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As long as there's sand...as long as there's sea----


---there's shadows everywhere!! Beach, sand and surf...

Actually, I think the shadow the sand created behind the 'hill' shows a reclining face...the forehead, a nose and a quite prominent chin! Call me odd.
8:47 a.m.---Margaret commented it looks like a seagull...with the tail feathers ....YES...yes! I see that now that it's mentioned.


The past week, I quickly read a teen novel. Yes, you read that right...a teen novel. I saw it on the book shelf at the used book store for a dollar and the subject matter caught my eye. More so, the novel's dust cover. It was really fascinating. There was a younger face, but war zone depictions within the shadows and areas of his 'saddened' facial expression. Then, when I noticed it was about Pearl Harbor and the attack by the Japanese, I was instantly grabbing it to buy. It was a great book. "A Boy at War" is historically correct in every way. [at least from what I've read in history books] Well written. Years ago, Bud and Erik did a diorama of Ford Island for a school project, we've had a couple of trips to Oahu and have seen and been to all the marked places added to the 'scenery' of this book. The teenaged boy's father was on the USS Arizona that 'day of infamy'...December 7th, 1941. For your Jr. High School students/children who are interested in United States History, I highly recommend this read. I'm gonna send this book to Dillon, my youngest grandson; he loves anything with history. I also bought two other books on the last trip there. I began reading, and think I will love this book....One Thousand White Women. [a novelized version of factual events--supposedly...it's ALL FICTION, in the 1800s] It's written by Jim Fergus---as a diary of May Dodd. America 'sold' or traded 1000 women of ill repute, prisoners, and those from asylums to the Cheyenne Indian Tribes - now don't go getting your panties in an uproar; it was suggested by a chief of the tribe to create more Native Americans of mixed blood so 'we will get along' better. I just began reading it this week, it promises to be a whirlwind novel!! I'll get back to you when I finish. The other book I found for a buck is "A Bend in the River". A war novel...in the Stalingrad bloody battle era. The book cover reviews made it sound really interesting.

I don't mind cooking at all, but in the Summer months, I like making gobs of food in one day only. I usually end up spending a day in the kitchen, preparing a meal that will be used for leftovers for a day or two. Or, if I can stretch it out for four days, I'm a happy camper!! Luckily, Bud'll eat anything without complaining. In fact, I'M the ONE who gets tired of leftovers a lot quicker. Anyway, my big meal prepared was Chicken and Rice...Oriental style. I use only chicken breast meat. Skinless. Once this is cooked in broth [stewed] I add to the broth two large bags of frozen Stir Fry veggies. To that, once the veggies are heated well, I add brown rice and steam until the rice is tender. To that mixture, I add two envelops of Sun-Bird Fried Rice Seasoning packets and a quarter cup of low sodium soy sauce and 1/4 cup of peanut oil. Stir....heat through and serve in my Chinese Rice bowls. Along with this, as a side dish, I serve imported from China, Mandarin Orange slices and imported plum wine served in a sake cup. And the fun part...fortune cookies. It's simple; easy, and VERY tasty. All in all, the cost would be about $7 to $10 dollars for the entreé; for us two, about three or four meals!! The weather 'officials' are giving us warnings daily about the extreme dangers of the heat indices. Altho it rained a bit this past week, it's still NOT enough to get us even close to being out of the drought situation. But, the hardy, drought resistant, crepe myrtle are beginning to bloom...I'll share some photos of them on my Tuesday blog probably. We've watched all the new DVDs we purchased from Blockbuster. Finally, we watched King's Speech!! One of the best movies ever. It was truly a compelling bio-drama!! It helps, also, that I like all who starred in the flick...especially Geoffrey Rush. Well, heck, Colin Firth and Helena Bonham Carter are super too!!! Tuesday morning, I couldn't take it any longer, the lack of getting out to the sea was becoming something like Spring Fever...being cooped up without a walk on the beach was making me stir crazy. So just before the heat of the noon hour, Bud and I drove over to the grand opening of the improved Pier on Padre Island....with an open cafe and all. I posted photos the very next day --shared HERE if you missed the post and would like to view the pictures.

