parisian Jack the Ripper - oh my!Sounds like Dexter's been at work . . .

  2. Great post once again.
    Glad to hear that the turtles are doing well.
    Have a great weekend dear friend.

  3. I love the idea of a serial killer, a la Jack the Ripper, returning.

  4. Oh my! I think I would read your book - I want to know if he gets caught ... or was it a she?? YES! Think I'll find this one! So happy about the turtles being back! Have a lovely week-end!

  5. Hi Anni!

    Your book is fabulous...the story and your cover. You sure are good at graphic design.

    Your story draws me in immediately, and I would love to how it plays out and who is the killer. I would buy it for sure.

    Glad to know that the turtles are recovering; the one above is so cute!

    I hope that you and Bud have a fun weekend,


  6. We used to take the lovelies out to the beach to watch the turtles! They loved it!

    I'll read anything about a serial killer! I know, I'm weird.

  7. Anni — Your Parisian Jack-the-Ripper idea is very scary, very well done. But I couldn't help being distracted by the baby sea turtle. I hope the population in the Gulf continues to hold its own.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  8. I don't know how come you don't have a book published yet because you sure can write an excellent blurb! But heyyy, what's this about the $10 price difference, isn't our Canadian dollar worth more right now??? hehe

    Such great news that the sea turtles are holding their own right now, long may it continue.

    Have a great weekend, dear Anni, I'm going out of town for a wedding but will be back Sunday evening:-) xoxo

  9. This sounds like a good one! Jack the Ripper fascinates, and the copy-cat angle brings to mind that original fright, so I'm creeped out before I even begin. I'd also like to know who the main character is and if he perhaps has something to do with the crimes, or if he'll be the one to solve them.

  10. A Jack the Ripper type in Paris...what a scary thought and a scary blurb-LOL! I can just see the made for TV movie from this one, can't you?

  11. Annie,
    Such a thrilling premise...a reincarnation of Jack the Ripper. I can hear the maid screaming right now! Good story - I'd be buying this book.


  12. Love it - also love the treatment you gave the picture to make it look so sinister!

  13. Serial killers are always fascinating, and I like how you turned the wilted geranium into a symbol!

  14. That's a tale to keep one awake at night. Would I buy it? For sure.