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Resident Resin Croakers...."Ribbit"



Resin Frogs in our rose bed...

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Corpus Christi had ideal weather this week. At least up until Thursday when the front moved out and it began to warm up a bit and having the humidity index climb! LOL The low temperatures thru mid-week were in the mild, comfortable and drier 60s and highs only rising to the 80s!! Mostly this week I've been dabbling on the beginning of a new watercolor. A few weeks ago, we had the most handsome hummingbird visit us. Actually, he's been dominating the backyard feeders for some time. He put on a show of colors and posed for me while I had the camera readied. I put the photo that I'm using for a model on my photo blog...Colors of the Wind. When his harem would be feeding from the red glass molded feeder, he would perch a while, drinking from HIS feeder [a 2nd one] and busily chasing off other male intruders!! Then, he'd flit down and rest his wings while he's roosting on one of the 'feathers' of Bud's wooden statue, the kokopelli; which I posted a photo of, a few Sunday's ago for Shadow Shot Sunday. And the sun, tho somewhat muted by thin clouds, would give his beautiful ruby throat a show of colors!! I took the sd-card out of the camera and took it to Walgreen's Drug Store and had a small hard copy made for me to use clipped to my easel while painting. So far, I only have the beginning sketch and a small background area done. Of course it'll all have to be blended more....

Friday, we both went and had our hair trimmed. More so Bud than I...I actually just more or less had the nape of my neck thinned and evened-out. Then, we went to the book store and I always go to the clearance shelves. I found a hard copy of The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott for only $1; originally $25. What a deal. Also, found for a dollar was Water for Elephants in the larger paperback edition!! This bookstore in town is one of my favorite haunts...I love going there. About mid-week I made a huge recipe of lasagna and we've been enjoying the leftovers. Why, I wonder, does Italian food always taste so much better re-heated? Evenings this week, you'd find us in front of the TV...Lately, while watching my favorite sport...baseball...I'm thoroughly p o'd with the N Y Yankees!! I do hope they turn the team around and begin winning more. I always have to watch [hopefully if aired in our area of the states] the two rival teams [NYY and the Red Sox] games. They were played this week, and Boston stomped some royal butts! That...I DID NOT like one bit!! And during the games the all-time catcher [Jorge Posada] pulled himself from the game. Lots of retirement speculation on his behalf, but I think it threw the whole team in a hissie-fit!! Yankees were swept...get over it, Anni! Bah. At least the Yankees won yesterday. Oh, and the National League's ball team, the Houston Astros, have been sold. The buyers were local [in Houston] so I'm feeling quite certain they'll remain in Houston. Now maybe the new owners will fire the manager, Mills!! Let's just hope so. What a loser....as I step down from my soap box. While walking this week, we witnessed a disaster for one of the local shrimpers. Out in the bay, near the T-head in the Marina side of town, their boat was a total loss...fire broke out and nothing was contained; eventually sinking. Of course, by the time the fire department came to the rescue it was too late, and all the by-standers were ordered to leave the area. But not before I took this photo with my cellphone. The sad part is, the owner of "Opal" had no insurance to cover the loss. That news broke my heart. Those guys are very hard workers for their menial pay. I don't know what will happen...hope somehow they'll recover. Maybe, in my dreams, some rich person in town will find it in their heart to help them out and get them started once again. Another tragedy this week near Bob Hall Pier was a drowning...the victim was a 12 year old boy. THAT, I am thankful I did NOT witness!!!! One more thing we did...went to see the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean's fourth sequel. And, may I add, that "POTC On Stranger Tides" was VERY good. Half way through the movie, I was thinking to myself that "I can't WAIT for this one to come to DVD"!!!! Excellent. Quite a bit better than the 2nd and 3rd editions...in fact, right up there on top with the very 1st one released way back in mid 2003. And I will add a bit to this on my Monday Morsels tomorrow...talking about something brand new in the theater here.


  1. You are so talented my sweet friend. The frogs are toadly awesome.

  2. We have a lot of shrimpers around here too and they really do work hard! Hubs just went to the docks yesterday and picked us up four pounds of fresh shrimp...once you've had it fresh from the docks, you just can't eat it any other way, eh? LOL

    Baseball I do not follow (Hubs and DoodleBug do though) but I know how you feel because I am the same way about football!

    Can't wait to see the finished hummingbird painting!

  3. Morning Anni,
    My friend you need to write a book...however, I don't know when you would have time. Your photography, your art and your commentary of life are amazing. You know how much I love hummers..heading over to YOB (your other blog) to check it out.
    Hugs C

  4. This frogs are very cute. LG Tina

  5. Notwithstanding you're retired, it seems you're so busy! I sincerely envy you can watch hummingbirds all around. Unfortunately they don't live here in Europe...
    BTW: Nice frogs! ;)

  6. the frogs are adorable
    I love their expressions

  7. Lots of happenings around your place! So sorry about the loss of the boat and the loss of such a young life. Cute little toads!

  8. Hi Anni,

    Oh, how I do enjoy your weekly updates! I'm so sorry to hear about the boat (but what a great photojournalist you are), and so sad to hear about the boy drowning.

    I love watching the NYY and Red Sox play too, but, don't hate me ... I love the Red Sox more. I hope that your local team will do better now that they are being sold. The Mariners are doing much better now that their minor league manager is now their manager. They are still losing games, but they are tough, close games that have gone into 14 innings!

    I love your hummingbird painting and can't wait to see it when it is all done. You are so talented! Thanks for reminding me to put out the feeder too.

    Have a wonderful week, Anni! Oh, how far is it from San Antonio to where you live anyway?

    Kathy M.

  9. Wow you had a busy and exciting week. I have started cooking like you-I make a lot one day and we eat it till it's gone. Your frogs are cute shadowed by the rose leaves.

  10. Anonymous5/22/2011

    Wow, so sad.
    Hope your dreams come true for the shrimpers!
    Very cute frogs. :)

  11. love your shadow shots- we both had the same idea in a way! Your blog is so pleasant to read- little tid bits of interest and drama (the fire)
    Thanks for visiting and have a great day!

  12. HEy Anni! I think this is the first we've ever seen you're watercoloring...how lovely :) We are Yankee fans as well...had to add that :) we hope to catch a game here in OH, but...maybe NYC will be calling! Lovin' your shadows today...ribbit to you too - enjoy your week!

  13. Your cross-eyed frogs are so cute. I have an old looking froggy fellow with a rider on his back just outside my lilac fence. Pictures to follow!! Happy SSS to you.

  14. those frogs made me smile and I needed that today. :)

  15. If I saw one of those critters at night, I'd probably jump out of my skin, smiley face or no smiley face!


    A shadow’s an odd sort of thing;
    It might have a nose or a wing,
    A tail like a dog,
    A bump like a log,
    But one thing it has not is bling!

    © 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadows in Solitude

  16. Your little frog couple is so cute! Fun SSS entry!

  17. Love those frogs. Thanks for visiting my crazy blog!

  18. those are really adorable froggies! They look sweet together. Congrats on your book hunt, great deal for a dollar with those titles.
    that was a sad story for those shrimpers, i hope they recover soon.

  19. sweet frogs, so cute!

  20. Love the shadowy frogs!!! And I can't wait to see your painting finished... looks great already!


  21. As a froggy fan, I have to comment on the cuteness of your pair. Your watercolor is looking great, and I can't wait to see the Pirate movie, thanks for the great review.


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