[the smaller images can be enlarged for better viewing]

Oh and for closing, my thoughts: The Houston Astros are the comedy relief of ALL MLB!!! Sure, they've won - but so little. I need more excitement than what they're giving us this season. Geez. Red Sox have lost four games in a row, making the Yankees in first place for their division again...cool. It's a see-saw battle with those two teams; like every season. Jeter is still on the DL and I suspect he'll be there for more than the 15 days as previously announced.


  1. The books sound like I would like them too, especially 1000 white women. Very interesting! I like the sounds of your stir fry too. I just made something kind of similar that I plan to post on my Thursday Cooking.
    I have to watch The Kings Speech yet. I've heard such good things about it!

  2. Anonymous6/26/2011

    Thanks for this interesting post.

    Have a pretty week, Boonie

  3. Well now Ms. Anni.. I do enjoy catching up when I come here for Shadow Shot Sunday. Jeter caught my eye right off. I'm a baseball fan. I like the Brewers, (I live in Wisconsin). I also like the Twins, (I live close to the Minnesota border). Astros went down hill when they got rid of Nolan Ryan and later, the Three "B's". Anyway, I'd like to see Jeter get 3000, and Jim Thome to get 600 homers with the Twins!
    Your Chinese influenced meal sounds good. Recently, I saw This Article at a friend's blog. It is how to make your own fortune cookies. Maybe in the Winter when it's cooler. I love to cook as well. Maybe some day a recipe blog, with stories.
    As for the books. Very interesting. I don't read enough. When the sun goes down, I'm going to bed to sleep. I couldn't hold a book up if I tried. Also a Winter activity. the summer has so much daylight for so many hours I want to play in it all day long, usually riding one of my motorcycles.
    Very enjoyable visit here today. You are a Hoot in my book.


  4. Great shadow shot, a love anything beachy and I can definitely see the face in profile on the sand.
    I read 1000 White Women about 5 years ago and thought it was one of the best books I've ever read. I gave it away to a friend and about 6 months ago bought it again because I plan on rereading it one day. I'd be really interested in hearing what you thought of it.

  5. All your books sound good, and I may see if I can find Boy at War for Dear Son's "library". (Amazon.com? I'll look.) We've agreed to keep on reading, at least a half hour every weekday... yes, EVEN over his summer vacation! (0; Your vegie stir-fry sounded yummy!.. I haven't seen The King's Speech yet, but would like to.. And as for the Yankees? Yes, I'm wondering when Jeter will be back. This strained calf injury sure is building up the the excitement as we anticipate his big 3000th hit!.. Enjoy your weekend! ~tina

  6. I love anything to do with sand dunes. Really nice shot and I can see the face quite clearly.

  7. Looks like it might be a seagull to me, its tail synchronizing beautifully
    with something white on the beach. Intriguing SS!

  8. lovely shadow shot..
    and the dish looks delicious... now I hv started feeling hungry :P

  9. The beach picture is so wonderful! It makes me want to dig my toes into the sand! We are yet to go to the beach this summer.. we are LAZY!!! : )
    xoxo Crystal Lynn

  10. I see Alfred Hitchcocks profile in that photo!
    That book sounds like a great read.
    I hate cabin fever...ours always is during the winter, being shut in with the heat on. No fun going out being weighted down with heavy coats! Hope you all get some rain soon in your neck of the woods!

  11. Hi dear Anni,

    TY so much for coming.

    A sand? I thought, snow! Tjihiiii....

    U reAlly captured that shot perfectly. Hmmm... I guess I will open my eyes when it happen I ended somewhere where the beaches are.

    Have a gorgeous day & a blessed upcoming week.


  12. Looks like an eagle to me too... and you Chicken dish looks and sounds good.
    Have fun & Travel safe

  13. I thought, how did that happen. I only see the shadow of a gull with the sand representing the tail feathers.

  14. I saw a bird first off but now I totally see a face and eyes with crows feet. Fabulous shot!

  15. Hi Anni,

    I love your shadow shot, and enjoyed reading about your week. I'll go and look at your beach photos soon. I'm like you, I like to cook 3 or 4 main dishes at a time. I'm looking forward to stocking up on meat sometime this week, and that always makes it more fun when you have something to work with. Oh, those books sound great, especially the second one.

    Thanks for the baseball update. I was wondering how Derek was doing; I was watching the game when he hurt his leg. Arkansas Patti was complaining about The Marlins, her team; and I'm just used to The Mariners never winning ... but they are doing better than ever this year.

