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Shadows fenced in...



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Well, it's that time o' year again. This week, in our newspaper we had the usual [but always updated for the year] pull-out segment for Hurricane Preparedness. I noticed while readin' it, that this year there'll be the name Irene if the number of named Atlantic storms gets to the letter "I". Our daughter, Irene, will love that. NOT! Especially if she's a strong, catastrophic type. Y'know, this makes me remember long ago that each year the names were all ONE GENDER; with the following year being the opposite. Now it's boy girl boy girl for each newly formed storm. Oh and of course, being the society that we have become....the names are politically correct also. With the likes of José [hose ay] and such. Oh my goodness! Which brings me to movies, tv, and commercials even these days. 99% of the time you'll see at least ONE female, one male, one black, one caucasian, one oriental, one older person, one younger person, even one hispanic. Not to mention occasionally you'll have a disabled. In our household it's become quite a game to see if we can find 'em all and point 'em out!! I've often wondered what Hollywood would do about close-ups of a movie about Tibetan Monks or some such theme. In any case, I got side-tracked on what I began talking about here. Hurricanes. Well, this week, we began getting our food stock piled up for the next 6 months. We take our sweet time doing so. Tho the season begins June 1st, the worst storms are usually between the end of August through mid-October. But we bought our gross of canned foods the other day. And we'll stock up on bottled water and canned sodas and boxed fruit juices in a day or two...then on to the paper products and pet supplies. Oh ya...:::making a mental check list:::...batteries for flashlights and radios. Then, of course, I'll be moving the live hurricane link I keep on my sidebar, up to the top of my blog for my personal use...so I can check it out daily for building storms off the African coastline. Bud and I spent TWO days getting this bush [the pyracantha photos above] trimmed out. And we have war wounds to prove it. You see, this bush climbs to all time heights. It's between a duranta bush and a tree in the corner of our back yard. BUT....the bush has lethal thorns!! And getting in amongst the branches, trying to avoid the thorns, they sneak up behind us and grab ahold of our body parts!! What with climbing in and around the tree branches and ladder used...it was a challenge once again. Every year we both state we'll have some tree surgeon come out to do it for us, but then we figure as long as we're able to do it; no money wasted. It's still..... Nasty! But, it's cleaned out finally. We didn't do it this Spring 'cause the mockingbird family had a nest so nearby we didn't want to disturb 'til after they 'flew the coop'. On Monday, I had completed my newest watercolor painting and framed it, hung it up on the living room wall....I posted the finished photo on my Tuesday blog. One morning this week, we drove to the island and took several short walks around the birding areas. I must say, for the most part, the drought has played a big role in so little bird activities in the refuges. Paradise Ponds, a favorite 'swamp' was completely dry! Sad. But, it is giving the city parks and recreation department a huge chance to clean it out --- that's what they were doing when we arrived. There was a crew in there and they were cutting down a lot of overgrowth...which is good!! The 2nd stop was another inland sanctuary. There, Bud and I were witness to a couple of VERY friendly babies!!---Baby Herons. So cute. I got some really GOOD close-up photos. After that we ended up along the Corpus Christi Ship Channel coming in off the Gulf. It's rather a new area that is cordoned off for birding. Some 1200 acres. And there are two paths that go out into the water---boardwalks---each, over a mile and a half. With several observation decks. This area also was quite dried up since we've had not a trace of rain since February. Or VERY LITTLE. Being so hot and so humid, we try to get out very early---another day we drove over to the Asian Market and we perused the shelves for imports to cook with; we both like Oriental foods!! The only thing I bought was ginger candy [healthy treat for cardiovascular health] and a huge package of Green Tea. Being imports they are costly, but well worth the extra 'cause they're better in taste. Guess the old adage holds true in some instances..."you get what you pay for". The 'special' food I made this week isn't Oriental tho...more home-town cookin'!! I made a large batch of mustard potato salad and Bud BBQ'd a huge mass of fileted chicken breast tenders with his special hickory sauce. We tossed up a green salad and really enjoyed being in front of the TV, watching the games and having an extra amount of napkins to swipe off the yummy sauce that dribbled down our chins. Oh, and one day I became obsessed with real time air traffic. Erik, as I mentioned on his birthday last week, was on vacation. Going and coming home it was a 13 hour flight---both ways and layovers; to South America. And in one case, being that some of his connection flights was out of American air space, it was a challenge to find any info online with flight tracker. But, all in all--------I'm relieved to say he's back home on American turf without any terrorist threats in the huge airport hubs of Miami, Houston, and Rio de Janeiro. No matter how old the kids are, I'm always a worry-wort type mom. Speaking of being that way....I'm in constant contact with Irene and the boys---they live in Tornado Alley and killer storms have been touching down all around them [close, but not close enough]---scary every time I open online news to see new massive storms and the damage and lives lost!! Oh one more thing....the past five days we've had temperatures in the high 90's with the heat index nearing 105°-110° range!!! Hot and muggy.­
[thorn photo from Google photos]


