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Ruby Throat...my newest watercolor painting

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On Sunday's post I showed the beginnings from the sketch to getting it up on my easel and working on the background...today, it's finished as best I could [the bird being so small, and the hard copy I had made --well, let's just say a lot of times I found myself looking through a magnifying glass to see more detail---never COULD see his feet clearly] and I matted it and framed it---

[I titled it "A Bird's Eye View"]


  1. Very nice! I'd say you did an excellent job of painting that little fellow - the mat and frame work perfectly, too.

  2. wow! this is great :) Is it watercolor?

  3. march on....yes, it's watercolor.

  4. Annie your art is amazing. I especially love this birds eye view water color.

  5. Perfect for a Ruby Tuesday. Well done. Thanks for stopping by Driller's Place.

  6. wow! what a talent! you are certainly an artist Anni. I am envious. Honestly, I don't know how to draw even on just a piece of paper..hu hu hu. Happy RT.

  7. Love this, Anni! It is beautiful!

  8. Well done. Are you self taught, or have you taken lessons?

    Have a great day, Anni - looks like another sunny morning here in Colorado - finally. We'll see if it can last all day!

  9. Lovely. Makes me miss painting... (I used to dabble a bit but after an accident a decade ago had difficulties gripping a pen or brush so haven't kept it up.)

  10. wow...its soooo lovely... i love it really...

    here to visit you back =)

  11. I remembered you were going to post this today and I scrolled down on my follow list until I found you! And it was worth the wait- great job! I am in admiration of those of you who can turn a white canvas into something of beauty!

  12. These is very pretty Anni. You are very talented!!

    Red Tulip

  13. Anni, Nice job--isn't painting such a wonderful hobby. I would think very relaxing (well, except when the painting isn'turning out the way you want it to and it becomes frustrating)!! I know we have a few hummingbirds around but we just don't see them very often. I love the shells in the previous post-- your photos are so clear and sharp. Liked your "review" of the movie too--haven't seen it yet but I will soon. Have a terrific day. Mickie :)

  14. Anonymous5/24/2011

    Nice.. I cant draw or sketch for my own survival !!

  15. Anni,
    Absolutely Gorgeous!! You caputre the little RT hummer perfectly.
    Madi and Mom

  16. ooh very pretty. I love hummingbirds.

  17. Very good, Anni, I like it! Hummingbird feet are so small, it's hard to see them no matter what!

    Have a wonderful day,

  18. Love it,Anni...gorgeous! The frame makes your painting more beautiful...

  19. Wish I have your talent, that's gorgeous!

  20. Very nice ! congratulations !!

  21. Great job....you do have talent!

  22. Is it that simple to paint a hummingbird? Well, then, I'll give it a try!


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  23. You did a great job. It's beautiful.

    My WW links:
    Birthday Cake
    Uni Sashimi

  24. Wow, I love it, Annie. Very Nice!

  25. That is lovely Anni!

  26. I just left a comment on SSS' post saying I can't wait to see this finished... and here it is! Great job! Such a beautiful bird.


  27. wow.. very nice artwork, impressive! Thanks for sharing!

    And thanks for dropping-by at my Ruby Tuesday: red glasses, etc

    Have a great day!

  28. you're such an awesome artist! Looking forward on your other sketches. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.

  29. Anni, It's been an eternity since I've been on blogger and so glad I dropped by today to see this beautiful sketch. So much has been going on here but we are all well. How are you and Bud doing?

    My computer crashed and I no longer have your email address. If you have mine, please drop me a note so I can add you once again to my contact list.

    I put up a new post tonight for the first time since February.


  30. PS.

    If you don't have my ISP addy or it comes back to you, try this one



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