    I hope that your week is grand!

    Kathy M.

  16. It is pretty post Anni...Happy SSS!

  17. I see both the profile and the gull; what an interesting shadow!

    If you like, you can see my shadow shot: http://idahodimple.blogspot.com/2011/06/in-south-dakota.html

  18. Beautiful captured - It challenges the imagination. Sanders peaks is the mouth of a dangerous monster :-)

  19. Hi Anni, thanks for your visit! I enjoyed reading about your week. The chicken dish sounds lovely-leftovers are great I agree. The books sound good too. I quite often read teen fiction-it is so good these days.
    I can see the face and the sea gull in your shadow shot!

  20. Just like flying eagle. Thanks for visiting at my site Kuusela. ;-)

  21. I can see the face in the sand too Anni. The book you found sounds very poignant!

  22. I'm with Margaret....a seagull (or some sort of bird) was the first thing I saw in that shadow. In fact, it took me a minute to see what it really was!

  23. Anonymous6/26/2011

    I thought it was a seagull too!
    In my house, I love leftovers.

  24. What a lovely spot to capture shadows! Great shot! Those books look very interesting!

  25. I saw a bird too but then it was neat to see the profile of a head from your prompt.

    I like your idea of cooking enough to last a few days. My problem is controlling my servings when it's really good:)

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend and thanks for the visit to my GalleryJuana blog

  26. Anni, Here I am again. Lots of drama going on here. I need to email you when I can to update you.

    A Boy at War sounds like a great read. I have often picked up teen books because the storyline sounded so interesting. Thanks for the heads up.

    The chicken and rice sound delicious. What a great idea. I too cook ahead and we eat leftovers during the summer rather than cook everyday.

    If you get a chance, head over to the Writing Nook. I have posted something I think you will find interesting.


  27. Annie, Your sand shadow is "cool". You see things that most people would just "plow right through". Your chicken sounds delicious. Isn't is great when the husbands will eat anything!!! Mine is the same way (thank goodness). My cooking has declined (both in quality and in frequency) over the years. A lady from Wichita won the Newbery Award for best children's book this last year. It is called Moon Over Manifest by Clare Vanderpool. It is a teen "coming of age book". I had all 4 of her children in school at one time or another. Clare is a lovely person and a wonderful Mother. You might enjoy her book too. Have a great week. Mickie :)

  28. Love your shadow shot, I thought it was a Seagull at first. Very well captured. Have a great week.

  29. I saw that seagull also but nothing else. Very interesting picture and so interesting how different people see:)

  30. Very nice sandy shadow shot! And yes! I do see the face!

    The book sounds interesting...funny how sometimes something in a very different genre - even YA - can capture our attention!

    Happy Sunday!

  31. My first thought was that it was a seagull! It's a lovely photo- but then, all of your photos are wonderful! You have so many talents from photography to just entertaining the bloggy masses!

    I agree with you on cooking a bunch in one day and just heating things up during the week. I do that quite often myself. It's just too dang hot to do much more than breathe around here...and even that is not easy with the humidity levels!

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  33. Love the book review...just so happens that my oldest LOVES war books and this will be right up his ally! Love your shadow...yes, a bird is what I saw as well, but I do see your profile shadow as well....wonderful!!
    Enjoy your reading this week, can't wait to hear about it!

  34. Thanks for stopping by my blog for shadow shot sunday...I'm glad you left me your link, I think I'll hang around for a while.

  35. Anonymous6/28/2011

    I was sure looking at a big birds shadow ;-)

    The book "1000 white women" I will try to find in danish!

    I hope your week are going very well - and thanks a lot for your comments :-D

  36. Sounds like a great dish. My Man is like that too, never complains about what I serve. Tonight I think we're having bologna/tomato sandwiches and chips. Summertime is the only time I eat bologna. Just got to have those tomatoes to make it right..I bought two packages of the Beef Bologna today. We also like BLTs and eat those a lot in the summer. I will have to cook some squash this weekend. Have you ever had squash patties. I haven't made them but my MIL used to do so and I have found a recipe so I'm planning to try that.
    I loved hearing about the books. I recently read some youth fiction: The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins.
    Mama Bear


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