  1. Beautiful Shadow Shot Sunday photos! Such lovely rich colours!

  2. Annie girl thank you for stopping by my blog : )
    My husband is a Gulf war vet (the first one) and had to take a medical retirement early because he was so ill from it. We have "Rememberence Day" the 11 hour on the 11 day on the 11 month .. we share that with the UK and wear poppies in respect of the vets old and new .. it is a very emotional day for us because it hits so close to home.
    I also understand about the hurricane watch .. not that we have had to experience first hand, thankfully ! but before husband was part of a communications team that would be deployed internationally to help with catastrophic events caused by them .. so that was unnerving at the time too. The world is a scary place isn't it .. I think that is why my garden means so much to me .. and we also have had first hand experience with that crazy thorned shrub while we lived in the Netherlands .. it was in our back garden and the birds loved it .. but we asked for it to be removed (landlord was not all that happy about that request) .. so I could put other plants in.
    My goodness .. I am writing forever here girl .. sorry ! LOL .. those berries are pretty though aren't they ? wink wink
    Take care and I hope for better weather for you!
    Joy : )

  3. Pyracantha--so beautiful, yet so wicked!


    I almost lost my shadow,
    I left it in the park;
    I heard my mommy calling,
    For it was getting dark;

    She has no use for shadows,
    She thinks they are quite grim,
    And when she saw my shadow,
    She thought it was a “him.”

    I had to educate her
    And tell her it was “she”—
    And now my faithful shadow
    Is welcome as can be!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadows in the Barrio

  4. so beautiful! they are the gorgeous little red berries, a fab shadow shot. Hope you weekend has been wonderful.

  5. I guess that ought to stop me from whining about our weather for at least five minutes. LOL Windy it is but not hurricane or tornado.

  6. I thought that was a pyracantha when I spotted the berries and thorns!

  7. Anonymous5/29/2011

    Beautiful Shadow Shot Sunday photos, Anni ;-)

    Your temperatures the last days are all to hot for me - but OK, shall I choose, I prefere the hot and not tornado's and killer storms!

    All best for you and your family!!

  8. lovely shadows and such bright berries!

    Hope your hurricanes aren't too bad this year. We get high winds here, but no hurricanes

  9. Beautiful, soft shadows!


  10. Beautiful shots! I love that first one the most, how beautiful!

    I am stopping by from Shadow Shot Sunday and would love to have you stop by http://mamasgonnashoot.blogspot.com/2011/05/this-photo-was-taken-at-us-national.html

  11. Good gracious...those thorns are wicked Anni - yikes! Glad to hear you're getting prepared for foul weather...it's a great idea - wherever you live to have things put together! Last night the lights went out and it was pitch black...I started to find my way to the kitchen for a candle...then to find those matches...hmmmm looks like I need to put the candles, matches AND flashlights all together - lol!! Enjoy your holiday weekend!

  12. Those berries look very healthy! Love the shadows they form. Stay cool!

  13. Very lovely shadow photos! Whoa, that thorn bush is scary - but made a great shadow pic too. You've had a busy week stocking up. Being well prepared I'm sure you'll be fine! God bless!

  14. Lovely shots of your pyracantha! They certainly do have wicked thorns.

  15. Whoa...those are some serious looking thorns on that plant!!

  16. Great pictures!
    Getting the word out.. still and again for Haley - today she is in the hospital receiving yet again another blood transfusion - She needs a bone marrow transplant - Please go to her Facebook page and like it - if you can donate - Please say "I want to donate" and I will contact you with all you need. thank you - Kelly
    Sunday Post
    Haley's Facebook Page
    I've Become My Mother
    I've Become My Mother facebook

  17. Anni, It sure is hot down your way. This spring has been very wet and cool here for the most part. I'm just as happy with that...can't take the heat.

    Sounds like you and Bud have had a few adventures this week. I would have loved to have seen the baby herons. I'm sure they were adorable.

    The bbq sounds delicious. So nice to be back in touch with you again.


  18. LOVE IT and YOU!! I love taking pics of those berries!



  19. Awesome photos once again Anni!
    Keep safe, okay?

  20. The Pyracantha bush is so pretty, but has to be awful to trim! Love your shadow shot and your elves!

  21. Love your shadow shots! Stupid question here but what kind of berries are those?

    I've never thought of all the preparations you must do every year before the hurricane season starts. It has to be scary, not knowing what will happen but at least you're prepared:-)

    Yikes, that thorny bush looks dangerous!! I swear at my rose bushes with their tiny little thorns, I can't even imagine working around that bush! lol

    Goodness, Anni, I'm wilting at the thought of 100 degree temps. It's no wonder you and Bud go out early in the mornings!!

    Glad to hear Erik is now home safe and sound. xoxo


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