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Winning the Lotto!!

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This is most likely going to 'turn into a week of drift seed postings' on my blog! I have recently found so many of interest, I just can't hide it. LOL

According to records kept by one Florida sea-bean collector, you would have to pick up 16,964 sea-beans before one of them would be a Cathie's Bean. This species is a native of the West Indies. Sauer (in a 1964 monograph) reported the seeds to be impermeable to water for at least 1.5 years and not buoyant." ...sometimes called Bahama Baybean

Well, I've found and saved about 100 drift seeds since we moved here, so I guess my finding the CATHIE'S BEAN is in higher standing odds than predicted!! Now, why can't I win the lotto?

Read about "Cathie's Bean"

I guess I did [life's lotto]....tomorrow Bud and I celebrate being married for 43 years!!!


  1. 43 years,good for you guys!!

  2. I like the blog design change, again!

  3. That's a neat looking bean!
    Congratulations on 43 years - what an accomplishment!

  4. Hi, Anni....You and I are both married to Bud’s...small world. He is a saint to put up with me because I am definitely a handful! LOL. I grew up one block form the Atlantic Ocean and I do not recall anything like this bean. I am going to go to Wiki and try to read more about it. I am so thrilled you found the rare one. It is like my discovering a week ago that we have a HUGE eagle nest on my way to and from work with one baby eaglet still living. There were 3 in the beginning. My telep only goes to 250, but with a bit of enlargement I can see them pretty well.Back to your picture....your capture is really impressive. The way the lighting picks of the contrasting coloration is superb. You will not believe my favorite part of the image...it is your fingers with their creases and wrinkles. This is an awesome shot in my book!

  5. Love that sea bean. Happy anniversary to you n Bud. Have a great celebration and may you have many more to follow!

  6. well that just goes to show that the exerts don't always know what they're talking about. you've shown them! that's a beautiful bean. so it would take 1.5 years for that bean to sprout? I'm in awe. and it's color is gorgeous. I can imagine how addictive it would be to scour the beaches in the hunt. that's so much fun. have a great week Anni!

  7. Happy Anniversary! 43 years is amazing and I hope you have many many more. :)

  8. What a strange bean ! I wanted to read but your link didn't work. You are one year ahead of our wedding ! I think we are special species !

  9. Well, finding Cathie's Bean is kind of like winning the lotto---if you want to get all symbolic and such. LOL

    Happy day before your Anniversary!

  10. What an interesting post!!
    Anni you have beautiful nails. I cannot grow nails that pretty.
    Congrats on the eve of your 43rd blissful year of married life to Bud.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  11. Congratulations!
    I've come to realize lately that not everyone finds their life partner the first time, even though they thought they had at the time....so yes, we've won in that game...can't imagine life without my Honey Bear and I know you feel the same about Bud..
    Interesting about the seeds...never knew that.
    Mama Bear

  12. It looks like a button!
    Don't we all ask that same question - "Why can't I win?" :)
    A very Happy Anniversary to you and Bud! 43 years is quite a milestone and one not many reach these days. Congrats!!!

  13. Wow...nice...I had no idea what these were. Interesting. Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary. You have won Life's Lotto. Many more years together are wished for you.

  14. Just perfect for ruby tuesday! Thanks for the visit Anni.

  15. Congrats to you and Bud. In today's standard that is unheard of.
    I enjoyed reading about your beans>
    I really do like the new header,I keep forgetting to tell you that when I visit.
    Have a nice day

  16. I have never seen this bean before. It looks very special :)
    Thanks for visiting!

  17. Wishing you many more years together.

    I wasn't sure what you were holding in the photo to me it looked like kidney bean with back trim of some type.

    Coffee is on.

  18. wow!!!! 43 years!!!! Congrats to you guys and Happy Anniversary.... I'll look forward in you golden anniversary... That's 7 years to go... LOL

  19. Congratulations on 43 years! Have a wonderful day together and the best year ever coming up!

  20. wow! 43 years being married? Congrats and Happy Wedding Anniversary!

    Beautiful seed and looks like a candy lol. Thanks for dropping by Anni.

  21. Interesting bean! you're so lucky to be living near the sea and able to collect so many things from the sea. Happy 43th Wedding Anniversary to you and Bud!

  22. Happy 43th anniversary!! What would you do on your 50th? Start planning... you should have a grand celebration.

    It's rare to have married couples celebrating their 5oth year of marriage these days.

  23. Yeahhhhhhh you, on finding that Cathie's Bean!! It absolutely fascinates me what treasures you find from the sea. I'm now going to go read all about this bean of yours:-) xoxo

  24. Congrats on finding Cathie's Bean, Anni! Last November I was married 43 years too! :)


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